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495 31 December Incident: Their Meeting with Each Other 1


Rolling her body, she managed to avoid the car. Pain enveloped her entire body, forcing tears to flow out like a river. Through her blurry sight, she saw her parents dying and the man they talked with disappearing in the crowd.

'Mom.... Dad.....'

Propping her body up, she forced herself to stand up again. It was so painful, both her body and heart were filled with pain, tearing her apart.


The door of the car that nearly crashed to her suddenly opened. A boy, drenched in blood came out. His expression was stern, close to expressionless and cold. Just his aura alone made people unconsciously moved back to give him way.

From the opened door, Kanae saw a man in sitting position. His white and pale face, which painted red with blood, showed that the man was already dead. It was ghastly and unsightly.

"Watch out!" Kanae yelled to the boy when she saw a man came towards him with a bat ready. Even though she was also feeling pain, his appearance caused her to be distracted for a moment.

The boy, Kevin, moved his body to evade the attack. Using agile and trained movement, he kicked the man on the stomach. His strength was enough to send the man writhing with pain on the ground.

Kevin looked towards the other side with a grim face. There were still so many people who wanted to take his life. They had killed his father...

His hand trembled when his gaze caught the sight of the nearby car. Blood trickled down from the open door, drop by drop to the ground below.

He couldn't die yet!

At this moment, Kanae dashed past the young man. Her eyes were fixated on the two fallen bodies on the ground. Her body was hurt like crazy, but she didn't care in the slightest. All she hoped was reaching her parents before their death.

'Please, stay alive!'

Ignoring the noisy sound of fight around her, she sprinted to her parents. Before she could reach them, a gunshot grazed her head.



Falling to the ground, Kanae felt pain from her right part of her head. Blood trickled down, painting half of her face red. Crouching on the ground, she touched her head lightly. Seeing the blood on her hand, she could guess that she must have gotten shot.

'It hurts.'

Tears poured out from her eyes even faster. Her fingers made a gripping movement, trying to distract herself from the pain. Since she was not dead yet, even though it was extremely painful, it meant that the shoot didn't hit her vital point. Pushing herself up, she dashed to her father's body right at the moment a gunshot aimed towards her once again.


The bullet passed on top of her head. She crouched down near her parent's body. Their blood painted her hand red. Putting her finger on the wrist, she prayed hard that there were still traces.

"Come on, dad... mom...," Kanae cried as she gazed at her parents. Her heart was breaking to pieces. Please, don't leave her...


She was screaming internally, hoping that her parents would still be alive. However, she couldn't sense anything. Thinking that it might be due to the fact that she was not a doctor, thus making her unable to place her finger right, she lowered her head.

Her left ear was touching her mother's chest, trying to hear the sound of the heartbeat. There was nothing. She couldn't hear anything. There was not even any breathing movement from the two of them.

Tears poured out even harder as realization hit her. They instantly hit her parents' vital point, sending them to their grave.


Something inside of her was torn and broken apart, sending pain thorough her entire body. It was so painful that she nearly screamed loudly.


The gunshot caused her sense to return momentarily. From the corner of her eyes, she could see a man several dozen meters away was holding a gun aimed towards her.

'I'm his target?'

It was inconvincible to think that someone like her could pose any threat to them. As far as she knew, she was nothing more than a normal junior high student, without much talent except for her slightly better grades.

However, the conversation that she heard from her parents before made her rather confused for she didn't understand why they were targeting at her so much. It was too much of a coincidence that they would target her after her parents right now. There was something with her and her sister that caused them to place the two of them in importance.

It was only in the future would she remember the information that her parents gave her when she was still a kid. But right now, she couldn't think of anything.


Another shot made its way towards her, but it passed her right shoulder without hitting her. As her eyes looked at the place where the bullet passed just now, something inside her urged her to move.

In that moment, without thinking, her body moved towards her father's pocket. The cold sense of metal on her fingertip told her that she managed to find her father's gun. Taking it out, she used both of her hand to aim at the man. In that moment, time seemed to stop as she pulled the trigger.


The force from the gun sent her to the back, tumbling like a rag doll. She propped herself up in the next second. Her eyes gazed towards the other side of the square, looking towards the fallen man.

He died.

She killed him.

Her heart beat increased when she realized this point. However, she didn't have any time to think about it as the pain intensified, sending numerous courses of pain thorough her body.


Crouching on the ground, she did all she could to hold on the pain. The pain started from her head towards her entire body. She didn't know how long it took until the pain dispersed. All she knew was strength completely lost from her body. She didn't want to do anything other than lying down.

Right now, she didn't understand what had happened to her. But in the future, she would understand that this was the process that awakened her talent, changing her entire future.

A brutal process that only limited people could experience.