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517 Two Sisters Who Always Thought of Each Other

 The two choices were on completely different pages. It would be completely impossible to pick one while still holding the other one in the other hand.

She had to pick.

And this is her decision.

"You're doing great, Laura," Jason pulled the girl's head to his embrace. "I'm sure your sister understands this."

Laura nodded her head as she buried her head into Jason's embrace. Tears continued to pour out for a long time. Her heart was hurting, but she knew that she had to do this.

"You're amazing, Laura," Jason softly whispered to the girl's ear, consoling the young girl.

Laura didn't reply and just buried her head in Jason's embrace. Tears continued to fall out like a rainfall. Her hands gripped the man's clothes, causing it to crumple down.

Jason didn't mind and continued to caress the young girl's head tenderly. He waited until Laura fell asleep.

Her mind was filled with the thought regarding her sister and how her own position would only hinder her sister. As long as Kanae was still with Laura, it would be inevitable that people would connect them. As the family head, it was unbecoming of her to have a relationship with someone from the Black Street.

This was the reason Kanae tried to limit her involvement and never revealed her secret.

Because if that was revealed, there was no doubt that people would be unable to accept her. She didn't want to be the stone that blocked Laura's path, so she had to make sure that no one will ever know about her involvement in the Underworld.

But Laura didn't want her sister to hold back because of her. The only way to do this was only by cutting off their relationship completely. This way, no one would be able to point at her by bringing up her sister to drag her down of her position as the family head.

The two of them understood that perfectly. Their conversation only lasted for a few seconds because they knew these things very well.

They understood each other's position.

Even without words to convey it directly, the two of them wished for the best for each other. They pushed back their own desire just to make sure that the other one would be able to live happily. One sacrificed her own life to provide a good life and the other one sacrificed her time just to be able to stay with each other longer.

'You two sisters are truly admirable.'

Jason carefully pulled the sleeping Laura back and allowed the girl to lie on the bed. Seeing her tear stained face, he picked up a tissue to wipe them. As his hand touched her soft skin, he got the impulse to kiss the young girl. It was weird, but he couldn't help it.

As he was pondering about it, the door opened and Kanae walked inside.

"If you dare to do that, I'll make sure you won't be able to stand up, Brother Jason. You still owe me a spar because of the remark that you made before, and I don't mind not holding back at all."

Jason's face turned sour. "You're still very protective of your sister."

"She's my only sister, so of course, I care for her," Kanae replied. She gazed at her sister's face on the bed. It never occurred to her that her sister would see herself as a burden. For her, it would never be a burden to care for her sister.

Instead, she saw herself that would become the burden in the far future. Her identity as part of the underworld would surely become a sore point if she had to stand in the limelight.

Jason understood this girl's viewpoint perfectly, so he could understand why these two made this decision. There was no place for her under the light. Only under the veil of night did she have the place and freedom.

"I won't meet with her directly again, so I hope that you can take my place in protecting her. I'm sure that you love her, right?"

"Captain... can you please not point it out so blatantly like that?" Jason smiled wryly, his cheek flushed a bit in embarrassment.

Kanae smiled. "I too won't be meeting you much anymore, Brother Jason."

Jason's eyes widened. He stared back at Kanae with bewilderment. Since the two of them never had any close relationship in public, he understood that she must be talking about their private relationship. "Captain, do you plan on living in the underworld completely?"

The only reason for Kanae to not make any interaction with them anymore would be because she wanted to live in the underworld continuously. After all, having the relationship with someone from the underworld would tarnish their reputation forever.

"That's one of the reasons," Kanae sighed. "As for the other one, it's already the time for me to prepare for the last grand assault against those who kill my parents."

"Ah," Jason recalled that Kanae indeed wanted to gain more strength. It was not only to free herself and her sister from the Nali Family, but because she wanted to gain the real freedom in this city. However, to reach this goal, she had to establish more power of herself, which was something out of the question in the past.

It was a daring goal that required her to bet with her life.

Kanae looked back at Jason. "I won't stop you to stay with Laura, but I'm sure you know what will happen if you dare to hurt her."

"Don't worry, Captain. I will never hurt her," Jason reassured.

"That's good. I'll take your word."

"I'm serious, Kanae," Jason replied somberly. He might be still young, but if he liked someone and decided to pursue that person, he did it with the intention of marriage. Of course, he would not mention this for the time being as he didn't want to scare this young girl.

They still have a long time ahead of them.

Kanae smiled. "I see. I'm happy for the two of you."

She treasured the two of them. As she had seen Jason as her own brother for a long time, she felt happy that he could become her brother in law. Though, it might be weird if he had to call her as older sister since Laura is her younger sister.

"I haven't properly asked her yet," Jason smiled wryly. "I don't want to rush things since it's better to be ready for these things because it's a decision that'll affect your entire life."


Liking someone and deciding to pursue them would not be easy, especially if they have the intention of marriage at the end. Kanae understood them as she already tried to sort out her own feelings too because of her dilemma and the long separation time when she couldn't see him.

She knew that she wished to stay with him, but it was not everything in her goal. She had something else that she had to do too. "I have made the decision for myself too, so I'll stop hesitating now. I wish you happiness. Take care of yourself, Brother Jason."

"You too, Kanae. And please be careful, they're not the kind of enemies you can bear to face head on."

Kanae nodded her head. She took one last glance at her sister and walked to the side of the bed. Her hand gripped her sister's hand tenderly.

'I promise you that I'll stay alive, Laura and someday, we'll tear down the difference of the underworld and the outside world. At that time, we'll be able to spend our time freely again.'

Slowly, Kanae released her grip. From today on, she had to focus her attention solely on the underworld. It wouldn't be an easy path as there were more dangers that would appear because of her decision. However, she knew that with them sweeping the entire city, they would surely find her sooner or later.

There was no better defense than attack. She had to make the first move and watched them carefully. This time, she would focus her entire attention on them and completely hide herself from the light of this city. No one would be able to find her in her sister's world anymore.

Kanae glanced at Jason and nodded her head to him before walking out of the room.