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500 A Little Date

 It took several days for Kanae to be discharged. Although her wounds were not that bad, the doctor didn't let her go for a long time.

"Today is the last day, Sis. You should be patient," Laura smiled as she picked up the apple on the table.

Kanae smiled wryly. "Come on, Laura. You know that I'm not that weak, why should I wait for a few more hours?"

"They have to take care of the documents first," Laura shrugged. "You know how the hospital right now, they never treat the patient with much care unless you're a complete VIP."

Kanae shrugged. "It's normal."

"Now, eat first. Open your mouth, Sis."

"Hey! I can eat by myself!"

"But you feed me a lot of times in the past."

"That's when you're still elementary student. Give it to me, I can eat it by myself."

In the end, Kanae managed to snatch the plate that Laura used to hold the apple. Laura had peeled them to make small cute bunnies. By the side, Laura was chuckling when she saw how fast Kanae ate.

"Even when you're sick, you still eat a lot, Sis."

Kanae grinned and swallowed the fruit in her mouth. "It's important to eat a lot when you're sick because your body needs more nutrition than usual."

"When you're bedridden, I doubt that you're going to eat a lot."

"If I'm hungry, I'll surely eat them."

At that moment the door opened and Jason peeked inside. "Laura, they need your confirmation for the process. Kanae can wait outside first."

"Okay," Laura nodded her head. "Sis, don't wander around too much. I don't want to see you in danger again."

"Laura, what kind of danger is around this hospital?"

"If it's you, anything can happen, Sis."

Kanae: "..."

Walking out of the room, Kanae walked to the garden by the side of the hospital. After staying in the same room for a long time, she was already bored. Seeing the beautiful garden, her eyes glimmered.

'I never know there's a hospital like this.'

Looking around, Kanae tried to recall where she had seen this hospital before. It took her a few seconds to remember that this was the hospital where Kevin got admitted months ago. At that time, she got the mission to protect him, so she didn't pay much attention to the surrounding.

"Kanae," from her back, a familiar voice called.

The soothing and low voice of this man was something that she always has been familiar with. Even without turning around, she knew who had come.

"Kevin, are you not busy with the clan's matter?" Kanae asked as she turned her head.

Behind her, Kevin was standing calmly. Under the setting sun's ray, he looked extremely charming that she almost unable to look away. Why did the Heaven have to give him such a handsome face?

"They can be postponed," Kevin replied calmly. He walked towards Kanae and inspected the girl from up to down. Because Laura was staying with Kanae almost all the time, he chose to not visit her at all. Laura didn't have good opinion about him, and he didn't want to bother the time she had with her sister.

Kanae smiled slightly. "Is this your hospital?"

"It belongs to Kalin Family," Kevin replied. "By law, it's in the hand of my uncle, but I'm the one who have the control of the hospital."

"You run the hospital while you're busy with the matter of your company?"

"I leave them and only receive report once a month."

Kanae was absolutely speechless. How many works did this man has in the reality? She felt that their number was always exceeding the norm that she could accept.

"Do you want to have a walk? I can give you a light tour."

"Are you sure?"

"It's just a couple of minutes. We'll return back before your sister finished with the report."

Kanae thought about it for a moment before nodding her head. "If you say so, let's have a walk."

The two of them walked side by side. Kevin made sure that he didn't walk too fast as he made his pace the same as the woman by his side. The two of them didn't talk too much as they spent their time enjoying the scenery.

On the back, Neo and Mike were standing near the car.

"Neo, is Boss's schedule not full?"

"He has finished them all," Neo shrugged. "This madman spends the night to finish them all, so he can have the time to visit the little lass."

Hearing the disapproving tone that Neo used, Mike's smile deepened. "You don't understand their feeling yet, Neo."

"I don't want to understand," Neo retorted. He crossed his arm. "More importantly, what is he going to do about the competition between the hidden clans that we're going to host tomorrow? He better not collapsed because of exhaustion."

Mike recalled the gathering they were going to have as he smiled wryly. Occasionally, the hidden clans would gather together and competed with each other. This was done to evaluate the strength of each hidden clans to ensure that their territory was not too big and suitable with the strength they possessed.

In addition, they needed this to reevaluate the territory of the hidden clan as the size of the clan has become bigger. It would be important to know which one could get more area, and which one should get lesser.

"I'll just force Boss to have a rest," Mike smiled.

"How do you plan to force him? Your strength is lower than him," Neo mocked.

"...Neo, do you have to point it out so blatantly?"

"I'm just saying... hey!"

While the two of them were arguing with each other, Kanae and Kevin had finished touring the garden. Looking at his subordinate, Kevin's face was as calm as possible, but his aura grew colder.

"They're still very childish," Kanae giggled.

Kevin nodded. "The current situation is pretty lax for them. Have more rests, Kanae. You don't have any school for the time being."

"I will. You should have more rest too, Kevin."

"I will see what I can do."

After that, Kevin walked to the two of them and dragged them back. It was only after seeing Kevin's cold face did they stop their bantering with each other.

Kanae sat on the chair as she waited for Laura to finish. It didn't take more than 10 seconds for Laura to walk out with Jason.

Laura scanned Kanae. "Sis, you're not creating any trouble, right?"

"Laura, do you think that I'm a troublemaker? Come on, let's go home. I want to eat."

"Didn't you have just eaten in the hospital?" Laura pointed to the hospital behind her speechlessly.

"It's not enough."


"What? I'm just telling the truth."

The two of them walked to the car as Jason bid his farewell. He had his own work to do. If not because Laura forced him to come, he would never abandon his work just for a short visit today.