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503 Hidden Clans’ Competition

 Ryukalin Clan

The hidden clan was held in a large field, owned by the Ryukalin Clan. Even though this was an important event, Kevin barely paid any attention as he stayed by the side. As the Clan Head, his job was only to watch and decided the division for the clan.

"Boss, it's already starting," Neo reminded with a wry smile. This boss of his clearly didn't pay any attention as Kevin's eyes were closed. This man treated this event as nothing but a passing wind by the side. With him lacking in sleep, Kevin just used this chance to rest.

"I know," Kevin replied calmly.

On the other hand, Mike was staring at the competitor intently. They were exchanging martial arts' movement, so he instantly got interested. After the competition has been over, he would go back to try some of the interesting move by himself.

"Shall we start our competition, Miss Alice?" Celine stood up and looked towards Alice with mocking gaze.

Alice was wearing dark blue training clothes. Her long black hair was tied up into a ponytail for this event. Looking towards Celine, she nodded her head calmly.

"As we have agreed before, it's time to fight against each other."

The two of them headed to the field and stood before each other. The referee gave the signal to start and Celine immediately dashed at Alice with her wooden sword ready.

Alice didn't move from her place as she took out the ball from her sleeves. Thrashing them to the ground, she made smoke screen and disappeared from the crowds' eyes.

"Do you think that this low trick can harm me?"


Celine tried to attack the place where Alice stayed before. However, Alice already moved to the side. Her finger was holding a needle, which she stabbed to Celine's arm when the woman got near her.


The slight pain on her arm caused her entire arm to go numb. Celine quickly moved back and realized that she couldn't move her arm at all.

"What did you do?"

Alice smiled. "It's paralyzing poison, Miss Celine. For the next hour, you won't be able to move your arm."

"You! That's cheating!" Celine bellowed.

"There's no rule that forbid weapons," Alice tucked her hair back as she stood in an imposing manner. "I believe you should know that I'm specialized in poison before you challenged me, don't you?"

Celine glared at Alice angrily as she turned around. Of course she knew that Alice specialized in poison because this little girl didn't have any ability in martial arts. However, she never expected that she would fall into the trap and suffer like this. It was very vexing.

Alice smiled triumphantly. She returned to the back where Tommy was already waiting for her.

"Miss, this is a towel for you."

"Thank you, Tom," taking the towel, Alice wiped her sweat as she scanned the surrounding. There was no need for her to fight again. After all, the others were not that idiot to think that she would be an easy target. Besides, the Ainge Clans have other people, so they wouldn't let their princess do the fighting unless it was necessary.

Tommy watched Alice with a smile on his face. He couldn't help it. From the moment he saw Alice won the battle, he felt incredibly proud of her to the point that a smile always appeared on his lips.

By the time Alice returned back to her seat, clashes between the clans continued. It was at this moment that some late members started to come.

"It seems, I'm late again," Patrick commented as he watched the crowds before him.

"Patrick, please don't play a joke like this," the Old Man reprimanded.

"I reckon you're also late, Old Man."

"I'm cleaning up the training field after my son uses it. It's quite tiring, you know."

Patrick rolled his eyes. "Is there anything fun so far?"

"Celina and Alice have a clash just now. Their fight is very short, but it's quite good," the Old Man smirked.

"Did Alice won?" the voice of a young girl came to his ear.

The Old Man was stunned to hear this voice. He was very familiar with this voice as he turned around and saw the young lady. Dressed in shirt and pants, she looked rather boyish, especially because she tied her hair up. However, her charming face was clearly telling other people that she is a young lady.

"Kanae? What are you doing here?"

Kanae smiled. "I'm visiting the clan, Old Man. Is it not allowed?"

"No, I mean...," the Old Man sneaked a glance at Patrick. If the one who brought her here was Patrick, there would not be a single person who would dare to kick her out. After all, she was an important guest. "I'm just surprised to see you here today."

"I want to know more about the clan," Kanae's gaze landed on the man at the very side. He was sitting peacefully and calmly, without paying much attention to the battle right in front of him.

The Old Man smiled wryly. "You're very courageous, little lass. I heard that your sister was throwing a fit just yesterday."

"I won't tell her about this matter," Kanae rolled her eyes. She was not ready to get kicked out without meal by her sister. "Who won in the exchange between Alice and Celine?"

"Your best friend won," the Old Man pointed to Alice. "She uses poison to cover up her action from Celine."

"I see," Kanae nodded her head.

Patrick yawned. "The fights are very boring. They're doing nothing but exchanging weak strike. Let's go to my seat, Kanae. It's over there."

Looking at the position that Patrick pointed at, Kanae was speechless. It was a very important position because Patrick was regarded as one of the strongest member in the clan. She didn't mind if it was all that, but the problem was, the position was rather open. Everyone could see the place rather clearly.

Being seen late with a young girl...

She didn't know what was in the head of her senior anymore.

"Kanae, what are you waiting for? Do you need me to pull your hand for you to follow me?"

"I can walk by myself," Kanae retorted, blatantly refusing his offer.

Walking to the seat, she could see the other members were looking at their direction with inquiring eyes. As Patrick was famous for his free action that paid no heed to the rule, they were not surprised to see him late. However, what surprised them the most was the fact that there was a young girl following after him.

Did the young master take another ordinary civilian into the clan?

"Senior Patrick falls in love with another ordinary person?"

"Are you serious?"

"He's bringing a young girl with him. Who is she?"

The discussion turned louder that it disrupted the busy Neo. He glanced to the place where Patrick sat and nearly fell from his chair. Why in the world Kanae was here?

Turning his gaze frantically, he realized that Kevin was already looking at their direction. Right now, his gaze was filled with longing and confusion.

"Mike, can you help me out?" Neo turned his head and saw how Mike was still engrossed in the battle. Feeling that it was of no use asking this training maniac, he turned his head back only to see Patrick leaned in closer to Kanae.

At this moment, he could feel a murderous aura coming not far from him.

Neo: "..." Senior, I pray that you can stay alive.