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519 The Real Reason

 Wells Family Mansion

Jason came home quite late at night. He didn't have any personal servant as he didn't like being watched by other people. At most, there would be several servants coming at certain days to clean up the mess of his house.

"Welcome back, Brother Jason."

Hearing that voice, Jason stilled in his place. He quickly ran to the living room and saw Kanae sitting down leisurely. Seeing the mess on the table, he nearly cursed the girl.

"What are you doing here?"

"I need a place to stay for the night, so I crash here."

"I never say that you can come here?"

"Do you want me to sleep on the street, Brother Jason?"

Jason rubbed his forehead. It was not that he wanted her to sleep on the street, but he didn't want her to stay here and disturb his days. Moreover, couldn't see pick a better place?

"Come on, it's just for today, Brother Jason."

"...Fine, just don't make a mess here."

"You're the best, Brother Jason," Kanae put her thumbs up.

Jason rolled his eyes. "How do you come here? I'm sure that I already tell the guards not to let anyone in."

"The security in your place is still a bit lax, Brother Jason. I can get in pretty easily."

"I thought you said that you will stay away from me and Laura."

"After today, yes," Kanae leaned back on the sofa. "No one knows that I came here today. I make sure that I erase my track properly."

Feeling that he would only waste time to argue with Kanae, Jason sighed and sat down on the other sofa. If it was only one day, he didn't really mind having her stay here. Still, couldn't she just stay in her own mansion if it was only one day? It was not like Laura will come home tonight.

"What is your plan for the future, Brother Jason?"

Jason arched his eyebrows. "I'll stay here and fortify my position as the young master of Wells family."

"You have to be careful, Brother Jason. I'm sure that they might attack you too."

"I know," Jason's eyes glinted for a moment when he thought about that possibility. "What about you? Have you decided what you're going to do after this?"

"I will attend Lima School."

"Lima School?" Jason's eyes widened. He had heard about the girl's plan of getting back at the government. However, this was the very first time he heard about her attending the school. "Are you serious? Getting inside means you'll be completely under their mercy."

"I know," Kanae replied calmly. She had thought about her decision over and over again. After knowing about the school being opened again, she knew that this would be the chance for her to know more about them. At the same time, it would also be the most dangerous place for her.

Jason looked at Kanae with bewilderment. "Why are you so fixated on them? Even though their actions are inhuman, it doesn't have any direct effect on you, right?"

"Aren't you also trying to dig more about them, Brother Jason?" Kanae asked back. Her dark iris gazed back at Jason, seemingly able to see through the layer of his thoughts.

"I want to expose them and pull them to the court," Jason nodded his head. "But not at the cost of my own life."

Kanae shifted her body position. "You already bet your life for that in the past, Brother Jason."

Jason opened his mouth but no words came out. How could he say that he didn't come there because of the government entirely but also because he wanted to protect Kanae? It would be the same as exposing his past feelings for her. A feeling that had changed to that of pure brother and sister now.

"For me, they're the one who's responsible for the attack that killed both of my parents," Kanae said softly, her eyes sharpened at the thought of that day. "I can't let them go."

"Is it worth putting your life on the stake for revenge? Even if you win, they won't come back and you have a lot of people who care for you," Jason asked hesitantly.

Kanae smiled. "I know. At the very least, I can prevent a lot of people from losing their lives because of ridiculous experiments, can I?"

"I truly don't understand your thoughts, Kanae," Jason stood up. "I'll be resting in my room. You can sleep in the living room or the guest room. I'm sure that you don't want to sleep in the same room with me."

"Okay, thank you, Brother Jason."

After Jason walked out of the room, Kanae leaned back on the sofa and looked at the ceiling. If it was possible, she too, didn't want to take this dangerous method. However, against someone so powerful, the only path she had would be betting with her own life.

Besides, she didn't have any choice. If she didn't fight back, she would be taken by them and forced to take numerous experiments. After all, she was one of the rare truly awakened people.

'Even if I don't look for them, they'll find me sooner or later because I'm the one who holds the real golden letter and helped to create that fake one for my cousin.'

The sole fact that her forged letter could fool them for years was already more than enough to make them put her in the wanted list. Not just her talent for battle that she awakened, her ability to create that fake letter albeit with the help of her parents would bring her a lot of problems. If not for that, there was no way her cousin attracted so many troubles because of that single letter.

Really, one single item can change the life of a person entirely.

However, she didn't have any choice when she made it back in the past. If not because of her aunt, she would never want to help her parents make that particular letter. Their lives were already dangerous enough even without this incident.

'If only I can choose, I'll want to live an ordinary life.'

Because of her gene, Kanae knew that it would be impossible.

Both her parents were those with lineage with high possibility to have descendant that has the ability awaken their talent. Her parents herself only has slightly better talent and not to the point of awakening them. Laura didn't inherit the ability to awaken one's talent, but Kanae did. In order to hide it, her parents were doing all they could.

It was then her aunt came to them, asking for the letter for her own daughter.

They didn't want to give the real one, so they forged the fake one. With her parents working under them, they could falsify the result of the test, allowing Sakura to stay in that institution and meet with those peculiar people. Those awakened people under the government stayed there and their number alone sent shiver down her spine.

Kanae closed her eyes.

She only has two choices from the very beginning. It was either to follow after them or fight against them. As she had seen for herself what they did in that place, she knew that it would be impossible for her to obey them and stayed under them.

It would be an inevitable fight.

Kanae opened her eyes as a glint flashed. No matter what, she would not lose. She would fight until the very end.



Early in the morning, Laura got discharged. Due to her special identity as the Nali Family head, she had the special privilege, and they treated her very well. Even before her leave, a nurse came to bring some food for her, which she gladly received.

The doctor handed over a map to her. "This is the result of your examination. You can take them back."

"Thank you, Doctor. Has anyone seen the content before?"

"Only your sister," the doctor answered.

Laura nodded her head. She opened the map and noticed several medical sheets containing information there. Many of them used terms that she didn't understand. It seemed that she would need to use a dictionary to read them.

Among the paper, she noticed one of the papers has handwritten letters behind them. Picking it out, her eyes widened when she saw the letters. It was the handwriting that she has been familiar with.

'Laura, please don't make any big movements until the end of this year. The situation will be extremely dire this year, so just make sure that the Nali Family can survive....'

The content was quite long, but Laura knew that it was the last message her sister left for her. Tears welled up on her eyes once more.

"I'm really a crybaby. Sis, even until the end, I still need your help."

Wiping her tears, Laura walked out of the hospital. It was at this time that she noticed a rather haggard person walking out of the hospital too. Just looking from the appearance alone, one might think that she was a middle aged lady. However, Laura was surprised because she recognized that face.


The woman didn't seem to hear Laura as she kept on walking with limpid steps. Seeing the way this woman acted, Laura wondered what had happened with her. It seemed as if Sheila had changed so much, from the glamorous and beautiful lady to the haggard and limpid old woman. Never did she imagine this woman would become like this after the marriage with the Aida Family.

Seeing how Sheila seemed to have difficulties in walking, Laura wondered what had happened to that woman.

'Never mind, it's not my business either.'

Laura turned her body to the Nali Family's car and returned back on while reading the instruction that Kanae left for her.