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489 Dubious Scene


In that moment, Kevin kicked the man's arm. The gun was aimed to the side, hitting the wall not far from Kanae. Even though Kanae could see the bullet, she didn't try to move from her position for she knew that it wouldn't hit her. Her arm continued to search for the gun.

It didn't take a long time before her finger touched something cold.

It was the gun on his pocket. Taking it out, she aimed at the man on the very back. Even though in front of her Kevin was fighting with the others, Kanae has the confidence that she would be able to shoot that man. Besides, her right arm would be enough to shoot him.


Passing through the other man, the bullet directly hit the man's head, killing him instantly. At the same time, Kevin dealt the blow to the other man, sending them unconscious.

He looked at the fallen man at the back before looking at Kanae. His pupil showed strange light, but he didn't say anything about Kanae's ability. "Let's go down."


Throwing the gun away, Kanae continued the journey back down. Kevin already gripped her hand again without saying anything. His silent made her felt curious. Will he ask her about the shoot from before or not?

However, it didn't seem that he would do that.

Taking his phone out, Kevin made a call. "Neo, how's the situation on the first floor?"

"I'm evacuating all of them out. Boss, are you alright? Mike wants to go up through the stairs, but the sea of people pouring out makes it impossible."

"I'm fine," Kevin answered. "Just focus on the employees, I'll come out in a while."

"Yes, Boss."

In a matter of minutes, they already reached the first floor. By now, the people already got out, making it empty.

"We'll be safe in a while."


However, at the same time, an explosion occurred once more, sending the building into a shook once more. The ground was shaking so terribly as they could hear the scream of the female employees from outside.

Seeing the stairs above him nearly collapsed, Kevin quickly pulled Kanae out of the place. He pushed her to the wall outside the staircase and used his own body to shield her.

"Kevin!" Kanae was startled.

"It's fine."

Kanae could see the man's arm now that they were placed right beside her head. They were filled with scratches and burns from the explosion and fight just now. Raising her own hand, she placed it on Kevin's shoulder, pulling him closer. When he had come close enough, she placed her hand on top of his head. Because of the difference in height, her action caused Kevin to bend down slightly.

Kevin's brain short circuited from the close proximity he had with Kanae. They might have gotten closer all these times, but it didn't mean that they were this close. He could see her feature very clear from this distance.

It took him a second to bring himself back to reality. He felt his throat dry as he spoke up.


"At least, protect your head, Idiot," Kanae glared at the man as she stared directly at his eyes.

Several stones fell down and hit her hand, but she didn't pay much heed. She was pretty sure that the other stones that hit this man's back would feel more painful than her hands.

Kevin's eyes widened slightly before turning into a gentle gaze. He smiled slightly. "I'm a man. Things like this won't hurt me too much."

"Even if it won't hurt you much, I don't want to see you get hurt for me."

Moving his hand to caress the girl's cheek, he showed a sad smile. "It's the same for me. I'm sorry for getting you into this mess."

"No, it's not your fault. If you're not here to protect me, I'll be the one facing it by myself because I will be coming to your office alone," Kanae grinned. "I'm grateful that you're here."

Even if she could get out by herself, she knew that she would have to use her own strength and bore with the pain by herself. It was not impossible, but it would be a painful journey with her wounds. Besides, she knew that she would have to reveal her real skill if she wanted to survive without him.

Kevin frowned. He would prefer to not have her hurt at all.

"I'm sorry. They're targeting me because I'm a clan head," he caressed her cheek. "But I make you kill someone for me."

Kanae's eyes widened. "It's not the first time. I...."

She wanted to tell him that she already killed numerous people because of her other identity as part of black street. Their number was simply uncountable because of the massive massacre she had done to avenge her teammates.

However, the words stuck in her throat. Telling him the truth about that wouldn't make her feel better at all because it was not a glorious thing.

Kevin gazed at the girl's eyes right below him. Right now, their position was extremely close with each other. The hesitation in her eyes was pretty apparent for him, which made him wonder if there was part of her past that he still didn't know.

The shaking stopped. Several items were falling from above, but the way out was still there.

Neo appeared from the other side as he was determined to find Kevin and Kanae before the building collapsed. His eyes widened when he saw the two of them in close proximity. His jaw dropped while Mike called him from the back.

"Neo, are they there?"

The shouting caused Kevin to realize their coming. He cursed himself internally for not realizing their presence because he was too fixated on the girl in front of him.

On the other hand, Kanae quickly retracted back her hand. Her cheek reddened. Just now, Kevin has his two hands around her head while she put her hands on top of his head. Their posture would be extremely similar to...

Ugh, she didn't want to think about it. She was too embarrassed to face Neo and the others right now. If only she knew that he would come here, she would surely release her hands from Kevin's head before he appeared.

Kevin looked at the shocked Neo as he moved away from Kanae. "Call the ambulance. We're going to the hospital."