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518 New Family

 After walking out of the hospital, Kanae headed back home. Kanae picked up the bag that she had prepared before. The content of the bag was everything she needed, such as clothes and some daily necessities. She had thought of leaving everything in Laura's hand before, but never did she imagine that it would come this fast.

'I'll miss everything here.'

Taking another glance at her room, Kanae smiled wryly. Once again, she would be leaving this place and this time, she knew that she would not return again. In the future, she would have a different place to live, so this place would be nothing but memories for her.

Kanae stepped out of the room. She looked towards the guards not far from her and pulled out a paper.

"Here's your instruction in this house. Don't let anyone harm the young lady."

"Yes, Miss."

"You're dismissed."

Kanae walked out of the gate. The driver was startled to see the young girl there. "Miss, do you want to go somewhere?"

"No need, I just want to take a stroll."

"Miss?" the driver was confused. It was already night time, which meant the street would be extremely dangerous. Wouldn't Kanae be in danger if she dared to get out?

Shaking her head lightly, Kanae smiled. "I'll be fine. Just make sure that Laura will be fine later."

"Yes, Miss."

After that, Kanae turned to the alley by the side. Once she was under the shade of the building, she dashed through the night into the deeper part of the street. The wind felt rather cold that night even though it was supposedly still summer. In a matter of minutes, Kanae had arrived into the familiar place.

Seeing the three people in the middle of the street, she wondered what their master was planning again.

"Oh, Rei, you're here," Master Rudy's eyes lit up when he saw Kanae. "Come over here, I found an interesting way to train."

"Master, are you sure you're not scamming me?" Kanae looked towards the pitiful looking Matt on the ground. It seemed like the training that Master Rudy mentioned was extremely difficult and painful.

Master Rudy laughed. "Matt is just too weak."

"Master, please don't spout nonsense," Matt struggled to sit down. He was looking at Master Rudy resentfully.

"I'm not spouting nonsense. Patrick is perfectly fine."

"Master, please don't compare me with that monster..."

Kanae smiled wryly. These two were completely different in strength. Comparing them right on like that wouldn't be fair. After all, physical training has never been Matt's specialty.

Patrick, who was training using his sword by the side, stopped and walked over to them. He scrutinized Kanae up and down with curiosity. "What is your plan, Little Lass? Why are you bringing so many items?"

"Oh this," Kanae finally remembered her real intention in coming here. She took out a stack of documents and handed it to Patrick. "I accept your offer, Senior Pat, wait no -Father."

Patrick stared at the paper handed to him blankly, trying to process the information that Kanae dumped on him. He gave the offer out of impulse because he thought that it would be cool to have her as his daughter aside from the fact that it would allow her to stay with Kevin. Nevertheless, he didn't think that she would change her decision this quickly.

Not only him, even Master Rudy and Matt were looking at the paper with incredulous expression. They knew about Kanae's condition and background, which allowed them to understand her previous refusal. Why did she change her decision rather quickly?

"This...." Patrick couldn't find his voice.

Kanae tilted her head. "Is the offer still there?"

"What? Oh yes, of course!" Patrick snatched the paper as though he was afraid that Kanae would change her mind. "I'll submit this. In a matter of a day, you're going to be my daughter."

Matt rolled his eyes. What do you mean in a matter of a day? The process itself took days to finish. Only by using backdoor would they be able to get the result far quicker. For Patrick, the backdoor would be him.

Inside his heart, he lamented the fact that he would have to work overtime again today.

"Thank you...Father," Kanae felt rather awkward in calling Patrick as her father. After all, she was used in calling him as Senior Pat. In terms of age, there was no problem since Patrick was already nearing 40, but it still felt weird for Kanae to call him as such.

Patrick chuckled. "Just call me Senior Pat or First Senior as usual. There's no need for formality."

"Is it alright?"

"Of course! Do you think I'm someone who cares for formalities?" Patrick rolled his eyes. "Just call me whatever you want. In any case, I hold both titles. I'm your senior and also your step father."

"Alright Senior Pat," Kanae smiled.

"Are you perhaps, being thrown out of your house?"

"Well, you can say so..."

Patrick rubbed his chin. It was not hard to prepare a house for Kanae to stay, but it would take some time as he hadn't prepared any right now. Right now, he could take Kanae to his home, but he was not sure that Kevin would take the notion happily.

"Our hidden clan doesn't have any proper headquarters, but I'll prepare something for you. It's just; you may need to book a room in a hotel or something for the night."

"I already have plans for tonight. May I ask why the clan doesn't have any proper headquarters?"

Patrick pointed to Master Rudy. "Why don't you ask him?"

"Don't point finger, youngster!" Master Rudy chided. "I'm not doing anything to the headquarters, you're the one who destroy them."

"What? Who else can make large destruction if it's not you, Master?"

"Ridiculous! I will never destroy my own place. If I want to destroy something, I'll make sure that it belongs to other people."

On the side, Kanae felt like face palming. Did it mean it was okay to destroy things as long as it was not theirs? Her master's logic was truly unique that she couldn't find words to describe it.

Matt sighed. "Rei, the story is quite simple. Master Rudy and First Senior Patrick have a clash with one another in the headquarters because of some matters. As you know, they don't like to lose, so the fight continues for hours until the entire place is flattened. As the result, they have to move to the street and fight there, causing destruction wherever they went until the two of them are satisfied."

The corner of Kanae's lips twitched. She had known that her master and first senior was battle maniac, but she didn't imagine that it would be this bad. She thought that they still knew some sense of propriety, but it seemed that the reality was different.

"Anyway, just ignore them. Let's review your training a bit."

"Alright, Senior Matt."

"...Please don't call me senior. Going by the rules, I'm your junior."

"But you're more than one decade older than me."

"Senior and junior don't see age. Anyway, you're free to call my however you want, just not senior."

"How about Brother Matt?"

"Okay, I accept that."

"Just call him Uncle. He's already old enough to get that title," Patrick chirped in before turning his head to retort to Master Rudy once again.

"So, Uncle Matt?" Kanae stifled her laugh.

Matt rolled his eyes. "Whatever you like then."