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487 Sudden Interruption


"We have arrived, let's talk while walking."


Getting out of the elevator, Kanae looked at her surroundings with curiosity. Just like the lobby, this place was also filled with more decoration with most of them were plants. It looked far more lively, but at the same time, their color pick looked a bit messy.

"I think that you will need someone to redecorate this floor."

Kevin nodded. He might not one to care too much about decoration and so on, but he had to agree with Kanae. This room looked far worse in the new decoration that Neo made.

'I need to reevaluate Neo's skill in decorating.'

Several people noticed their presence and immediately greeted them while bowing politely.

"Boss, Miss Secretary."

"Good morning, Boss."

"It's nice to see you again, Miss Secretary."

Hearing the way they called her, Kanae turned her head to Kevin. She leaned closer and whispered. "Is it alright to let them treat me as your secretary?"

"It's fine."

"Are you sure?"


Kanae felt that it was a bit unsuitable, but seeing how Kevin didn't seem to mind, she tried to ignore it. Most of the people here were strangers to her, but she had seen them a few times in the past when she was still working in the company for Kevin.

It was at this time did she realize that a lot of people looked at them strangely. She furrowed her brows as she looked at Kevin and then to them...



Kanae soon realized that when she was whispering to him, their position was extremely close to one another. Because she had done that a lot in the past when they were working, she didn't really realize the distance. Recalling the past when Kevin always kept his distance from everyone, it wouldn't be weird for people to think that it was strange.

'I should pay more attention.'

As Kanae moved a few centimeters away from Kevin, Kevin was glaring at his employees. They seemed to understand his meaning as they averted their gaze and did their work once again. Kanae could only try to forget about the matter.

The two of them lined up as they looked at the menu that was posted on the wall.

"Kevin, what do you want to eat?" Kanae asked, trying to change the topic.

Kevin arched his eyebrows. "It's lunch not long ago. Are you sure that you want to eat again?"

"I'm asking about you, not me. I already say that I can't eat again right now," Kanae recalled her lunch. She had eaten a lot of foods that she nearly emptied the refrigerator. Her sister even complained about the excessive expenditure on food. If she ate again, she doubted that her stomach would agree.

"I'm not a big eater like you."

"Well, if you didn't have lunch yet, you can just buy one," Kanae defended herself.

Shaking his head, Kevin pointed to the list of drinks. "I already have lunch. Now what do you want?"

"I'll just pick juice."

"Which one do you want?"

"I want avocado."

"I got it."

It took him a few seconds to get what she wanted. Handing over the cold glass, he watched as the girl drank the juice delightfully using the straw. Her slightly pursed lips looked extremely enchanting in his eyes. Chuckling slightly, he raised his hand and circled it on her back.

"Kevin?" Kanae was startled.

"Let's go up."

"Mhm," she sucked the juice from the straw as Kevin guided her back to the lift. The juice felt cool and nice during this hot day.

Her eyes eyed the hand that he placed on her back. It was weird to be escorted this way by other people, but she didn't feel uncomfortable with his touch. If anything, she liked his attention right now.

While waiting, Kevin took the chance to examine the girl's expression. The last time he saw her was in the meeting when she dressed up as Laura. At that time, he didn't manage to take a good look at her because she used a lot of makeup to make herself looked alike with her sister. She hadn't changed much, but her countenance was healthier. It seemed that she enjoyed quite a good time lately.

When his thoughts reached to this point, he felt glad. At the very least, she still took care of herself and didn't let other matters into her head. What he wanted to see the most would be her happiness.


A few people walked out of the elevator. They were surprised when they looked at these two. But with a look from Kevin, they quickly averted their eyes. Their boss was glaring them, who would dare to stare back?

They still wanted to keep their lives!

"Let's get in."

"Mhm," Kanae was still sipping her juice as they got into the elevator. Kevin bought her the large portion, so it would take her a few minutes to finish all of them.

Kevin chuckled a bit when he saw how Kanae kept on sucking the juice. "You don't have to hurry. It's not like I'll steal it from you."

"Do you want some?" Kanae opened her mouth and raised the glass slightly, asking the young man.

"Are you sure that you want to give me your juice?"


"There's only one straw," Kevin replied in indirect way. He did want to drink it from the same straw as her because it would be an indirect kiss, but it would be better if she realized it first. After all, he didn't want to take an advantage from her.

At least, for now.

"One straw?" Kanae repeated it before it struck to her what he implied. Her cheek turned red as she lowered her glass again. "I change my mind. If you want one, you should just buy one."

"I don't mind drinking yours."

"I mind."


"Because a glass is already too little for me."

Hearing her reason, Kevin's lips curled up even further. He knew that she was hiding her embarrassment for not realizing it before, but the way she made up reason just made it more fun for him. Her reasoning skill was not bad, but only a fool would believe it.

She might be a glutton, but she would still share her food with others at times.


"We've arrived."

Kanae heaved a sigh when they reached the floor. She was worried that Kevin would continue to tease her because she didn't realize something so obvious. Looking at the familiar hall, she smiled internally. It looked like Neo didn't redecorate this place.

Well, if he did, he might need to face Kevin's wrath since this was his office.

Kevin pointed to his office as the two of them walked together. "Do you want to come inside? There's nothing as Neo's work in different room, but it still should look like the same as before you left."

"I do. Let's go there."


Kevin approached the door when he sensed something. His gaze sharpened for he sensed that something was wrong in the room. On his side, Kanae put the glass on the table. She also could feel that something terribly would happen if they opened this door.

It was purely instinct, but these two already experienced countless times when their instincts were proven right.

"There's something wrong," Kevin said unhurriedly. "Let's go back."

"Alright," Kanae readily agreed.

Turning his body around, he was about to make a call to the others for checking the room when he felt sudden force from behind him. The pressure abruptly risen to unimaginable degree, threatening to push everything away from that place. Kevin's face turned ashen. It took him less than one second to realize what it was.

Someone had planted a bomb in his company!