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492 Why are You Still So Ignorant?

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Kevin was looking towards the men in front of him with a cold gaze. They were the people responsible for the attack in the company not long ago. Through some means, he managed to find them rather quickly. Of course, many of them had died first before they managed to capture the rest.

"Who order you to plant the bomb?"

"No one!"

Kevin glanced towards Neo. Without waiting for an order, Neo took out his gun and shot the man's toes, sending pain thorough his body.

"You better answer, the next one is your third leg," Neo smiled deviously.

The man shuddered, but he couldn't tell them the truth. If he told them, he would be killed by those people.

Kevin's gaze turned colder. He turned around. "Neo, you can do anything to him. Just skin him alive if it's needed. Just make sure that you can get the information needed."

"Yes, Boss," Neo reloaded his gun with a grin on his face. "I'm not good with knife, so I'll use gun first. Now, shall we have some fun?"

As Neo was handling the men, Kevin stayed quietly, watching the entire process with cold gaze. His back still felt hurt, but it was nothing compared with the rage that he felt right now.

A hand was approaching his head from the side. He tilted his head slightly and raised his hand, capturing the hand right when it nearly hit him.

"Is there anything you want to say, Uncle?" he asked coldly.

Patrick grinned. He tried retracting his hand back, but he could feel the power behind the grip was rather strong. It was so strong that he knew he wouldn't be able to release himself unless he used his real power seriously. "Do you want to crush my hand, Brat? Let me go!"

"You're the one asking for a beating, Uncle."

Patrick snorted. "I heard what you did in the hospital. I thought you will never do something like that."

"I know."

"Brat, can't you answer in a longer sentence?"

Kevin looked back to his uncle, but he didn't say anything. He never thought that there would come the day when he would bow down to other people, but it has just happened. Still, he didn't feel what he did was wrong because he knew very well that he did take a lot from the girl.

Patrick leaned on the wall too. "After the incident with my girlfriend, I thought that you would forever be a cold person, unable to have any feeling for anyone. You close down your feeling and never let us see them anymore. It's so hard to make even your eyebrows twitch, Brat. Even my brother is always troubled when he sees your indifferent expression every single time."

Kevin didn't answer. He knew very well that it was his father who taught him that he should hide his real feeling. Although it didn't mean that he had to hide them all the time, it has become the norm for him. Only in front of his father and uncle did he show changes occasionally.

"What do you plan to do with Kanae? I never know that you two have intertwined fates like that," Patrick chuckled. He knew about their relationship, but he didn't expect the two of them had their past related to one another. At that time, he was still in the prison as he didn't care to get out.

"Uncle, don't make fun of me," Kevin said coldly.

Patrick shrugged. "I'm not making fun. I'm just surprised that things turn out this way."

When he heard about Kanae lost her parents because of an attack directed at Kevin, he didn't know whether to cry or felt pity. Hearing about Laura made him realized why Kanae always have troubled expression whenever he mentioned about joining the clan. Right now, he felt that the missing puzzles have started to connect together.

If she had to choose, would she pick her sister that she cared so much or the man she loved?

With her sister being the only family members who cared for her, it was inevitable that Kanae wouldn't want to put her sister in danger. At the same time, she was attracted to a man whose life would make her stay in constant danger. It was not an easy decision to pick either one of them.

Even Patrick himself didn't know what she would answer because it was a hard decision. These two cared for her so much, but at the same time, they couldn't accept each other because of what had happened in the past.

"I never expect it too," Kevin replied curtly.

"Don't you already know about her parents from a long time ago? You should be able to predict about it sooner," Patrick rolled his eyes.

Kevin did hear about that in the past, but he never knew that things would end up this way. It would be fine if he only stayed as her friends and nothing more. This way, she could just hate him when she heard the truth, and he would just compensate her with money like the other victims.

However, it was difficult right now because of their feeling for each other.

"Do you think she'll forgive me?"

Patrick opened his mouth and closed it down once again. Honestly, he didn't know what she would answer because he too would find it hard to forgive someone who caused his parents' death.

It would all depend on herself.

But hearing this question from this cold brat, he could see how much he cared for her. In the past, this cold blooded man would never try to ask these kind of matters and only see things mostly from rational side. Right now, he was trying to be considerate of her emotional state too.

He looked at Kevin. "I don't know what her answer will be, but I know one thing. Even if you try to get close to her, she won't end up like Yuki."

The name 'Yuki' caused flicker on Kevin's pupil. Ever since he was young, he always loved this woman because she was already like a mother figure for him. The day he lost her because of an incident, he couldn't smile anymore as he had lost someone so important during his youth.

If not because of his encounter with someone during an incident that nearly took his life, he would never be able to recover.

"How do you know about that?" Kevin asked.

Patrick smiled. "It's a secret."

Different with Yuki, Kanae had a life in the black street for a long time. After bothering Master Rudy for a long time, he came to know much more about Kanae's fighting prowess. At the same time, he was pretty sure that he knew how this girl awakened her talent after hearing the incident with Kevin.

Kanae would surely able to protect herself very well. Right now, there was barely anyone who could match up with that girl unless that person was an awakened person. Counting their number up until now, the one who stayed alive should only be a few people.

And unfortunately, those people might not be friendly with them.

Kevin looked towards her uncle with displeasure. "Are you hiding something from me?"

Patrick smiled wryly. If she didn't want to tell this man, he wouldn't overstep his bounds. That girl was still his precious junior that he cared so much.

"How much do you know about her fighting prowess?"

"Fighting?" Kevin had never seen Kanae fight with anyone. At most, he had only seen her running away from someone. The very first time he saw her fight was a few days ago, during the incident in his company.

She dealt a blow cleanly with a powerful kick and showed no hesitation in pulling the trigger when using a gun.

Kevin's gaze sharpened. "Is the Nali Family making things difficult for her, so she has a good fighting prowess?"

Patrick: "..." Why did your thoughts end up that way?

Right now, he doubted that Kevin had seen Kanae fought because he seemed to be ignorant of her fighting prowess. If her ability was only considered as good, many of their elite members could only be categorized as trash because they wouldn't be able to defeat her.

Patrick rubbed his forehead. If only Kanae was not bound by the life she had under the light, he would surely tell more to Kevin.

After all, under the veil of night, she is one of the greatest fighters existed.

"Brat, did you properly see her fight?"

"I do. I see her fight a few days ago."

"..." then why are you still so ignorant?

Just when Patrick felt extremely helpless and wanted to correct the young man, Kevin's phone vibrated.

"What is it?"

"Boss, she's awake and her sister is away, do you want to meet with her?"

"I'll be there."

Kevin closed his phone. "I'll be going now, Uncle."

Patrick nodded his head. He gazed at the back of his nephew as he wondered about what will happen, especially at Kanae's answer to this man.

'I'll just ask the little lass about whether she shows her fighting skill to him or not later.'