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494 31 December Incident: The Beginning

 Three years ago, 31 December

The sky was bright, and the people in the city were busy with their life. The streets were crowded because it was the time for lunch. This was also the time that many crimes happened because of the lack in security. However, it would never stop the citizen to go out as they were busy with their lives.

"Sis, I want to play in the park, do you want to come with me?" The thirteen years old Laura asked excitedly.

Kanae smiled. Today is her birthday, so she already turned fourteen.

"I want to wait here."

Laura grinned. "Well, it's your birthday, mom and dad will surely bring surprise for you."

"I think they'll just bring me a cake."

Laura rolled her eyes. "Sis, your mind is truly only filled with foods."

Kanae laughed. The best thing about birthday was getting free cake. It was the only thing that she always wanted during her birthday.

"I'm hungry."

Laura puffed her cheek. "I'm not cooking today. I want to play outside. The snow is piling up beautifully today."

Kanae smiled. Her eyes noticed the wallet that her father placed on the table not long ago. "Father forgot his wallet. Should I take this to him?"

"I'm sure Mom brought hers. No need to worry. I want to play now, see you later, Sis."

Kanae wave her hand with a smile. "Have fun, Laura."

As she watched Laura walking away excitedly, Kanae looked towards the wallet hesitantly. It was rather unusual for her father to forget his wallet, especially because they wanted to go to the square to buy a cake to celebrate her fourteenth birthday.

"I'll try to search for them."

Making a decision, Kanae proceeded to put the wallet into her pocket. She picked up her jacket and wore it. As it was already winter, the weather was rather cold, so she needed the jacket.

Walking out of the mansion, Kanae strode on the street. Compared to most children her age, she was considered rather brave since most of them wouldn't dare to get out by themselves. As for her, she learned since young that there were safe places she could travel, which rarely had any kind of crime.

Besides, she had learnt some martial arts, so she knew some basic defenses in case something happened. Not that she hoped for that, but worrying about them too much was clearly not something she liked.

With light step, she journeyed the streets. Her feet kicked the snow along the way as she hummed winter song. During this time, the streets were filled with people. They have work or something else to do. It was far safer for her to stride along the street as people wouldn't be so stupid to enact crime in day light.

Well, with some exceptions.

Her legs brought her to the square, and her eyes immediately saw her parents. They were sitting in front of a cafe, talking with a man she didn't know.

'Should I intrude them?'

It would be impolite of her to just barge into their conversation just like that. She didn't even know that man. Wouldn't she become a joke if she came between them?

Deciding to wait, Kanae moved to the other cafe. There were several chairs and tables outside. Since the outside place was rather empty, she decided to borrow one of the chairs to sit down. The owner was quite kind to let her rest. After all, the business was rather quiet.

From this distance, she could hear the voice of her parent's conversing with the man.

"You should know better than to oppose us. It won't do you any benefit by keeping them away from us. You have seen for yourself how advance our training was."

Kanae's father shook his head. "It's not about that. I'll never involve my daughters in this matter."

"Please, don't force me to make you accept. You know that your wife's gene is far superior, right? Combining with yours, they are truly arts in the form of little monsters."

Kanae's mother slammed the table. "Don't you dare to spout nonsense! They're normal!"

"Normal? Can you say that they're normal after seeing the result of their test?"

Kanae's mother's eyes watered. Could she really say that they were normal? The two of them knew better than anyone else what the result these two had signified. Because of their DNA, their children inherited too much.

"Don't pressure my wife," Kanae's father threatened.

The man sighed. "I don't have that intention, but you should know that they wouldn't let you off. Your daughters, especially the first one, is extremely talented and at the same time, dangerous. The eldest inherited your wife family's strongest trait while the younger ones inherited your family's excellent gene. Don't you realize how amazing it is to see how different they are?"

"Don't talk as if they're test subjects!" Kanae's mother raised her voice. Her eyes were red from worry and fear. "They're just normal children... normal..."

Even though that was what she said, her voice sounded as if she was trying to convince herself. The two of them knew better than anyone how untrue those words were as they realized that their daughters have inherited their family's ability.

It was something that not even they inherited but only carried, yet their daughters somehow managed to bring them up again.

Not just the greater talent, the eldest one even surpassed the threshold. If... If something happened to her, the two of them knew that it would give birth to one of the greatest fighters in the entire world. Because her talent just has to be that one.

The man stared at the woman with pity filled his eyes. "You know better than anyone that it's only because you agree to be our worker did they let you off from the research. After all, your skill involves more of soft skills, despite the fact that you come from that family."

"I know how dangerous it can be. That's why I wish for nothing else than their safety, away from those people."

"Do you think it is possible?"

Kanae's father stayed silent. He knew it was impossible, but he wanted to give a better future for his daughters. They deserved better life than just spending time in the lab to do research or being researched because of their gene. He didn't want his oldest daughter to be like those children who stayed in the institution in their entire life because of the possibility to awaken their power.

The man shook his head lightly. He glanced at his watch as resignation showed on his face.

"You leave me with no choice. They'll come in a while."

"What are you talking about?"

"You understand what I'm talking about, don't you?" The man asked in sorrowful tone.

"No! No way, you must be kidding!" Kanae's mother clasped her hand to her mouth with disbelief filled her entire face.

The man smiled sadly. "I'm sorry."

As he stood up, Kanae's father moved his body. He looked towards the other side of the square as a row of cars, seemingly from important figure, came across the road.

Then, it happened.


Sound of glass broken and guns filled the streets. Kanae quickly hid below the table as her eyes still looked towards her parents. It was then she saw it.

Kanae's father fell to the ground, bleeding hard. His wife was by his side, holding the man tightly. Cries and scream filled the square, including Kanae's mother. She was screaming as she shook his body but there was no response. He had died in those shoots.

The man from before already moved away from his place. He scurried away to the other side of the building, avoiding the barrage of gunshots on the square. Inside the hectic crowds, it was easy for him to slip away unnoticed.

Kanae struggled to stand up. By the time she stabilized herself, she heard another barrage of guns.


In front of her eyes, her mother fell on top of her father. Blood was gushing out like crazy, tainting the ground red with blood. Her eyes reflected the entire incident clearly as blood disappeared from her face.


In that very moment, Kanae dashed out of the table, intending to reach them before it was too late. Her mind was screaming as she hoped that they were still alive. She didn't want to lose them.

With chaos all over the place, she didn't pay attention to her surroundings. Suddenly, she could hear loud sound of gunshots again.


From the corner of her eyes, she saw a car coming towards her. In the next second, it crashed at her in with a loud sound.