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513 Visit to Lima School 2

 "This place is still as beautiful as before," Laura commented as she sat down on the bench. She still didn't want to break the previous school rules regarding the garden. Who knew what would happen once she came inside?

"You're right."

"Is there any other place that you want to visit, Sis?"

Kanae shrugged. "I'm not sure. What about you, Laura?"

"I'm satisfied with only being here," Laura giggled. She leaned back on the bench to the point that her head was looking at the back. From her weird point of view, she saw a man walking towards them. Of course, in her eyes, he looked upside down.

"Brother Jason!"

Kanae was stunned to see her sister exclaimed so happily. She glanced towards Jason with inquiring eyes. "Nice to meet you, Brother Jason."

Jason nodded his head. "Hello, Miss Nali."

"Miss Nali?" Laura frowned, but she soon recalled that they were not inside her office. In the outside world, it would be better if they didn't act like they were close with one another. After all, the media might get the wrong idea and create numerous troubles for them.

"I didn't expect to see you here, Brother Jason," Laura chose to keep her distance and said politely.

"I got the invitation too, so I came to take a look."

"Do you have any plan to continue schooling here?"

Jason smiled wryly. "I've already graduated, but I might consider this place as my university in the future."

"I see."

The two of them looked at one another while Kanae stood by the side. She was not interested in their conversation in the slightest as she believed that they were already growing closer for the past few months. Besides, her status right now was nothing but a mere commoner. She didn't have the right to talk directly with Jason in public.

Of course, in private, she would be the one to beat him up as part of their training.

"I'll be going now. There are still other things that I need to see. Be careful on your way, Miss Nali."

"You too, Brother Jason," Laura smiled back.

Jason turned around with a complicated feeling. He was pretty sure that Kanae grasped his gaze just now and guessed what he thought. Originally, he planned to make his visit to this school a secret from Kanae because the girl knew very well that his intention of coming here would be anything than simply enrolling.

However, he stepped forward as he was engrossed in watching the young girl squealed happily. It was refreshing to see someone so carefree in this kind of city, which was filled with a dark atmosphere most of the time.

Kanae tapped her sister's shoulder. "Shall we return back?"

"Don't you want to see other things, Sis?"

"There's no need," Kanae shrugged. The longer she stayed here, the bigger probability for them to inspect her. She didn't want them to know that she has awakened her talent, much less the fact that the talent was something suitable for fighting.

"Okay, let's go back."

Walking happily, they made their way towards the gate. On the way, Kanae noticed a man was standing on the field, staring at the tower solemnly. Although his figure was only one of the many, she spotted him easily as if his figure was engraved in her eyes.

His black hair was blown by the wind, fluttering along their rhythm. His dark eyes were completely focused on the tower, completely oblivious to the surrounding gaze. It took him a few seconds before he turned his head, focusing his gaze straight towards Kanae.

The two gazed at each other.

"Sis, why did you suddenly stop?" Laura noticed that her sister had already disappeared from her side. She turned around only to see her sister standing absent-mindedly like an idiot.

Kanae was startled. "It's nothing."

The moment Kanae broke her gaze away, Kevin also noticed that Laura was staying with Kanae. He had wished for the chance to talk with her personally again, but he didn't want to bother her when she was spending her time with her sister.

Not wanting to bother about it anymore, he walked towards the gate too. However, he kept his distance from the two girls.

"Sis, do you plan on enrolling in this school to continue your study?" Laura chose to change the conversation.

"You mean for the lost semester?"

Because this semester was simply a disaster for many schools, a lot of students lost their time to study. As the result, the schools made a special class for those students in order to allow them to graduate in time. Of course, it was not mandatory. But for those who wanted to graduate in time, this was the golden opportunity.

Kanae had checked, so she knew that Lima School will deploy the same method. It meant that she has the chance to graduate quicker if she decided to attend the special class in this school.

"Yes, don't you want to graduate faster? It's better to choose a school with the system like them."

"I'll think about it."

Laura pondered. "If Sis chose to enroll here, can I join?"


It didn't take even one second for Kanae to answer Laura's question. The simple and firm refusal from her sister allowed Laura to understand that this place held more secrets that she thought it was. If her sister showed that stern expression, she would choose to never enroll in this school ever again.

They reached the gate and Kanae looked towards Laura solemnly. "Promise me that you will never come to this place in the future."

Laura didn't understand why her sister acted extremely serious. After a few seconds, she nodded her head resolutely. "I understand, Sis. I will never come to this place ever again in the future."

"Good girl."

"Sis, don't rub my head in public! It's embarrassing," Laura pouted in annoyance.

"I want to rub it because it looks very comforting. Let's go back home and eat some foods."

Laura nodded. "I'm already hungry too. We've been walking around for quite some time in this school."

"You're right."

The two of them headed towards their car. It was at this moment that Kanae sensed danger. The sound of gunshot followed soon after, the bullets were heading towards their direction.