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507 Princess of a Hidden Clan?

 Kanae calmed herself down after some time. She had made sure that this mansion was protected heavily. Even if the one who came was those who had special power, she had given her sister the escape route to allow the little girl escape and hid safely.

After taking some foods to eat, Kanae stealthily got out of the house into the dark street. Using speed far above normal human, she arrived in her destination rather quickly.

"You're really early, Rei," Matt commented when he saw Kanae walked over.

Kanae nodded her head. "Senior Pat said that he has something that he wants to show me, so I'm coming earlier."


Seeing the disinterest look on Matt, Kanae wondered whether this man knew about what her senior wanted to tell her or not. It seemed as if it was something that Matt didn't want to mention in the slightest.

"Oh, you're already here, Rei," Master Rudy walked out with a blade and a hammer.

"Master, what are you doing with them?"

"I'm sharpening my blade again. It's getting rusty again."

Kanae blanked when she heard what Master Rudy said. She recalled that he already sharpened them just a few weeks ago. Did her master use his blade that often to the point that he needed to sharpen the blade very often?

"Rei, come over here," Patrick called from the side. He was holding a map filled with paper in his hand. Not far from him, Dean, the leader of Lore Group and also Kanae's Second Senior, was standing calmly.

"What is it, Senior Patrick?"

"Do you know what my position in the Hidden Clan is?"

Kanae tilted her head. "Isn't it as Master Rudy's apprentice and future successor?"

Patrick grinned and shook his head lightly. "We always tell the others that Master Rudy still holds the position of the Hidden Clan Head, but actually, he has passed it down to me."

Kanae's mouth hanged open. What?

This playful senior is the Hidden Clan Head?

Was he being serious? All these times, she also thought the same because she suspected that Master Rudy was still the Hidden Clan Head. After all, she had seen him being the representative a couple of times in the past.

"You seem to be very surprised," Dean laughed. "It's true that this annoying man already inherited the position, but he's also the elder in the main clan. That's why we have to hide his true position in the hidden clan."

"Is there no problem with the other member?"

"What are you talking about? There's no other member," Patrick chuckled. "All of the members of Master Rudy's hidden clan presents here."

Presents here?

Kanae was stunned to hear that they were all present here. That sentence could only mean one thing: their member was only the five of them. Well, she was not even sure that she could include herself since she was only Master Rudy's apprentice and not part of the clan.

"I prepared something for you," Patrick pulled several boxes for them. The tallest one was placed in the middle to serve as a table. He took out the paper from the map on the table, showing them to Kanae. "If you want, this all can be yours."

Kanae didn't understand what Patrick talked about. In front of her were several papers that stated the ownership of a land, a small house, and also an adoption letter. Wait, adoption form?

Fixing her gaze on the paper, it was not hard to see that the paper was already filled with the data. Her name was very conspicuously written in the section of the one being adopted. For the parents' name, she saw the name of her senior, Patrick Kalin.

"Senior, this is...?"

Patrick smirked. "If you agree, you can sign the paper and become my legal daughter. At the same time, you'll become the Hidden Clan Princess, the same as Alice and Celine."

It took some time for her to process what her senior told her. This paper was giving her a way to stay with Kevin as long as she wanted to. With the position being offered so directly, it was not hard for her to guess that he was giving her the chance to compete with Celine and Alice for the position as Kevin's fiancée.

The position that was originally so far from her reach that even dreaming it would be an embarrassment.

Now, all she needed to do was signing the paper presented before her and that position would within her grasp. In addition, would the other party possibly refuse her if he knew her real identity?


"Senior, thank you for the offer but..."

Patrick raised his hand before Kanae could finish. "Don't be in a hurry to answer me. You can take your time. Just bring them back with you. Whenever you feel like changing your answer, you can just submit them to Matt. He'll process them very quickly."

Hearing the explanation from her senior, Kanae smiled gratefully. "Thank you very much, Senior Pat."

"it's nothing big," Patrick grinned. "I'm just being a busy body here."

Kanae smiled. She knew that her senior must be thinking about her relationship with Kevin a lot of times. As Kevin's position was still in a pinch because he needed the support from some of the hidden clans, which parts of it was thanks to Alice, he couldn't move forward until he secured the position. Only after he had secured the position as the clan head could he possibly changed a lot of things.

At the same time, she still couldn't leave her sister alone. If she decided to delve into the underworld completely, she was afraid that her sister would be in danger. Before she had the power to protect that girl, she didn't want to do more than what she already did.

Dean peeked to the paper. "They're quite good, Patrick. I'm sure you're not doing them alone."

"Bah, if you think that I can handle things like this, you should think twice," Patrick shrugged nonchalantly.

"Let's have some training before you left, Kanae. I'm tired of training with this maniac," Dean pointed to Patrick.

"What? Just tell me that you're afraid of losing again?" Patrick smirked.

"Huh? What did you say? I dare you to repeat."

Not wanting to listen, Kanae headed to the side and did her training. It took her hours before she could complete the training that Master Rudy designed for her. As for the other two, they were still staying at that place even after Kanae had finished.

They were quibbling with each other with some occasional clash.

Really, were they adults or children?

They always quarreled.

"You better say your thanks to me, Senior Patrick. It's not easy registering your name as the parent, you know," Matt crossed his arm with indignation.

Patrick laughed. "Don't you want to help out our little junior? It's not that hard to prepare adoption paper, right?"

"Preparing the paper and her eligibility is easy since she doesn't have any parents left. The hardest one is making sure that you're eligible to be the parent even though you're not married yet."

Patrick's face darkened. It was not that he planned to stay single his entire life, but the only person he wanted to marry had died. He didn't have any intention to look for anyone else, so he stayed single all these years. Besides, there was no one interesting in the prison that caught his interest.

By his side, Dean laughed out loud. "Are you sure you're using the word 'yet?' Do you really think that he'll get married in the future?"

"I don't know."

Patrick drew his sword. "Let's have a friendly spar again, Dean."

"Friendly spar? You won't be using real blade for friendly spar, Senior Pat."

"Wait, wait, wait. Why are you including me in your attack? I'm different with Second Senior, I'm innocent!"

The 'friendly spar' between the three people lasted for minutes until Master Rudy decided to join in, completely forcing the three of them to spend their entire energy. On the other hand, Kanae just watched them as she laughed to the fullest. Spending her days during the night here has become very fun.