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502 I Have a Reques

 Laura's Mansion

"Sis, you're emptying our refrigerator very quickly," Laura complained as she looked at the pile of dirty plates after Kanae ate.

Kanae smirked. "I'm just eating a bit, Laura."

"You call this a bit? I call this mountain," Laura shook her head lightly. "By the way, Sis, do you remember the Nali Family main mansion?"

Talking about main mansion, Kanae would surely remember the gold coated mansion that they visited before. Right now, the condition was already far better with Laura redecorating almost all of them.

"I remember, is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, but I have just gotten the notice that many people want to book the rooms there," Laura grinned. "It's going to give us enormous profits!"

"Wow! Congratulation, Laura!"

Laura giggled. "I'm thinking about using the money to make better environment for the Nali Family branch members. They don't have much benefit for staying in Nali Family, so I want to make sure that they feel proud for staying in Nali Family."

As the branch families didn't have many privileges, many of them thought that staying in the Nali Family was more of a burden. Even though they have the prestigious name, their life didn't differ much from the other ordinary families. In addition, they have to pay enormous tax every single month. This made them unable to feel the good in having the name.

Of course, no one was as reckless as Kanae to abandon the name directly. After all, having the name alone would give them some protections because harming them would mean offending the Nali Family.

"I'm sure it'll be great," Kanae agreed immediately.

"You haven't even heard what I want to do," Laura shook her head. "Are you sure that it's the correct choice, Sis?"

Kanae nodded. "It'll make them more supportive at you, Laura. Besides, if it can increase their living condition, I don't see any reason to not support it."

Laura nodded her head. That was what she thought too when she proposed the matter to the other elders.

However, this was not everything that she talked about.

"Sis, will you return to be part of the Nali Family?"

Kanae was stunned to hear the question from Laura. She did consider about getting back into the family because Laura was the family head. Unfortunately, she didn't want to get back to this family again.

"I'm sorry, Laura."

"Oh," Laura dropped her head down. She wanted to have her sister to stay in the Nali Family again. Although Kanae is still her sister legally, she was no longer part of the Nali Family.

Kanae raised her hand and messed up Laura's hair. "It'll be better for me to stay away from the Nali Family, Laura. You're the one in charge of them now."

"I know, I just wish that you can return back," Laura bit her lips.

"I can't," Kanae answered calmly. She patted Laura's head. "You should sleep, it's already late."

"You too, Sis."

"Good night, Laura."

"Good night, Sis."

As Laura walked away, Kanae stayed in the kitchen to clean up the dirty plates. Her head was still thinking about what Laura said to her. Truthfully, it was not that she didn't want to return, but she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to get out again in the future.

Her other identity as part of the underworld would surely get leaked out in the future. She didn't know when or why, but she knew that it would be impossible to hide it forever. When they found out about it, she didn't want to drag her sister down with her.

Besides, there were too many dangers that would follow after her.

Finishing cleaning up, Kanae returned to her room and changed her clothes to that of Rei. Sneaking out of the mansion quietly, she made her way to her training place: Master Rudy's place.

Upon arriving in the place, she was startled to see the mess on the road. Several weird items laid out on the way with her master crouching down near a large box.

"Master," Kanae greeted. "What's with all of this?"

"Master wants to make a trap," Matt, the young man who always stayed with Master Rudy, answered in his master's stead. He was carrying a large bucket filled with weird dark liquid. "He feels that this place is not safe enough."

"This place is not safe?" Kanae blinked in confusion. Who would dare to come inside this place if this was not safe? It would be too ridiculous to think that someone would dare to come here because they knew that someone incredibly strong stayed here.

Matt smiled wryly. "Last night, Senior Brother Dean sneak in with his men undetected. Master Rudy is furious that no one can stop him."

"Brother Dean is Master's second disciple," Kanae smiled wryly. "Why should he feel furious?"

"That's because Dean disrupted his sleep," from the warehouse, Patrick walked out lazily. He yawned as he pointed to the side. "As the result, my second junior is now sleeping peacefully inside."

Kanae didn't have to think hard to guess that Dean should be in awful condition because of disrupting Master Rudy's sleep. Honestly, she didn't even know when this master slept because she was used to see him active almost all the time. Thankfully, she had never encountered it so far.

"What brings you here, little lass?" Patrick changed the conversation. "You're not coming to train right after being discharged from the hospital, are you?"

"No," Kanae replied immediately. If she did train, she doubted that her sister would be happy to see her lying on the bed all day again because her whole body was in pain. "I come because I have a request from you, Senior Brother."

"A request, aye?" Patrick crossed his arm. "What do you want?"

"Tomorrow is the time for the hidden clans' competition in Ryukalin Clan, I want to come along," Kanae replied.

"Wait, you want to come to the competition?" Master Rudy suddenly interrupted as he walked nearer. "Didn't you say that you didn't want them to know that you're my disciple? Are you changing your decision?"

"No, Master. I want to come to the competition as spectator," Kanae shook her head.

"That's too bad," Master Rudy sighed. "I want to see you give a good trashing to the other hidden clans. They're too arrogant lately."

The others: "..." Master, you just want to show off, don't you?

"If you want to come, you can come directly," Patrick said again. "It should be easy for you to gain the permission. I can just post a mission in the Black Market and all is done."

"Senior Brother, I don't want to come as Rei," Kanae smiled wryly.

Patrick's eyes widened. Kanae only have two identities so far, which made him realized that she wanted to come as her real self.

"Are you sure about that? Don't you want to stay away from the clans in your real identity?"

"I just want to know something," Kanae replied.

"Is this related to that brat?"

Kanae averted her eyes. Patrick grinned when he saw her attitude. "Sure, I'll accompany you there. But remember that you're not allowed to fight. He'll surely recognize your way of fighting."