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482 Ruined Plan

 Kanae sat down calmly as the man began his explanation regarding the potential business in this city. They were talking about how to develop the city by using their company in terms of entertainment. Thinking about the various business in Nali Family, Kanae felt like she got a headache.

They branched into several matters ever since a long time ago.

"I think this proposal is good. We can try to create more advertisement to increase the entertainment industry effect to divert the attention of the people," one of the representatives spoke out.

Some of them began to speak out their opinion. Kanae shook her head internally. Trying to increase funds in entertainment industry wouldn't do good in this time. The risks were too high because they would need to protect their artists during the chaotic time.

It would be better if they just focus more on the safety and also transportation area.

"What about the Nali Family's opinion?"

The moment they said that, everyone turned their head to look at Kanae. Kanae smiled slightly. She was about to answer when an elder not far from her spoke out.

"Regarding that, the Nali Family wishes to..."


The sudden word caused the elder to shut his mouth in surprise. He had never heard Laura spoke so harshly before. In the past, the young girl did argue, but she never raised her voice and gave strict order like that. Turning his head to the side, he could see the cold look of the young girl.

Chills ran down on his spine.

He quickly calmed himself down as he put on a smile on his face. He felt as if he was seeing things since he had never seen Laura become angry before.

"Miss, I'm the one who manage the entertainment..."

"Have I given you the permission to speak on behalf of Nali Family?" Kanae asked. It was the norm for the family head to make the decision. They might ask for the elders' opinion if they were unfamiliar, but on the occasion where the family head was present, the elders should wait until she gave them permission to speak. Otherwise, they should just stay silent.

The elder was stunned. "You..."

"The Nali Family didn't wish to participate in the development of entertainment industry," Kanae cut of the elders and spoke out clearly.

Everyone there were stunned. Most of them often talked ambiguously to make sure that they gave themselves a leeway in case things didn't happen according to their wishes. However, the little girl in front of them directly rejected the notion without thinking twice.

Her decisiveness was astonishing.

"Continue," Kanae waved her hand.

The elders were confused, but they continued to talk. Every time the elders wished to speak out, Kanae would beat them to it. She gave them cold look and soon afterwards, no one dared to question her anymore. Even though she was only sitting there, they felt as if they were getting pressure from her.

It was astonishing.

While the discussion was still ongoing, Neo rubbed his chin in wonder. "I didn't know Laura was this decisive."

"It's not Laura."

"Boss?" Neo looked at Kevin with confusion, but Kevin didn't answer him.

His eyes were locked into Kanae's direction. Truthfully, he only came here because Neo was asking him to help taking care of the company matters a bit. Thanks to the sudden fall of Tamari Clan, the situation of the city has been quite chaotic. He was unable to handle both works in the clan and company alone.

He thought that this meeting would be fruitless but little did he expect to see Kanae here. Though, her appearance differed greatly.

"Next would be Kale Company."

"Thank you," Neo stood up. "We're mainly focusing on the construction material and lately, there has been a sudden influx in the demand. Because of that, we wish to build more connection..."

Neo explained how they wished to be able to have branches in the other areas. He hoped for their cooperation and at the same time, he would give them a bit of discount in the price. After all, with the numerous destruction before, his company has been working tirelessly to make sure that they could provide enough construction material.

"That sounds like a waste of time. Are you suggesting that the city is going to be in for more battle?"

Neo smiled wryly. "Of course, it's not like we hope for it to happen. However, there's high possibility that there might be more battles in the future. The repairmen cost won't be small."

He had wished to expand the business a bit, but Kevin prohibited him to use the clan's fund because this young man was using them for something else. As the result, he could only rely on the profit, which hadn't been enough for the time being. He hoped to have cooperation, especially from the other three big families, so this time, he hoped for Nali Family's cooperation.

"Nali Family agrees with the proposal," Kanae directly agreed, which nearly made Neo fell. "The elders will tell you more about the detail, but we'll surely provide you with the necessary supply and transportation. As for the safety, we hope that you can handle it yourself."

"That'll be more than enough," Neo beamed. Safety? He could just gather some Ryukalin Clan members to help out, and it would be enough. No ordinary gangs would be able to do anything to them.

All of the elders were looking at Kanae with confused expression. They felt as if they were facing a completely different person. Even though Laura has never been a pushover, she usually maintained her respect in front of other people. But now, she didn't even care for their face and made her decision right away.

There were several other plans and Kanae only accepted a few of them. Many of them didn't make sense according to the situation of the city, so she didn't wish to agree.

"Alright, it's already afternoon, so we shall end the meeting today," the grand elder suddenly spoke out. "For the companies which we agree to have cooperation, please come back here after lunch. We'll discuss more of the proposal."

"Thank you everyone."

"Good work."

The grand elder nodded and looked at the elders. "Before that, all elders from Nali Family, stay behind."

This time, they didn't directly agree and looked over to Kanae. From the way she behaved before, they knew that she wished for them to follow after her words first before doing anything.

Kanae nodded her head. "Stay behind."

The grand elder's eyes flashed for a split second. The moment everyone else have gone out and the door was closed, he banged the table before him.


"Can someone tell me what's the meaning of Family Head's action just now?"

"That... She's just being willful, Grand Elder," one of the elders spoke out. "Because of her youthfulness, she forgets how to..."

"Before you start slighting me, let me make one thing clear: am I your family head or not?" Kanae looked at the man with cold expression. Her small body seemed to emit a dangerous aura as she smirked. "Do you really think that I'm easy to bully because I'm still young?"

"No! We never..."

"Why did you never tell me anything about this grand meeting before the date?" Kanae knew every important event in Nali Family because Laura told her and that sister of hers never told her about this. This made her certain that they never told Laura about this to make fun of her as the family head. They wished to make her unable to speak at all.


One elder looked at the others. "They're the one who plan for this! I'm innocent, Family Head."

"Why are you blaming us? We're not doing this on purpose."

"Yes! We just...."


"If you keep on talking, I'll cut off your tongue," the grand elder spoke in indifferent tone, yet his gaze was cold. "Make 100 pages of report. I wish to see them by tonight."


The elders felt as if they were treated like students. Moreover, 100 pages? It would be already good enough to type five pages in an hour, now they have to create much more?

They knew that this grand elder just wished to punish them.


"200 pages by tomorrow midnight."

"That's unfair!"

"300 pages in three days."

The elders' face twitched. They knew that this grand elder would just increase the number whenever they argued back. If this continued, they wouldn't be able to work at all.

"We understand, Grand Elder."

"If you don't write it with your hand, I won't read it and you can get out of the family," the Grand Elder added.

"... We understand."

As if they were defeated, everyone walked out with their head hung low. They knew that they wouldn't be able to sleep at all for the next few days.

The grand elder humped and turned to look at Kanae. "Even though so, I believe that you shouldn't have meddled like that, Kanae."