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486 President, Are You Not Busy?

 "He has better insight."

"You're not bad too," Taka shrugged. "After all, not many people can think of something like that."

"Yeah," Kanae smiled. She thought for a moment before deciding to ask. "By the way, can I stay at the top floor again?"

Taka smiled. "Before you go there, I think someone wants to meet with you first."


Pointing at the entrance door, Kanae saw the familiar car stopping right in front of the company. Her eyes widened. How in the world did he come here so quickly?

Taka shook his head slightly. He leaned on the desk slightly as he stared at the car. Because Kanae visited the company a few times since Nolen School C closed down, Neo chose to place a camera in the first floor. From the moment Kanae appeared near the company, it would alarm the three of them.

If it was normal time, he would not have any problem with Kanae visiting. However, the Tamari Clan has just been attacked not long ago. With the dispute over their territory, it would do no good for Kevin to abandon his work. Yet, this man still came here just to meet with this girl.

Really, he should just suggest for Kevin to make this girl stay in Ryukalin Clan Headquarters.

Well, of course, the elders would not agree. But considering Kevin's current movement, it wouldn't take long for him to completely put them under his wing with no one dared to go against him. At that time, there was no need to worry about anyone trying to hinder him anymore.

"Kev- President, why are you here?" Kanae asked when Kevin walked towards her. He was dressed in suits, which clearly complement his handsome figure.

Kevin arched his eyebrows. "This is my company."

Kanae: "..." that's not what I mean.

She had heard about what happened to Tamari Clan, so she guessed that this man should be very busy because he had to take care of the matter of that clan. This caused her to be very surprised when she saw him coming here.

Kevin glanced to Taka with his indifferent gaze, yet there was a hint of authority from him. "You should get back to work."

"Yes, Boss."

Kanae waved her hand to Taka. "See you later. Thank you for accompanying me."

Taka waved back to her before dashing off far away from that place. He wanted to talk more with the young lady, but he knew better than anyone that it would be better if he didn't disrupt their time together. A certain someone might not let him off if he did that.

Kevin looked at Kanae intently. "Have you waited here for a long time?"

"Long? No, I had just arrived around three to five minutes ago," Kanae calculated the time she talked with Taka. There hasn't been a long time passed since the time she came. "It's not that long."

"I see."

"Thank you for not telling anyone."

"I didn't do anything you need to thank me for," Kevin curled up his lips slightly. He would naturally not tell anyone regarding Kanae's guise as her sister in the meeting.

"So, are you not busy, Kevin?" Kanae smiled and changed the conversation.

Kevin's lip pursed slightly. He pointed up. "Let's go to the canteen. I'll treat you to a meal."

Kanae's eyes sparkled but it dimmed soon afterwards. "I have already eaten a lot of food at home. But I think I can make do for a drink."

Now, she kind of regretting eating too much food at home. If she didn't eat too much, she would be able to have a meal together with Kevin. Right now, her stomach might burst if she tried to eat so much again. She wouldn't want to stay here just to borrow their toilet, right?

"Sure. I'll buy you one."

"Okay, thank you!"

On the back, Neo shook his head lightly. Kanae still didn't change at all from the past. Every mention of food would surely change the direction of her thoughts completely.

"Neo, is it fine for her to come here at this time?" Taka asked hesitantly.

Neo shrugged. "I don't know too, but it's not like anything we do can make that ice block change his decision. In my opinion, it's better to let him do whatever he wants."

"Won't it make things more difficult for him because of the clan's rules?" Taka asked hesitantly.

"Honestly, I don't know myself," Neo replied solemnly.

Even if he knew that the two of them shouldn't stay together, he didn't want to tell that to Kevin. The two relationships have been a mess ever since the gathering because this girl also knew about his engagement. He was not sure whether the two of them ever talked about it. After all, their relationship seemed rather platonic most of the time.

"If there's a way to make their relationship possible, I'll support it," Mike remarked from the back.

"You seem to be very supportive of him now. I recall a certain someone disagree back in the past."

Mike scratched the back of his head. "Well, it's true that I disagree in the past. It's just, I know how he feels. Besides, didn't you disagree too in the past?"

"Yeah," Neo clicked his tongue. "You seem to be learning how to counter someone in the argument now, Mike."

Mike just smiled. "Rather than worrying about rules and tradition, I want to see him happy."

Neo nodded solemnly. "I know, me too."

"Anyway, I think he can actually court her now since the situation has improved in the clan. No one will dare to cross him anymore."

"Well," Neo scratched his head. It would be safer to wait until it was the time for the gathering before making any move. Even though they have already taken care most of the hidden clans, nothing was set in the stone yet. "Not yet, Mike."

"Why? It's already long enough."

"You won't understand even if I try to explain," Neo replied with a bitter smile. With Mike IQ, he wouldn't be able to understand this matter at all.

Mike sighed. "I'm not that stupid."

"But you're quite stupid."

"Are you trying to get on my nerves now?"

"Not at all," Neo rolled his eyes. He looked over to Taka, who was looking at them with dumbfounded expression. "Go back to work. I'm sure your supervisor didn't pay you for fooling around."

"Ah, yes. I'll be going now."

Taka swiftly moved to do his job as the errand boy as his mind was thinking of the conversation from these two. In the eyes of lower ranked members, both of them were seen as amazing people, the leader of the younger generation. This was the first time he realized that these two actually bantered around a lot.

Given by how high the prestige these two had among the lower ranked members, he could never imagine that they were actually quite normal.

Well, just outside the work.


At this moment, the elevator had arrived. Mike and Neo chose not to follow because they didn't want to bother the two of them. They could rarely meet each other lately, so it was better to let them have all the time they needed.

"I can see that there are some new decorations in the company," Kanae remarked. "Why did you suddenly decorate your company?"

Most of the things there looked the same, but there were some other decorations that appeared. Some of them were things like picture, photos, mirror, plants, or other things around them.

Kevin arched his eyebrows. He didn't know any of them as he left the matter of his company to Neo.

"I didn't really pay any attention to the decoration. I leave it all to Neo."

"Is that so?" Kanae tilted her eyes. "No wonder that it didn't seem to suit your taste."

The way they were placed made the company seemed livelier with lots of color. Considering the way Kevin decorated his office, it didn't seem to be the same. This man just placed the furniture that he needed without putting anything else inside the room. Even though the color was screaming the word 'elegant' it was a bit plain in overall.

If she had to compare. The new company atmosphere seemed to be saying that this place was very lively and full of color. As for the past atmosphere, it was saying that they have to do their work properly.

"What do you think my taste is?"

"Well, something that looks elegant but plain?" Kanae replied in questioning tone.

"Why is your tone asking?"

"Well, I'm not sure?"


"We've arrived, let's talk while walking."