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481 Nali Family Elders

 Ring! Ring!


"Is this Laura Nali? There's a meeting in the family location in half an hour to discuss about the businesses. We expect you to come as fast as possible."

Kanae looked at the phone before her coldly. It was the mansion's phone and not her sister's personal phone, so she was the one who picked it up. Last night, Laura came home late at night because of the meeting regarding Kara Company. She was not sure the content, but it seemed that they wished to expand the business even when the situation in the city was unstable.

After all, they couldn't bear to close it down just because the condition on the street turned unsafe.

'They truly love to dictate her.'

Kanae walked to her sister's bedroom and took out the makeup equipment. She had learned how to use them a bit from the past and recently, Laura made her remember them all by dolling her up. Thanks to that, she could use them again despite the fact that she didn't really have the time to use them too much anymore.

'Laura always wears light makeup and this device over here that I don't know the name can turn my hair straight....'

It took her a few minutes to change her countenance to that similar of her sister. The two of them have similar built. She was slightly muscular thanks to her practice, but her weight remained the same as usual. As long as she used long sleeves dress, they wouldn't be able to differentiate the two of them.

Her wavy hair turned straight with the help of waving iron. She didn't know why her sister had it, but it was pretty useful for her since the largest difference between her and her sister would be their hair.

Looking at the mirror in front of her, Kanae smiled wryly. She had become the exact copy of her sister. She put down her glasses and used contact lenses, turning her into a completely different person immediately.

Kanae took out her phone and made a call to Shiro.

"What is it, I'm busy right now?"

"Shiro, can you act as my driver for a few hours? I need to visit Nali Family Residence."

"Now?" Shiro frowned. He had just finished writing the prescription and handed it to the man before him. "Why are you going there again when they have already cut off your relationship with them? Also, I heard that Nali Family already have their own driver."

"They have, but it's my sisters," Kanae replied. Oh, right, she needed to start speaking in her sister's voice. "I might need your help a bit if they find out, so can you help me out?"

Shiro sighed. "Are you up to no good again, Captain?"

"Just a little bit.... I don't want to bother Laura about this matter since she's already overwhelmed with her own company alone," Kanae replied. She knew how it was to handle several documents from completely different company right at the same time. With Laura was exhausted thanks to her work, she wanted to help her sister a bit.

"And how do you plan on having her work in this matter too?"

"I'll give her the report and ask Brother Jason to help her familiarize with it. It'll take time, so I wish to handle the elders for now."

"Fine. I'll go there."

"Great! Thank you, Shiro!"

Kanae walked out of her room with that getup. The guards didn't take notice of her difference with Laura as they bowed down when she passed. Shiro would only arrive in a few minutes, so she took this time to stroll the courtyard. Her eyes noticed a few servants sitting on the back, lazing around.

She was about to reprimand them when a woman in guard uniform walked to them with stern expression. "What are you doing here? You should be working."

"Come one, no one see..."

"Yeah, just a minute."

"No, get back to work," the woman in guard uniform said sternly.

Just when the two servants were about to rebuke the woman in guard uniform, they noticed Kanae standing behind her. Their faces paled immediately.

"We'll go to work now!"

The woman in guard uniform stiffened for a moment and turned around. She bowed in respect to Kanae. "Guard Mona greets Miss Laura."


Kanae recalled that she was one of the new recruits she took from the Black Street. This woman was pretty good at using a sword, so she should be able to do splendid work in the mansion as the guard.

"You can go back to work, Mona."


Turning her body around, Kanae headed to the gate and no longer thought about this little incident.

It took Shiro a few minutes to arrive in Kanae's mansion. Looking at the person in front of him, he sighed. "No one will be able to differentiate the two of you in this appearance."

"I hope so."

"You even imitate your sister's voice," Shiro felt chill on his back at the thought of mistaking the two of them. From the bottom of his heart, he was glad that their hairstyle usually different, or he might mistake them. At that time, it might be a disaster...

"I need to practice," Kanae replied with a smile. "I'm sure that the elders are not totally stupid to be unable to recognize us if I didn't do this much."

"You're scary, Kanae."

"Thank you for your compliment."

"Also, why are you the one substituting for Laura? Are you sure that she'll be okay with knowing that you do this?"

Kanae looked out of the window. "She didn't need to know. They're making a sudden call this morning, so I believe that something they didn't expect happens this morning."

"I see."

Afterwards, Kanae started to talk here and there to familiarize herself with her sister's voice. It felt a bit weird for her to hear her sister's voice from her own mouth, but she soon got used to it.

They arrived in the temporary meeting hall that the elders picked since the previous one was destroyed in the fire and explosion. Kanae alighted down the car and entered the hall with confidence. She didn't show the slightest bit of fear or anything.

"Yes, Miss?"

"Laura Nali is here. Can you take me to the meeting location?" Kanae replied while looking at them sharply.

The guard bowed politely. "Please follow after me, Miss."

Kanae nodded and followed after the man before her. She could see that this hall was pretty good, but it was just a temporary one. Upon arriving in the hall, her eyes narrowed. There were a lot of people there, including a lot of other businessman and businesswoman in the city.

It seemed like they purposely didn't tell Laura about this in advance to make fun of that girl.

'What a good Nali Family.'

"Miss, it's over here."

Kanae nodded and followed after the man. Even though she didn't know what they were talking about or any other clue that could help her, she kept her composure and didn't allow anyone to know what she thought inside her mind. Her clear eyes swept the entire hall and nearly come into stop upon seeing the familiar face.

'Neo and Kevin... What are they doing here?'

At this time, Kevin was also looking in Kanae's direction with his sharp gaze. This was not the first time he met with Laura but the person in front of him gave him a completely different atmosphere. He felt as if he was looking at Kanae and not Laura.

"Boss, that's Kanae's sister," Neo reminded.

"I know."

Neo looked at Kevin's detached expression with confusion. If this man knew that woman was Laura, why would he continue to look at the young girl? Did he get an interest in the sister too?

"Neo, pay attention to the meeting."

As if knowing what he was thinking, Kevin shot him a cold gaze. Neo quickly turned around. "Yes."

He sighed internally as he felt that Kevin always got provoked so easily on the matter regarding Kanae. They only came here because there was a meeting with Nali Family since they have started to stabilize their position. There was a discussion about the cooperation, so a lot of company came here today.

However, it didn't seem like the Nali Family prepared themselves for this. Even their head nearly late to the meeting.

As soon as Kanae sat down, a man stood up.

"Now that everyone is here, let's start the meeting."