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483 Take Care of Yourself

 The grand elder humped and turned to look at Kanae. "Even though so, I believe that you shouldn't have meddled like that, Kanae."

"Ah, you found out?" Kanae's eyes widened, and she smiled wryly. "Did I not do a good job?"

"You did, but your aura and Laura are completely different," the grand elder tapped the table before him. "Someone who has been living in the Black Street is obviously different from someone who used to live in peace."

Kanae smiled calmly. This particular elder knew about her activity at night since he always watched over her. Even though he didn't offer her any hand to help, he still didn't let her to completely die. After all, he wished to see the youngsters could make their own way up and not just because of their lineage.

"I don't want them to make fun of my sister, so I just decide to do this."

"With Laura's personality, I doubt they're going to be successful."

"She's already tired, and I don't want to add more worry to her," Kanae shrugged. "I'll give her the summary of this meeting later, so there's no need to worry about her not knowing anything."

"I see," the grand elder nodded calmly. He looked back to Kanae's eyes. "With your action, you have more or less subdue the elders to follow after your sister's words. However, it didn't mean that they would accept someone like you to enter the family back."

"It doesn't matter. I never have any intention to return."

"Even if your sister asks?"

"That..." Kanae closed her mouth. She did want to stay with her sister, but she didn't want to be part of Nali Family anymore. They were all too disgusting that she wished to beat them all up for good.

No matter what, she didn't wish to see her sister have to handle them all. She just took this chance to train them a bit.

The grand elder sighed. "Whatever your decision is, always remember that you're not alone. You have your sister and friends waiting for you and wishing for your safety."

"Thank you very much, Grand Elder."

"Also, you don't have to worry about those elders anymore. I'll make sure they won't be able to do anything to your sister," the grand elder replied. "But this is just temporary."

Kanae beamed. "I understand. Thank you!"

"You can leave now."

As Kanae exited from the door, the grand elder sighed to himself. He laughed at the thought that the most capable junior in Nali Family was actually got driven out by the elders. However, he also understood that Kanae never has much talent in business, especially when comparing to her sister.

After getting out of the room, Kanae noticed that the elders were already busy preparing for the proposal. They still needed to write that punishment report, so they better finished this proposal as fast as possible.

She wouldn't participate in the detail, so she walked out of the building. Upon getting out, she could see Neo and Kevin were standing there, discussing about the business.

"Oh, Laura. Are you going back?" Neo asked with enthusiasm.

Kanae nodded her head. "Yes. Good luck with the proposal, Neo."

"Nah, we're already ready with this. Don't worry, I won't let the chance you create go to waste!" Neo balled his fist to show that he would grab this chance well. "You can rest assured that we'll surely get the deal with Nali Family done."

"That's good to hear," Kanae giggled.

"I'll be going first now then, Boss."

Kevin nodded his head and Neo rushed inside. The young man was too excited about this proposal because it would be able to help him cut of the cost a lot. Of course, the benefit would also split among the two parties, so he needed to make sure they did the same amount of work.

"Are you sure that you won't go inside too?" Kanae pointed to the door.

Kevin shook his head. "He can do the rest on his own. I need to return back to finish my work."

"Oh, I see."

Kanae didn't know what she should talk with Kevin. She was unsure regarding her sister's usual attitude around him. After all, she was not present around them all the time.

Kevin's lips curled up slightly and he bent down slightly, putting his face near hers. "You don't need to keep on pretending, Kanae."

"You know?" Kanae's face was filled with astonishment. She looked at the smug expression on Kevin's face with disbelief.

"You barely change your face," Kevin pointed to her face. "Also, Laura will never act so domineering like that."

"Uh, how do you even know that?"

"From Neo's report."

"..." fine, you're truly a very knowledgeable man.

Kevin noticed that Mike had arrived with his car. He straightened his suit. "I'll be going back first. Take care of yourself, Kanae. It's not going to end well if they know about you."

"You won't tell anyone, right?"

"I won't."

Kanae looked at Kevin's back for a few minutes before heading back to her own car. Shiro was still waiting while browsing for the new gun's type on the internet. It seemed that there was something that caught his attention again.

"Shiro, are you there?"

"Oh, Kanae! You have finished?" Shiro quickly unlocked the door, and Kanae entered the car. "How is it going?"

"Two people find out about me, but they didn't seem to have any bad intention."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Kanae nodded. Kevin didn't really have any relationship with Nali Family except business. As for the grand elder, she knew that he would not do that because it would be detrimental for him too. After all, they truly needed a dependable elder to make sure that the work could be going well. Nali Family needed to step up and positioned themselves up again.

Shiro turned the wheel as he drove. "Your act is very good that it's surprising that someone still find out that you're not Laura."

"They're two great people," Kanae shrugged. "Also, do you see anyone suspicious when you're waiting here, Shiro?"

"No one," Shiro shrugged. "I don't think you're going to find anyone around this place that dare to do anything. The Nali Family is still feared by many people because of the influence."

"I see."

Kanae no longer asked as she looked out of the window. She had long known about the Nali Family's reputation and ability. As part of the family itself, she was introduced to some of them from her early years. Even though she didn't like it, she knew just how powerful they could be if they truly pour out their entire resources.

"What's your plan for now, Captain?"

"Are you talking about my activity in the underworld? I don't think that I should do anything for now. There's no need for Rei to appear for the time being, and I believe that you also enjoy your holiday very much, Doctor Shiro."

Shiro sighed. He did love to work in his clinic, but he also missed the time when he could gather together with the others. After all, doing his work in the underworld has become the norm for him after following after Kanae for quite some time.

"Thank you for your consideration."

"We can have a bit of fun, then. I'm sure Brother Jason can lend us his villa again," Kanae thought a bit and smirked.

"... There's no need to go that far, right?"

"Fine, let's just roam on the street again tomorrow. Bring your gun, and we're going to hunt a bit."

Shiro smirked. "Sure, Captain."