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512 Visit to Lima School 1

 Time passed swiftly and soon, it was the time for the opening of Lima School. Laura would have forgotten about this matter if not for the television spread the news just the night before, allowing her to recall the invitation letter. For this visit, Kanae decided to come along.

"Sis, we have arrived," Laura called from her side.

At this time, the two of them were inside the Nali Family's car. They stayed in the passenger seat until they arrived in front of the Lima School. Laura was getting ready to get out, but her sister didn't seem to have any intention of getting out.

Kanae was looking at the gate in front of her. It was painfully extremely similar to the gate to hell that she passed before. Even the design was made to be the exact copy of that building before. There was no doubt that the government purposely made it that way.

Those who knew the truth but had a weak heart wouldn't have the courage to come back.


"I'm fine," Kanae snapped back to reality. She put on a tender smile as she got out of the car.

Laura stared at Kanae's complexion with confusion. She didn't understand what made her sister act strange. Even if they didn't like the government because they knew the truth behind them, there was no need for them to act it out as it would only invite troubles.

Numerous other people were coming to the school. Many of them wore decent and good clothes, but some of them looked rather haggard. From appearance alone, it was easy to determine whether they were coming here because of family background or because of the letter.

"Let's go inside," Laura pointed to the gate.

Kanae nodded her head. "Let's go."

As they walked towards the gate, Kanae was fighting her inner self to stay as calm as possible. When it was still in the process of building, she barely felt anything because it was kind of different. But when it was built exactly the same like this, she got no choice but to recall them once again.

Her hand was gripped into a palm and beads of sweat covered her forehead. However, her expression didn't change in the slightest as they walked across the gate towards the school.

The school courtyard was extremely large. There were three buildings visible from the place where she stood. On the left, there was a three floor building with a storage room not far from them. On the right, there were two buildings, one higher than the other one. They were painted with colorful color, but for Kanae, all she could see was the red and murky color of blood.

'Did I not get enough sleep lately?'

Rubbing her forehead, she pondered about her sleep. Even though she had started to take many other matters to her hand as she worked from the shadow, she still paid more attention to her sleep. After all, there was more than enough time for her to sleep now.

"Sis, do you not like this place?" Laura stopped in her tracks and asked in a low tone. She didn't want other people to hear what they were talking.

Kanae smiled bitterly. "You can say that."

"I also don't like it," Laura creased her eyebrows. "But as the owner of the silver letter, I have to come and make my appearance in this place."

"Do you have any plan on continuing your study here?"

"Not at all."

"That's good to hear," Kanae smiled.

Laura shrugged. "Our parents work hard to get us out of this school years ago. On what basis should I return here again and search for trouble? I don't want to waste their effort just to drag myself into the abyss once again."

"You're correct."

Kanae has worse experience in this place, but she would never say them out loud. Having them in her memories were already far more than enough. She didn't have the intention of letting other people knew what she thought inside her heart.

As they walked along the crowd, the guard asked for their invitation letter. Laura showed hers, so they could come inside.

Kanae paid more attention to the building in the school. There were numerous buildings that she didn't remember exist before. After all, when she came, half of the buildings were already destroyed to the point of beyond repair. When she left this place in the past, some of them were not built yet.

The very best example was this large tower in the very middle. It was placed not far from the 25 floors building where the largest fight occurred before. From what Kanae knew, this tower hadn't existed during the fight as this place was nothing but mere field,

"Sis, do you have interest in the tower?" Laura asked curiously.

Kanae nodded her head. "It looked like this tower was built not long ago. I'm just curious about its purpose."

"Let's see," Laura circled around the large tower. She looked towards the board near the entrance of the tower. "This is the Tower of Hayell; the purpose of the tower is for research."

Kanae narrowed her eyes. The purpose of this tower was for research, did it mean that they would place all important information inside this tower? Now, this was truly great information.

"You can come inside if you want, Sis," Laura noticed that they allowed people to come inside.

Kanae shook her head. "This place is big, let's just tour around."


As they walked away, Kanae shot a glance to the tower. If this was truly the place where they conducted the research, she might be able to find out the real recipe for the drug that they used to awaken people's hidden potential. At the same time, she might found out about their real ability that they hid all these times.

Unfortunately, she didn't have any intention of going in. She was afraid that if they came in, they wouldn't be able to get out for eternity.

"Sis, do you think the garden is still there?" Laura asked as she pointed to the right.

There was a rather large garden in the right part of the school. It was also a forbidden zone for the students because the teacher would plant some important herbs there. Although some students were naughty as they trespassed, most of them behaved.

Kanae shrugged. "We can check there if you want."

"Let's go!" Laura excitedly led the way.

Because the soil of the land was not exactly in good condition after the battle because of the acid, bombing, and many others, Kanae didn't have much expectation. However, what she saw nearly turned her common sense upside down.

The place that was supposedly to be a barren land was filled with grass and many other green plants. It was truly beautiful and many other people were staring in awe not far from them. The place was nothing short of the word miracle, especially for those who knew how this place looked like just two years ago.

"It's still here."

"I can see that," Kanae answered in a low voice. She couldn't really believe herself about what she saw, but she knew that the researcher who invented the drug must have found a different kind for this too.

Really, why must someone with great talent use them to find a drug that could possibly annihilate the humanity?