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515 I Have One Request, Sis

 Inside the hospital, Laura was lying on her bed without moving. Even though she was barely injured, only some scrapes on her knees and arm, her sister insisted that she had to get the treatment first. The doctor obeyed her wish as they treated her with care and allowed her to stay in this room.

Right now, she was all alone. Her sister was being treated in the other room because her hand was grazed by the bullet. The wounds were not heavy, but a treatment was surely needed.


"Excuse me, Miss," a nurse appeared while pushing a stroller. "Here are some foods for your dinner."

"Thank you."

Laura watched as the nurse put the food on the table with a wry smile. Her sister must have signed her up to stay in the hospital for the night. It was completely unnecessary, but she didn't really have the intention of going back. After all, she was worried that someone might make an attempt for her life again.

Her eyes grew cold when she recalled the experience just a few hours ago. It was extremely unexpected and rather scary. For the first time in her life, she saw her sister fight someone directly and her sister's fighting strength was completely out of norm.

'Sis, how much did you hide from me?'

Closing her eyes, Laura did her best to calm herself down. It was not hard for her to guess that her sister must have lived a life that was filled with danger for a long period of time. The way Kanae moved and acted showed that she was already gotten used to what she did. Killing people was something that she couldn't do, but for Kanae, it was normal.

She already knew that her sister must have some dealing with the underworld because of what had happened in the past. After all, her decision to go overseas was because she saw what had happened to her sister. At the same time, she knew that it would be impossible for Kanae to stop directly as they needed the money.

The door was knocked again.

"Come in."

It opened, and Jason came inside holding a stack of paper in his hand. "How's your condition, Laura?"

"I'm pretty good, Brother Jason," Laura smiled wryly. "My condition is not as bad as you think. My sister just exaggerates."

Jason nodded in understanding. He knew that Laura shouldn't have been wounded under Kanae's presence. After all, that girl would surely get extremely angry if something like that happened to Laura. Considering Kanae's skill, it was more likely for Kanae to be the one who got wounded whilst protecting Laura.

However, Kanae would still ask the doctors to treat Laura first.

"Your sister asks me to bring you your paper. It's safer to work here," Jason put the paper on the table.

Laura nodded her head. The assassin must have been sent to go after her life because they completely aimed for her. As for the reason, she was not totally sure. Her position itself would bring her numerous people who aimed to kill her, so it was not that strange for people to do it.

Jason crossed his arm and looked at Laura's expression. It might be only his imagination, but the girl's expression seemed a little off from her usual self. It looked as if this young girl was planning to do something big, something that was completely out of the box.

"Your sister is taking care of your stay in this room. I'll help her out. You might want to eat first."

"There's no need, Brother Jason," Laura smiled. "It's still 5 in the evening."

"Make sure that you eat later."

"I will."

Jason got out of the room and headed towards the counter. He saw that Kanae had finished talking with the nurse. Seeing Kanae's expression, he knew that this girl was feeling rather troubled.

"Kanae," he called the girl softly.

Hearing the call, she looked up. "Brother Jason, it's unwise of you to come here personally."

"No need to worry, I have erased the track and I come here with the excuse of check up. More importantly, you shouldn't blame yourself. The target of this attack is not you," Jason's eyes glinted as he said this fact.

"I know," Kanae nodded solemnly. There was no way they would want to target someone like her. She didn't have anything that could tempt them in her current identity. It was unlikely for them to discover the fact that she was, in fact, a golden letter owner. Her parents had worked so hard to hide it, and she didn't reveal any trace of it in front of them.

Based on this conjecture, the one they targeted should be Laura because of the Nali Family behind her and the little girl's position as the family's head.

"With you protecting her, she'll be fine," Jason smiled comfortingly.

Kanae shook her head. "You know very well that it's impossible, Brother Jason."

In a few more days, it would be the time for Ryukalin Clan's gathering to select their new clan head. Kanae wouldn't be able to stay by Laura's side all the time as she wanted to participate in that gathering. Besides, it would be weird if she followed Laura all the time.

Jason smiled wryly. "You can assign more bodyguards for her."

"I will surely do that."

"I'll take care of the other document. Don't you want to meet with Laura?"

"Thank you, Brother Jason."

Kanae handed the paper before making a beeline towards Laura's room. Jason chuckled a bit when he saw how impatient she was. Turning his body, he started to take care of the paper.

Inside the room, Laura was still in her sitting position when the door opened, and Kanae came inside. Seeing the healthy complexion on Laura's face, Kanae beamed happily.

"How's your feeling now, Laura?"

"I'm already good," Laura chuckled. Her gaze moved to Kanae's arm. "I should be the one asking that question to you, Sis."

Kanae followed after Laura's gaze. "You mean this? This is nothing big. I'm getting wounded pretty often, so this is nothing much. I'm not a weak girl, Laura."

"I can see that, Sis."

"You can stay here for the night. It's safer in this hospital compared with the company. I'll deploy more guards for you."


"I have already picked some of them, which I believe that you can trust. You can see their resume too when you have the time."


Kanae peered at Laura's face. She could see that her sister lacked the response this cheerful girl usually had. "Do you not like my arrangement?"

"No, I like them," Laura denied quickly. "You know the best guards in this city, Sis. I'll trust you in this matter."

"It seems you're a bit dispirited," Kanae remarked.

Laura heaved a sigh. Her sister was pretty sharp. She originally wanted to do this tomorrow, but doing it faster should be fine too.

"Sis, I have a question for you. Do you love me?"

Kanae blinked her eyes at the unexpected question. "Do you even need to ask? Of course I love you. You're my one and only sister."

"Then I have one request, Sis. I hope you can fulfill it."

"As long as it's within my capacity, I'll do my best to do it."

"I want you..." Laura's voice lowered down for a moment before she continued it firmly. "I want you to be more selfish."

Smiling tenderly, Kanae shrugged. "I'm already selfish enough as I am."

Even though she knew that Laura didn't like the fact that she delved into the underworld, she still did it. Part of it was because of the situation while the other part was because of her own volition. In some ways, she was already being pretty selfish in her decision.

Laura knew that Kanae took her request in a different way than what she wanted. Taking a deep breath, she stared back at her sister.

"Then let me rephrase it. I want you to get out of my sight and never appear in front of me ever again."