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488 We Need to Get Ou


Without thinking, he pulled Kanae close to himself in hope that he could protect her. On the other hand, Kanae's reflex made her stood to block the explosion from Kevin. However, her strength fell short from Kevin, resulting in her ended up in his embrace.

The office room blew up, sending shattering pieces around. Because they were at a high floor, the broken windows caused winds to come inside.

Prang! Whoosh!

Papers fly at numerous directions. At the same time, pieces of woods, rocks, and many other materials scattered everywhere. In the mess of the place, the two of them were still alive.

Hands full of scratches, Kevin was still hugging the girl. He shook her slightly. "Kanae, are you alright?"

Kanae frowned. The explosion was not too big, but it caused burns on her back because of the sudden force. In addition, numerous items were pushed forward. It was unknown how many pieces of woods or rocks that hit them as he couldn't completely shield her, which was also her fault because of her reflex to protect him.

She tried to move when she felt the sudden pain on her back. Her face paled immediately. "I think, something pierced me."

Kevin quickly checked the girl when he saw a metal piece on Kanae's back shoulder. The location was near her left arm, slightly closer to her shoulder. It was not too big, but the place where it struck bleeds.

"I'll take it out, bear with it for a bit."

As the man pulled the metal out, Kanae gritted her teeth. It was not that unbearable, but she felt rather annoyed because of her slow reaction. If only she was moving a bit faster, she wouldn't get hurt like this.

Kevin tore part of his clothes and pressed the wounds to stop its bleeding. His action would only help a bit as she truly needed proper equipment to make sure that the bleeding stopped completely.

"We have to get down. Can you walk?"

"I can."

Pulling the girl up, Kevin took her hand and guided her to the stairs.


The wind from the back was quite strong, but he could hold on quite well. His eyes were watching the young girl with worry as he hoped that she would be fine. The winds at this height might be a bit too much for ordinary people. It was good that Kanae didn't have any problem to walk with him covering for her.

Moving towards the stairs, he looked at the mess with a frown. Thankfully, the stairs were relatively fine. If not, they wouldn't be able to get down.

Moving down the stairs, Kanae looked at the man's back. Some parts were burnt because of the explosion, forcing his clothes to stick to his skin. It must be hurt, but he didn't say anything about them.

She knew that he wouldn't want her to say anything about it. Even though it must be painful, he would never let them stop just because of that. The enemies might be coming after them and this building might collapse anytime soon. They needed to get out of this place as fast as possible.

"Kanae, can you keep up?"

"Yes," Kanae replied.

Some parts of the stairs were destroyed because of the bomb. They were not sure whether there would be another bomb or not, but some parts of the buildings might be collapsing as they walked down.


In that moment, the building shook once more. Kevin hurriedly pulled Kanae's hand and hugged the girl. This time, Kanae let herself be pulled and stayed within Kevin's embrace. It felt warm and safe.

"Are you alright?" Kevin asked when the tremor stopped.

Kanae nodded her head. "I'm okay. How about you, Kevin?"

"I'll be fine."

"We should hurry then," Kanae said as she looked away and released herself from Kevin's embrace. It was not safe yet.

Kevin knew that Kanae must have seen his messy back, but there was nothing else that they could do right now. He needed proper medical treatment after they have gotten out of this building. For now, he had to treat it as if there was nothing wrong with his bleeding back.

He felt glad that Kanae didn't say anything about them. Her eyes showed her worry, but she didn't say anything to him. She must have understood that this was not the time for that.

They didn't have the time to worry for their wounds.


The two of them stayed silent as they walked down the stairs. Without the wind, they wouldn't have any problem to walk normally. The only thing they needed to worry would be their speed as it was possible that the one who planted the bomb was still inside the company.

Thinking of the numerous new employees, Kanae's eyes grew cold. She wouldn't forgive those people for trying to threaten Kevin's life.

"Kanae, move back," Kevin suddenly ordered.

Kanae was startled, but she quickly sensed several people heading towards them. Releasing his grip on her hand, Kevin moved down and directly kicked the coming man. The man was stunned and got pushed back, but his friend used the hand railing to jump and kicked at Kevin from the air.

Blocking the kick, Kevin moved sideways. He punched the man up, directing him towards Kanae's direction.

The man fell right in front of Kanae.

"There's a gir-GUH!"

Before he could move, Kanae had kicked him on his stomach. The force was enough to send him back to the wall and lost consciousness.

'I might be a girl, but it didn't mean that you can take advantage of it,' Kanae thought inside her mind. Her legs were not wounded except for some scratches, so she didn't have any problem to kick.

Kevin paid no heed to the man anymore because several others were coming at him. They were ganging up at him with one of them stayed on the lower floor, trying to find a way to shoot Kevin.


The shoot missed by a bit as it barely scratched Kevin.

Kanae frowned and crouched to the man that she kicked earlier. Considering how they moved, they must be quite a professional hired specifically to kill Kevin. If that was so, this man must have brought gun with him.

"Get down!" Kevin suddenly yelled.

From the corner of her eyes, Kanae noticed that one of the men was pointing a gun at her. His finger pressed the trigger.