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490 It’s Painful


"How's her condition, doctor?" Kevin asked the doctor when they finished bandaging his arm and feet because they were burned and has a lot of scratches.

The doctor looked at Kevin with a frown. "She's fine. Aside from the wounds on her shoulder, she's relatively fine. There's barely any burnt on her body. Please rest, Boss."

Right now, they were in the hospital owned by Kalin Family, Kevin's family. He rushed over here as fast as possible and asked them to treat Kanae first before his own self. Only after they placed the two in the room placed near each other did Kevin allow them to treat his wounds.

Kevin nodded. "Is she awake?"

"She's sleeping right now," the doctor answered.

Kevin frowned slightly. "Have you told this matter to her family?"

"Her sister should come in any minute now."

The doctor inspected Kevin's expression with wonder. Every single time this man came here, he would not change his expression so easily. He even had the feeling that he was treating a statue rather than a man. However, this time, he was showing his worry about the girl very clearly.

"I see."

"Boss, you should be more concerned about yourself. The burn in your back is not going to heal anytime soon," the doctor said worriedly.

Kevin passed the doctor a glance but didn't say anything regarding his own wounds. It was just a small burn for him, not worth mentioning at all.

"Focus on treating her."

After he said that, Kevin could hear the ruckus from outside the door. Someone was running towards the room next door, and the voice of a young girl could be heard from his place.

"Where's Sis -I mean, Kanae?" Laura asked while panting for breath. She practically ran from the first floor to here because she was worried for her sister. When she heard the news, she was holding a meeting. Without thinking, she postponed the meeting and handed it to the others as she made her way here.

Her sister safety is far more important!

Neo pointed to the door beside him. "Kanae is inside. Please don't be too loud, she's sleeping right now."

Laura nodded. "How is she?"

"She's just wounded slightly. It won't threaten her life."

"That's good," Laura felt her knees turned weak. She leaned on the wall as a smile appeared on her face.

What she worried the most was her sister lost her life. They only have each other, she wouldn't be able to handle if she had to lose her sister. Thankfully, it was not a wound that would threaten her life.

Neo stared at Laura's expression with complicated feeling. Right now, he could see directly the reason why his Boss always tried to suppress his own feeling and never tried to get close with Kanae. It was always a fact that she was an ordinary person who lived under the ray of light.

On the other hand, they were people who could only stay in the Underworld. Their action could never come to the light because of how dangerous it was. Pulling an ordinary person to this kind of life was unfair as it would only make their life harder and full of danger.

Mike patted Neo's shoulder as he pointed to the door on the side. Neo saw Kevin walked out slowly.

He frowned. The doctor had warned this man to rest, why did he come out now when Kanae was sleeping?

"Laura Nali?" Kevin called.

Laura turned around. Her eyes widened when she saw Kevin walked towards her slowly. "Is there anything that I can help, Mr. Kevin?"

"I'm sorry."

With that, Kevin bowed down in front of Laura. The surrounding people were looking at him in disbelief. This was the hospital owned by Kalin Family, they were all subordinates of Kevin, so they knew how high this man's position was. Right now, this important man was bowing down to a girl.

A girl!

They felt that the world has turned upside down right now. Why did their Boss bow down?

"Don't," Neo gripped Mike's hand as hard as he could because Mike wanted to rush at Kevin's side and stopped the man's action.


"It's his decision."

Laura looked at Kevin with bewilderment. She flustered as she could sense the other's gaze on her. "Please stand up, it's not..."

"Their target it me, but I'm involving your sister in this matter," Kevin answered, still bowing down.

"The wound is not life threatening," Laura forced a smile out. She knew her sister's character and these two's interaction, so she would never blame him. "I believe that she won't blame you for that."

Kevin knew that. He had said it directly to the girl and saw how Kanae still smiled at him. However, when he saw Laura, he was reminded of one more thing that he took from them. A very important thing.

"I also want to apologize for three years ago."

"Three years ago?" Laura frowned in confusion.

"The incident that takes your parent's life three years ago, their real target is me."

In that moment, time seemed to stop and the temperature dropped down several dozen degrees. Laura was looking at Kevin while her mind worked in unimaginable speed. All these times, she had been trying to find out the one who responsible for the incident that took her parent's life.

However, every single piece of news related to the incident was hidden away. As she had only started to search for it when she returned back to the city, she didn't have any mean to find out anymore.

She never truly gave up as she wanted to teach them a lesson for taking everything for them. But right now, she felt complicated. Why? Why did the person who took everything from them turn out to be the very same person who loved her sister and her sister loved?

'This can't be...'

On the side, Neo narrowed his eyes slightly. He thought that Kevin already forgotten about this matter as Kevin continued to pursue the girl. However, it turned out this man had never forgot, he just placed it on the back of his mind. Revealing them now, did he want to incur their wrath?

Laura's body trembled as she felt anger, hatred, sadness, and many others. Her feeling was completely mixed as she stared at the man before her.

"For years I have been trying to find out the one who kills our parent. It turns out the person is standing in front of me, how foolish of me."

"I'm sorry."

Laura looked at the man in front of her as tears started to pour down. Her heart was crushed at the thought of what had occurred to them all these years. "Do you think 'sorry' can turn the time back? Can you return back what you have taken from us? Can you erase all the pain you have inflicted on us because of that incident? It won't change anything!"

Kevin knew that, but he couldn't do anything aside from saying sorry. Telling this girl to ask for anything, he was not sure that he would be able to do that. Still bending his body, he apologized once more.

"I'm sorry."

"Haven't you got enough? After taking my parents, do you want to take my sister away to? She already has enough difficulties because of you! For years, she's the one who has to bear the brunt as the older one because I can't help! You don't understand anything! Because of you... because of you....."

By this time, Laura yelled with tears stained her face. Her breathing was rough as if she has just sprinted. "J-just stay away from me. I don't want to see you again."

Laura turned her body around. She wanted nothing more than killing this man right here, right now, but she couldn't do it. Her sister loved this man so much and cared for him. If she did try to attack him, Kanae would only feel hurt again.

She didn't want to make her sister felt sad and hurt again after her sister care for her so much.

Kevin straightened his body. His eyes were looking at Laura for a few seconds before turning his body away back to his room. He looked towards Lou by the side.

"Find out who plant the bomb and target my life."

"Yes, Boss."

Lowering his gaze, Kevin returned back on the bed. He truly didn't know what he should do anymore regarding the two sisters. Right now, things just didn't look right.