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514 Conflicted Feeling

 The moment the gunshot was heard, Kanae pushed Laura away from her place. She quickly shifted her position and pulled Laura to behind the row of cars that was parked not far from the school. The sound of gunshot stopped after several attempts, but Kanae didn't move from her position.

"Sis, you're bleeding!" Laura was shocked to see Kanae's arm. Blood was flowing out from one of her arm.

"It's nothing," Kanae replied. She was still focusing on the position of the sniper. Because of the distance, she couldn't sense what they were doing, so she could only speculate.


"Stop talking, we have to head to our car," Kanae cut Laura off.

Laura had tears in her eyes. Considering Kanae's reaction when the gunshot was first heard, she knew that it was very easy for Kanae to evade them. The wound must be because Kanae slowed down on purpose because she couldn't move as fast as her sister.

Right now, she truly felt that she was nothing more than a burden for her sister.

Kanae scanned the surrounding. Because of the gunshot, the people were scattering around in a chaos. They were afraid that the bullet would head to their direction and wound them in the process. It would be very unfortunate if they got caught up in this incident.

'We have to move.'

She sensed the movement of someone behind her and quickly shifted her position. A man was attacking her with a covert knife. Turning her body abruptly, Kanae caught the man's hand that held the knife. Her eyes turned cold as her hand gripped the wrist harder, sending deep pain for the unfortunate man.

The man's eyes widened. He didn't expect this young girl to possess such a large strength. The pain on his hand intensified, which made him loosen his grip, allowing the knife to fall to the ground.


"Let...Let go!"

Kanae's gaze was as cold as ice. She released her grip and kicked the man before using her other hand to pull the man to the side. At that very moment, the sniper shot, but the bullet reached the man as Kanae used him as her shield.

"You!" How can a girl be this vicious?

The man's eyes widened as he fell to the ground. His eyes were staring in disbelief to the young girl in front of him, who had crouched down once again. They only knew that their target would be a young girl 17 of age, but the sight in front of him told him for sure that she was not an ordinary girl.

There was no way an ordinary girl could perform killing without batting an eye like what this young girl had just did.

Kanae pointed to the side. "Laura, can you move fast while putting your head low?"

"Yes," Laura nodded her head absentmindedly. This was the very first time she saw her sister kill somebody, not only that, she did it with such ease. It was as if this was something extremely common.

Kanae noticed Laura's gaze. She smiled wryly. "I'm sorry. Let's go."

As Kanae pulled Laura's hand, Laura's mind churned out. It didn't require a genius to realize that Kanae has been doing something like this for the past few years. The mere efficacy and calmness she showed proved this point very clearly and painfully.

Laura's eyes welled with tears. Just how much her sister suffered ever since that time?

From the back, Kanae could sense several people were approaching them. In the chaos, it would be hard to know if someone was coming at her or not, but her sharp instinct sensed the killing intent they leaked. It might be faint, but for her, they were already more than enough.

Just when she was preparing herself to have a battle with them, someone already came to block their attack.


"Kevin!" Kanae called when she saw the one who helped her.

Kevin didn't immediately answer. He pushed the man who attacked to the back before shifting his stance and attacked the other man. With swift movement, the three of them fell to the ground, but Kevin didn't stay idle in his place as he moved behind the lamp post not far from him.

Sound of gunshot followed soon after, hitting the side of the lamp post where he hid.

"You should leave," Kevin said calmly. He gazed towards Kanae with concern. "Go to hospital, your hand needs treatment."

Kanae pulled the door open and beckoned for Laura to get in. The gunshots were aimed towards the car as the back glass was broken after several shots.

"What about you, Kevin?"

"Don't worry. I can handle this situation."

Knowing this man's identity, Kanae didn't hesitate and got into the car too. "Please be careful," shifting her attention to the driver, she ordered. "Go to the nearest hospital -wait, no, the hospital of Kalin Family."

The driver immediately stepped on the gas when he heard the order. Amidst the gunshots from the sniper, the car sped up into the distance. Thankfully, it was a new car model that was famous for its speed. Within seconds, they were already very far from the place.

Kevin's lips curled up into a smile when he heard Kanae's concern for him. He took out his phone.

"Mike, Neo, get out of the car. We have work here."

"Yes, Boss!"

Glancing to the sniper position from his place, his eyes narrowed. It wouldn't be an easy fight. They were all very experienced and precisely chose the perfect location for their ambush. Right now, he was sure that this attack was definitely planned beforehand.

'Tamari Clan, Doha Family, and now Nali Family,' Kevin thought to himself. 'Although the families are not completely destroyed, they're far from their peak condition. It's not hard to guess that they want to destroy the large force in this city with the repetitive attack they show.'

His clan should be on the list too. The only question left would be, when will they execute the attack?

While Kevin was handling the attack, Kanae and Laura were already going far away from the place. Kanae was sitting vigilantly while Laura was curling up like a ball by the side. It was not that she felt afraid, but she didn't want to risk her head getting shot because she was sitting down.

Her eyes were looking at her sister. Although she couldn't fully remember the conversation her sister had with Kevin, she knew that he was helping them to escape.

Because of that fact alone, she was in deep turmoil. She had already known that Kevin was not fully responsible for their parents' death as there were some hidden schemes. However, she couldn't fully accept him as he made her sister placed in a difficult position very often. Not to mention, not long ago Kanae was wounded because of him.

When she was still deep in thoughts, they arrived in the hospital. Kanae helped Laura got out and rushed to the lobby.

"My sister is hurt, please call a doctor!"