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499 Conflicted Feeling


Looking at the expression of the girl before him, Kevin felt rather complicated. The girl whom he met before was completely different. She didn't wear glasses, and her hair was tied loosely. Her clothes were completely new and came from a well-known brand, showing the fact that she came from a wealthy family.

Even though she was dirty with blood and dirt, his eyes still recognized them clearly.

The current Kanae changed so much from that time. She no longer wore expensive items. Even after getting back the mansion, she used the middle price items, not too expensive but not too poor either.

"I see, we already meet before," Kanae murmured. She never remembered about that short meeting because her life was full of turbulences right after that incident. The short incident was completely forgotten as she simply didn't have the time to care about it.

Besides, recalling the death of her parents would only bring pain to her heart. She wouldn't want to try thinking about them too much with how much they brought her pain.

Kevin raised his hand and tucked the hair on Kanae's face to the back of her ear. His dark iris stared at the girl before him deeply.

"I'm sorry."

Kanae looked back before a smile broke out. "It's fine. Things like this should be normal in this city. It's not inside your control too. Both of us are victims in that incident."

"Yeah," Kevin smiled gently.

Kanae put her had on top of Kevin's hand. "I'm their target too, and your coming only serves as a way to cover up the real plan."

Kevin's eyes widened. If he recalled correctly, he did remember that there were several gunshots aimed at Kanae. He thought that it was only coincidence shots, but it didn't seem to be the case.

"I see," Kevin gripped Kanae's hand. "Do you want to..."

"Not now."


Kanae looked at Kevin for a moment as she thought about something. "You're not staying with me because of pity, are you?"

Kevin was stunned to hear her question. However, he shook his head immediately. When he found out about what had happened to her, he was already falling for her. Those were not the feeling of pity, but rather, affection.

"That's good."

The two of them stayed like that for the next few minutes. Neither one of them knew what to say. After several minutes, Kevin released his grip from Kanae's hand.

"I'll be going now. Have a good rest, Kanae."

"You shouldn't overwork too, Kevin," Kanae pointed to Kevin's face. "You already have dark circle under your eyes. Remember to have some sleep too."

Kevin smiled tenderly. "I understand."

As Kevin walked out of the room, Kanae leaned back on the wall before her. How long had he known about her parents' death? From what she knew, the Nali Family covered up the incident, so she never worried about it being leaked out. Unfortunately, he had found out about it and made a wrong conclusion.

The door opened.

Jason glanced at the young lady on the bed. He sighed as he took a seat near the girl.

"Kevin seems like he has just gotten a load of burdens out of his shoulder."

"Do you meet with him?"

"He passes by me just now, but it doesn't seem he realizes my presence," Jason pointed to the hall. "How's the condition of your own body? I heard that it was quite bad for you."

"Not really," Kanae shook her head. "It's just light wound, Kevin is overreacting."

Jason crossed his arm. "It just shows how much he cares about you, Kanae. You should have realized it by now, don't you?"

Kanae raised her head and locked her gaze with Jason's. She lowered it again after a few seconds and nodded her head lightly. If he didn't care for her, there would be no way he would try to protect her with his own body. Even if he's strong, he was not completely invincible.

Trying to block the boulders from falling building was the same as suicide. Thankfully, nothing big fell down in the place where they stayed not long ago.

"I suppose, it's also the same with you."

Kanae glared at Jason. "Don't you try to tease me, Brother Jason."

"I'm not planning to tease you," Jason rolled his eyes. If he wanted to tease her, he would do that at other time. Right now, he had something more important to tell this little lass. "I want to ask, what are you going to do when you already know that?"

"What I'm going to do?"

Kanae looked at her arm, which was slightly bandaged due to the scratches that she got not long ago. The wounds she had right now just served to prove how dangerous it was to stay with him. She had known about that from a long time ago, yet she still harbored more than friendly feeling for him.

She herself didn't understand the reason, but she wanted to stay with him more as time passed.

At the same time, she knew that it was completely impossible. First of all, she didn't have the status to stay with an important figure like Kevin. Secondly, she always pursued the life of a normal person, which would be something completely impossible should she decide to stay with him. Lastly, she couldn't leave her sister alone.

"I won't do anything," Kanae answered.

Jason frowned. "I thought that you're going to chase after him when you realize that you two have mutual feelings. It seems that I'm wrong."

Kanae looked towards Jason with a frown. "Brother Jason, don't challenge me. You don't have someone important for you that will have to make you sacrifice other things, don't you?"

Jason opened his mouth, but he decided to close it back. What she said was not completely wrong. He knew it himself that he didn't have someone whom he cared more than anything in this world until recently. In addition, his own family was like a complete stranger for him.

"It's a hard decision to choose between someone whom I already have for the longest time of my life with someone who might be the person that I'll spend the rest of my life. I care too much for the two of them, but at the same time, I can only pick one of them," Kanae replied in a low voice.

"You can only try to convince one of them," Jason suggested.

Kanae looked towards Jason as if this man was the biggest idiot in the world. "What makes you think that it's going to be possible? They're from a completely different world, how do you expect them to cross with each other?"

Jason thought about it as he sighed. What Kanae said was true. If he should say, the two of them were like fire and water, unable to be together at all.

One side offered danger and the other side offered peace.

One side offered intense life full of difficulties, and the other side offered a leisure life without much worry.

One side offered the possibility of losing each other, and the other side offered the safety with each other.

Jason sighed to himself. "Whichever side you pick, the other one will surely hurt."

"I know," Kanae said calmly. "That's why I'm going to stay with my sister for now. I can't leave her alone as she's my little sister that I love very much."

Hearing what Kanae said, Jason didn't answer anything else. He glanced at the door for a moment before taking out his laptop. The weight of her choice was big, but it was never his right to interfere with her life. He could only give advice, and the rest was her own choice.

"Let me stay here for the time being. I'm bored."

"It's up to you."

Outside the door, Laura was leaning on the wall as she gazed at the wall on the other side. Her eyes were gazing forward as if she wanted to capture everything in front of her.