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480 Advance Preparation

 Wells Family Residence

Jason returned back to his home after sending Kanae off to her home. He didn't park it inside his house and rather put it away in some remote place in Black Street. Afterwards, he directly walked to his home while playing on his phone to make sure that he erased the trace of his trip just now.


"Young Master, welcome back home," Jason's butler directly greeted him as soon as he opened the gate.

Seeing the old man before him, Jason pursed his lips. "It's already late at night. Did anyone come searching for me?"

"Company A CEO comes to...."

Listening to the list of the powerful people who came here, Jason made an arrangement in his mind to talk to them later. He came into the living room and called the servant to prepare hot water for him because he wanted to wash off.

His house was large, but there was barely anyone here. His servants' number was so few that one might wonder if he was truly a young master. Each of them was also very capable as they have to take care of this large residence with only the strength of a few of them.

Jason sighed. "Right, did my father call?"

"No, Master didn't call."

"I see. You may return now."

The butler bowed down. He had gotten used to Jason's action. Even though the world showed this man as the perfect young master, he knew very well that this young master was not perfect. It was only recently that he didn't look like a robot who only did his task every single day.

He didn't know what Jason did when he went out without notice, but whatever it was, he was happy. At the very least, Jason looked more humane after he was going out.

There was also no smell of alcohol, perfume, or cigarette, so he was not worried about him at all. He believed that their young master wouldn't do something harmful.

"Oh right, tell someone to clean up my other residence. I'll be staying there later."

"Young Master, do you need to bring a servant...?"

"There's no need. You just need to come once a week to clean up," Jason refused immediately. He could do simple housework each day if it was just to make himself comfortable. There was no need to have so many servants around him for a long time.

"I understand. I'll arrange it immediately, Young Master."

"If my father asks, you can say that I'm planning on taking care of some matter in that area since there's a sudden change in Black Street," Jason added.

"Yes, Young Master."

Thinking of their companies in the clan's territory, Jason felt a headache. He knew that there would be a need for someone from Black Street to take over immediately, or it would be a problem. However, there was no one strong enough to take care of the matter so soon.

Ring! Ring!

"Hello, this is Jason Wells speaking.... Ah, I understand, I'll make the arrangement."

Soon afterwards, he had changed into his work mode, despite the lateness of night.


Laura's Mansion

Kanae returned back to her home late at night. She was feeling refreshed after having a stroll and talking business with the other three. Even though Tommy barely listen because he fell asleep in the middle, the other two were quite helpful because they could understand what she was talking about quickly.

'Master tells me that I should have some rest, so I'll just spend these days to stay at home.'

Heading inside, Kanae noticed that Laura hadn't gone back home. She peeked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Seeing the stack of sweets that Laura made, her eyes sparkled.

Time to take some to eat~

She was already rebuked by her sister because she used the kitchen and turned it upside down, but Kanae had already forgotten about that matter. She took some of them and brought them back to her room to enjoy while doing her work.

There were a lot of papers on her table as the result of Jason's favor. Since the school closed down and many students didn't come to school, it was obvious that this semester was directly 'erased.' Some school might even try to make special class to make up for this missing semester while others just pushed the student to repeat the year.

Either way, it was not important for her right now.

Kanae started typing on the keyboard and sorted out the business that she has been taking care for the past few weeks. Some of them were located in the previous Tamari Clan's location, so she had to do something before trouble cropped up.

'Let's see, I'll need to make a deal with the local gang to make sure that they don't create trouble. I can also dispatch some men, but their number is not enough to cover up for everything.'

Ring! Ring!

Seeing the dialer, Kanae was stunned. She picked it up without hesitation. "Brother Jason, why are you calling me late at night? Didn't we just meet with each other not long ago?"

"I just got news from some of the company CEO that they got the report that Ryukalin Clan is the one taking care of the area."

"Ryukalin Clan? Are you serious?"


"But, how do they have enough members to cover the entire area? It's not a small area."

"Apparently, Tamari Clan already handed over some of their men to Ryukalin Clan previously. Since Tamari Clan moved back, the previous men pledged their loyalty to Ryukalin Clan and started to approach the business owner and those living there to make the statement. I just gotten the news not long ago, so you might get some too since you're managing a few companies."

Kanae frowned. "I understand, thanks for the information."

"You're welcome."

As Jason said, she soon received the notification of the new ruler for the area and there was some change of the rules. There was also a clear division of the new structure for the new area. Some of them even considered the situation of the area and perfectly gave a rule that benefited both the businessman and the Underworld.

Kanae looked through several of them quickly. Seeing how they were all typed nicely and very thorough, Kanae had the feeling that the Ryukalin Clan have been preparing for this for a long time.

But how?

Tapping the table, Kanae pushed the inquiries to the back of her head. It was not important right now. What she had to do was making sure that these companies were alright and could still work in this situation. A lot of people have started to move due to the decline in this city.

With that, Kanae began to furiously typed on her laptop and started working overnight.