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496 31 December Incident: Their Meeting with Each Other 2

 When Kanae went passed him, Kevin noticed several people were already moving to attack him. His gaze sharpened. Lowering his center of mass, he blocked the attack from below. Gripping the hand that held the knife, he pulled it forward.

The man lost his balance, and Kevin hit the back of his head, sending him unconscious. Taking the knife, he shifted his body position and welcomed the attack from the other men.

In a few moves, he had managed to defeat them all. His eyes were looking towards the other men who fought around him. They all did their best to protect him.

His gaze returned back to the car. A few years ago, he lost a figure that was similarly to his mother. Today, he lost another one family member.


The scream of a girl caused him to look towards the young girl by the side. She was crouching on the floor and beside her were two dead people. Holding her head tightly, it was clear that she was bearing a great pain.

Kevin's gaze landed on the girl.

'It's my fault, isn't it?'

Numerous people lost their life because of the battle of clans. They were clearly targeting him, but as the result, a lot of people have to pay dearly with their lives. Even though he knew it was inevitable, he didn't like the feeling of taking the lives of the innocent at all. They didn't deserve to be dragged into this problem by him.

Walking towards the girl, he noticed that she had stopped screaming. Her eyes were dull as she sat down, looking forward.

His hand moved to her face, trying to wipe her tears. Unfortunately, his hand was red because of blood. His movement of caressing her face only made the girl other half's face tainted with blood too. It was a messy and dirty sight.

"I'm sorry."

Kanae looked up, her eyes meeting with Kevin's eyes. Why did he apologize? She didn't understand. She didn't even know him, but she knew that he experienced the pain of losing his parents too.

"Why are you crying?" Kanae asked in a soft tone, finally finding her voice back.

"I..." Kevin touched his own cheek. It was wet. Why did he cry? He didn't know himself as he always tried his best to hold on. As the young master, he was not allowed to show his feeling.

However, seeing the young girl in front of him, he was washed with sadness to the point that he didn't realize he was crying. The loss of his father hit him harder than he thought. He always held down his feeling because of his position, but right now, only a stranger was in front of him.

He no longer held them back completely as he knew that his heart was hurting so much from the loss.


Suddenly, a pain appeared from deep inside his mind, threatening to break him. It was so painful, much more than the pain he experienced all these times in his training. The pain spread through his body in that instant.

His knees gave in as he held his head with both hands.

"Big brother, are you alright?" Kanae forgot about her own pain as she hugged the boy in front of her.

She had seen him came out of the car, so she knew that he too had lost his father. It might sound illogical, but sometimes, it felt better to know that someone shared the same fate as her.

Kevin's face contorted with pain, but held on and nodded his head slightly. This 'little' pain shouldn't be too much for him. As the young master of Ryukalin Clan, he has been taught ever since he was little that he couldn't show his feeling to anyone, especially pain.

They would be able to catch it very quickly and used it against him because it would show his weakness.

Forcing his pain down, he stood up. He noticed that someone was already charging towards him, ready to kill him.

Frowning, he looked at the girl near him. "I'm sorry."

Kevin pushed the young girl to the side as he took out his sword and blocked the attack. Sound of metal clashing reverberated, and in the next second, Kevin switched his body balance and kicked the man's stomach. As the result, the man was sent backwards.

He turned around to look at Kanae. "Are you alright?"

Kanae nodded her head. Her pupil turned larger when she saw the man that Kevin kicked already stood up again. "Big Brother, watch out!"

Kevin moved to the side, his arm grazed the sword. Moving his other hand, he thrust his sword straight to the man's heart.


'The pain is still there.'

His head was still hurting so much as he moved around. He thought that it was momentary, but it instead intensified. Fighting with his head felt as if it was going to break apart was certainly not a good option. He would be in constant danger because his ability was restricted by the pain that he experienced in his head.

Gritting his teeth, he tried to focus on his surroundings.

Small pair of arms hugged his stomach from behind. "It's fine Big Brother. Don't look so tense, there's no one else left. The fight is over."

Kevin stayed still in place as he decided to trust the girl's words. The intensified pain subsided slowly. When it was at the bearable level, he looked towards the young girl behind him. Once again, guilty feeling washed over him.

"Little girl, are you alright?"

Raising her head to look at the taller boy, Kanae looked directly at his eyes. Her dark iris reflected the man in front of her, and Kevin could see his appearance inside her eyes. It was a messy appearance, yet his face showed little to no expression.

"Big brother, who are they? Why are they targeting you?"

Kevin was startled when he heard her question. This girl knew that they were targeting him with mere observation. He gazed back at the girl as he raised his arm slightly.

"They're my enemy."

To be precise they were only his enemy and not his clan because they were targeting him. His talent that they found out during the test showed that he would be a big threat if he didn't stay under the government. However, his clan wanted to hide him and protected him, which caused things to turn out this way.

Even if he felt guilty for dragging them into the mess, they would never blame him. In their eyes, he would always be their leader. No matter what, they would never leave him.

"I hate them," Kanae murmured as she retracted her gaze back. He was not the only target today. For some reason, she knew that they were also targeting her just now, but it was unclear why they did that.

No matter what, she would find out more about it.

Kevin looked at Kanae's right head. "You're hurt, let me ask someone to treat you."

Kanae shook her head. "You must be in a bigger pain, right Big Brother?"

Hearing that remark, Kevin couldn't answer anything. He was indeed in pain, but didn't want to show it. Kanae stared back at the boy for a moment before walking to her parents' bodies. Tears filled her eyes once more as she grieved her lost.

Kevin stood on his place, staring at the sad girl by the side. She was not the only one who lost her family members today. Many other civilians also experienced the same thing.

All because of him.

Clenching his fist, Kevin felt rather helpless. He wanted to help them, but he couldn't do anything. Many people targeted him because of his position and numerous people died because of him, even if they were completely unrelated to him.

This was the burden he had as the future clan head -no, he would be the clan head after this.

Seeing the others were coming at him, he fixed his expression. He couldn't show them anything as it would only show his weakness. Even though he was bearing big burdens, he could never say anything.