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504 The Mischievous Senior Brother

 "Kanae, what do you think about the event?" Patrick asked nonchalantly as he pulled the girl to sit next to him.

Kanae didn't really like the attention given to her, but she tried her best to not pay any mind to them. Looking at the field, she realized that those fights were not bad at all.

"They're pretty good in terms of foundation."

"Ryukalin Clan always put the foundation as the most important thing," Patrick said proudly. "No other clans can compete with us in this term."

"I see," Kanae nodded her head.

Patrick looked around and saw that Kevin was directing his gaze at them. Seeing the longing and annoyed glint on the usually cold young man, he smirked mischievously. Turning his body around, he leaned a bit more to Kanae.

"Senior Brother?" Kanae was startled.

"There's something on your face," Patrick lied immediately.

Kanae raised her hand and touched her face, but she found nothing. Eyeing her senior suspiciously, she pushed him back lightly. "Don't get too close, Senior. It's too hot."

"Alright," Patrick straightened his position before looking at Kevin's direction with a playful smile. Seeing the murderous glint on Kevin's eyes, his smile widened. It was so easy to make Kevin mad using Kanae. And it didn't take long for the murderous aura to intensify.

Patrick smirked to himself at the thought that he would be able to spar with Kevin again.

By Kevin's side, Alice was startled to sense the sudden pressure. Her eyes turned to the man beside her.

'Why did he become so angry all of sudden?'

Following the man's gaze, she found out that he was looking at Kanae and Patrick. Wait, Kanae?

Her eyes widened as she stared at her best friend. Although she knew that Kanae already knew about the engagement matter, it still didn't feel good to have that girl looking at her directly.

Gripping the arm rest tighter, Alice looked at Kevin's gaze. It was all pointed solely to one woman, the woman who was supposedly sat in this seat. However, because of the matter of the clans, that woman couldn't stay here, and someone else already sat down.

How sad.

Right now, Alice truly wanted to tell the truth to Kanae. How many times has she felt this way for the past few weeks? The feeling of guilt tormented her as she knew that this plan affected a lot of people around them, sending them to feel guilty because of their action.

How long until she could tell them? Her heart was yelling because she wanted to tell them the truth, so that they would be able to understand the situation better.

"Miss, are you alright?" Tommy noticed that Alice's expression had turned pale. He was worried that something bad might happen to her.

Alice nodded her head slightly. "I'm fine, Tom."

"Are you sure?"

Seeing his concern, Alice forced a smile out of her lips. Even though she already told him about her real feeling, she hadn't told him about their real plan. Tommy stayed by her side, but he still acted within the limit, not daring to break it at all.

However, her lamentation was disrupted when she heard loud yelling from the field.

"Rudy! I challenged you!" A man yelled and pointed his sword to the old man who was calmly drinking.

Master Rudy moved his gaze from his glass. From the beginning, he paid little attention to the battle because they were all too weak in his eyes. So far, no one had dared to challenge him because they knew very well his strength, yet this one man dared to do it.

He didn't know whether this man was stupid or has a loose screw in his brain.

"Are you looking for a beating?" Master Rudy asked leisurely.

The man smirked. "Your hidden clan has the fewest people. The territory that you have is too big for you. It's better to share them with the others."

Master Rudy shrugged. He didn't care too much with the territory. All these times, the one who took care of them was Matt and Patrick. He only asked for a bit of money each month for his own living. Aside from that, he didn't really care much.

Before he could stand up, Patrick had stood up and looked towards the man who challenged his master. "You're unworthy to be my master's opponent. It's better for me to be the one to represent him."

The man narrowed his eyes. Who among them that didn't know this man infamy? Almost all of them already heard about his attempt and problems that he created all these years. Even though he was only in his thirties, he was already unparalleled.

"I'm challenging Rudy and not you, Patrick."

Patrick smirked. "Challenging one's master is the same as challenging his disciple."

The man's face darkened. Because Master Rudy was already growing old, he thought that he would have a chance. On the other hand, Patrick was still in his peak. Challenging Patrick was the same as digging for his own grave.

Right now, the others were glad that they were not as reckless as this man to challenge Master Rudy. If they have to fight with this lunatic, they would be better off not challenging at all.

Patrick took out his spear and strode to the field. Smiling to the other party, he said, "I'm in your care."

The man's face darkened. He prayed from the bottom of his heart that he would be able to survive.

The battle was completely one sided as the man was butchered completely by Patrick. On the back, Master Rudy paid no heed. Since Patrick already moved forward, he would just stay on the back and watched the show.

"Master, is it fine for Senior Patrick to show off his prowess?" Matt asked inquiringly.

"It's fine."

"Won't they investigate him?"

Master Rudy pointed to Patrick. "This man already challenges a lot of master every single day. Do you think that they won't take notice and make some notes regarding him?"

That would be impossible. The very first thing they did was to observe the fight where Patrick fought. Besides, against a low opponent like this, he didn't have to spare much energy in facing them.

"Senior Patrick is too lax," Matt smiled wryly.

"He's my best disciple, so he should know the consequences. More importantly, when will this competition end?"

"It should be in a few more hours, Master."

As the two of them talked, Patrick finished fight with an overwhelming win. Walking leisurely to his place, he sat down nonchalantly by Kanae's side. With a wide grin, he turned his head to Kanae.

"How's your senior's fight, little lass?"

"You're using too much power to show off, Senior."

"I want to make sure that you catch my awesomeness."

"Senior, don't get too close..."

"What? I'm still more than 30 centimeters away."


Kanae's punched lightly to her senior's face direction. Her eyes were showing a dangerous glint. "Do you need me to remind you that I don't like to stay too close with you, Senior?"

Patrick smiled wryly. This little lass was too feisty. He just wanted to examine Kevin's reaction because it was so funny. Since she didn't allow it, he would just stay in the permitted distance.

"How about here?"

"Still too close."

"You're surprisingly sensitive."

"That's because you're gaining too much attention, Senior."

The two of them talked as the competition continued. By this time, Kevin's gaze already locked on their direction completely.

In front of him, Lou stood to block the people's gaze to Kevin. He wouldn't let them see the state of their clan head like this. It would be embarrassing if they found out their clan leader was actually burning in jealousy.