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508 Survivor from Doha Family

 Ryukalin Clan Headquarters

It was dawn and the guards guarding the headquarters were rather sleepy. There was nothing special that night, so they were just doing their duty as usual. It was then that they saw two people approaching them.

"Excuse me, is Kevin still awake?" the woman asked hurriedly.

The guard's eyebrows creased. Who in their right mind would say the name of Ryukalin Clan Head so carelessly? Whoever dared to say his name just like that would surely receive the punishment.

"State your name and business!"

"Tell him that Tara is here," the woman -no man, Taro Doha, said directly. As the young master of Doha Family and Kevin's friend, there was no way his friend would reject his coming. Besides, the catastrophe that happened to the Doha Family was still in the news.

The guard frowned. He was about to lash out again when his friend tapped his shoulder.

"What is it?"

"Boss is coming."

He turned his head to the door when he noticed that Kevin was coming with Mike and Neo following behind him. His mind worked desperately, and he quickly moved to the side and bowed down respectfully.

"Clan Head!"

Kevin simply didn't have the time to care about this guard as he fixated his gaze on Taro. He had not seen this man for a long time, but there was no way he would forget this man who loved to dress as a woman. After all, news about him making trouble was still in the news very often.

However, all trace of his whereabouts vanished after the sudden incident in Doha Family.

From their appearance, he knew that they were hiding for a long time. When dressed as a woman, Taro usually paid extra attention to the makeup. However, he looked rather messy this time. On the other hand, James, Albert's son, was following obediently with dirty clothes. It was still intact, but there were a lot of dusts and probably some paint.

"Come inside. Neo, ask the others to prepare some foods and drink for them."

"Yes, Boss."

Taro smiled. "Thank you very much, Kevin."

Kevin nodded his head. "I have heard what happen to the Doha Family not long ago. It's good to hear that you're still alive."

"I'm lucky that I'm away from my home when they come," Taro smiled wryly. Truthfully, he was just trying to escape from the work that his assistant gave him, so he dressed up as a woman and sneaked out again. This mischievous attitude of his instead saved his life.

"We're in my compound. Neo will prepare a room for you to stay for the night, but you are not allowed to get out," Kevin said calmly. "Not everyone in the clan is trustworthy. I don't want to risk you getting killed."

Taro nodded. "It's just staying in one quarter, I can bear with it."

Kevin moved his gaze to the young boy who clumsily sat down on the floor not far from them. James noticed Kevin's gaze as he looked up. His eyes didn't show any fear, but rather calm that was not suitable for his age at all. James stood up and sat down nearer Kevin.

"Kind big brother," he tugged Kevin's hem of clothes.


Mike stared at the boy with wide eyes. Did he just say that Kevin is kind? Was there something wrong with the young boy? Everyone knew that Kevin was cold and merciless, so only a handful of people would say that he's kind. Why this word came out from the young boy's mouth?

"Is there anything you want to say, James?"

"Thank you," James said seriously.

Kevin nodded his head. "I'm just doing what I can."

Taro stared at the two of them confusedly. "Kevin, do you know what's wrong with James? My brother says that I can't bring him out too often."

"There's nothing wrong with him, but your brother is correct," Kevin tapped the table. "I'll arrange so that you won't meet with anyone, understand? Is there any other matter that you need to take care?"

"I don't think there's any," Taro pondered. "Oh, I almost forgot! Have you gotten news from my Second Brother?"

"I'm not close with your second brother."


"There's no reason for him to contact me," Kevin said nonchalantly. "Besides, the Doha Family needs someone they can rely on during times like this. I'm sure that he'll voluntary step up for this."

Taro frowned. He didn't want to see his brother in a dangerous position because he knew that what happened to his brother might repeat itself. After all, there was no telling what they would do.

"I'll make sure to send him some protections," Kevin added. "But I'm not sure that I can make them stay too close, so his safety is not completely guarantee."

"I believe in you," Taro nodded his head.

Kevin nodded. At this time, Neo came inside carrying a box of food. "Your dinner, Taro and James."

"Thank you, Neo."

"Thank you, Uncle."

Uncle? Neo felt that his heart was stabbed by the young boy's remark. He knew that he looked a bit older from his real age, but was it enough to make him call him as an uncle?

"James, can you call me brother?" Neo asked with a wry smile.

James looked up and tilted his head. "Uncle wants to be younger?"

"I'm not that old to be called an uncle in the first place!"


"James... do you understand language?"

Mike wanted to laugh when he saw Neo's desperate expression, but he held in.

"Mike, Neo, I have job for you."

"What is it, Boss?" the two of them straightened their posture directly.

Kevin tapped the table calmly before he explained the matter on hand.


Laura's Mansion

Glancing at the clock, Laura wondered why her sister hadn't woken up yet. It was not usual for Kanae to sleep for a long time even if it was vacation.

When she was contemplating whether to call her sister or not, Kanae walked into the dining room.

"Sis, you seem tired. What are you doing last night?"

Kanae smiled and took out several papers. "I'm doing research about the Doha Family's incident. Have you heard about them, Laura?"

Laura nodded her head. She had picked up the morning newspaper and the headline was practically telling her that the Doha Family was no more. The news surprised her, but she didn't say anything as she barely has any relation with them.

"I want you to be careful. If something like this can happen to them, I'm afraid that it can happen to you too," Kanae smiled bitterly.

"Don't worry, Sis. I'm not going anywhere other than the company. For the foods, there are enough deliveries, so I don't have to walk by myself anymore."

"You still have to be careful."

"Yes, Sis."

"Now, what is for breakfast?"

"I make chicken porridge for you, Sis."

"I'll wash my hand first."

After a short breakfast, Laura quickly made her way to the company. On the other hand, Kanae returned back to her room and picked up the map she had sorted just the night before. Taking a deep breath, she carried it outside the house and mailed it.

Looking at the mailbox for a while, Kanae's eyes held a complicated glint. After a few minutes, she left the place.


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