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479 You Should Prepare Yourself

 "He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping. Did the Ainge Clan push him so hard?" Kanae looked at Tommy with confused expression. Seeing how the boy slept so peacefully on the back car, she even had doubts that he was sleeping properly.

Shiro nudged the boy and sighed. "I think he's not sleeping that well. He's already used to living on the night and sleeping at the day, so the change might not be something he could adapt so easily."

"I see."

"it has been some time, though."

"He'll be fine after a while," Shiro assured them based on his experience as a doctor.

"That's good."

"By the way, I have been wanting to ask this for a while but shouldn't the two of you are very busy with your own work? How did you have enough time to spare for this trip?" Shiro looked at the two of them with inquiry.

Jason steered the wheel to drive into a different road. "It's a long explanation, but if you want to cut it short, you can say that I'm pushing my work to the back and didn't care for it too much right now."

"I already take care of the necessary papers for today. There might be still a lot to review, but I can do them tomorrow," Kanae smiled cheekily. "Even if I don't, I'm sure that Brother Jason can help me out."

"I ask for your help because I can't do it in my place."

"Tsk, you should take care of their surveillance faster, Brother Jason. It's inconvenient for me to do your work."

Shiro raised his eyebrows. "Can I take it as Kanae has been doing your work for the time being, Jason?"

Jason smiled wryly. It was not like he wanted to make her busy to do his work, but there were some of them that he wanted to keep away from his family no matter what. If he handled it at home, he would be sure that the spies that his family sent to watch over him would be able to see through it.

For the time being, he would have to rely on Kanae to finish these matters.

"Don't worry. I didn't overwork her and only ask her to handle small jobs. When things turn better, I'll take care of them back," Jason explained.

Shiro nodded. He looked at the two of them interchangeably. "You two should pay more attention to the work that the government have been doing for the past month. They seem to be moving in high speed as they directly destroy an entire clan just like that."

"Right, if they start to set their sight to the four big families too, it won't be peaceful in this city," Kanae rubbed her forehead. Just a few days ago, she and her sister got an invitation letter to the school ceremony. Well, to be exact, it was only her sister who got it, but she would surely tag along.

She was not sure if it would be safe enough for them to come into contact with the government again. After she had seen through their experiments back then, they had left a bad taste in her mouth. If it was possible, she didn't want to meet with them at all.

"Do you get the invitation?"

"Not me, my sister."

Jason's face turned dark at the mention of Laura. "Are you saying that they're chasing after her too?"

"I don't know. If they really want to crush the four big families, wait it's only three now because Aida Family have self-destructed, they can target either one of us. There's no one who can be so sure which one they want to eliminate first," Kanae replied.

There were still three big families in this city. Wells Family was still at the leading front with Nali and Doha Family tailing behind them. There would be quite a lot of problem if either one of these families were to be destroyed because it could destroy the balance of power.

"Will our Fiore Group start moving around on the street again? There are a lot of things we can take especially because Tamari Clan is already out of the way," Shiro asked.

Kanae shook her head. "I'm sure that Kevin won't take things lay down. Ryukalin Clan have already started moving to take care of the mess. Without a central power to take care of the chaos in that area, a lot of things are going go collapse."

"Yeah, you're right."

The balance of power in this city was not only sustained by the government. Even though the government was the one controlling at the shadow, it couldn't move by itself and needed a lot of others to help. At the forefront was the now three big families and also the three large clans-wait no, it was only two clans left in this city:

Ryukalin Clan and Souhon Clan.

With Merion Clan's previous action, it had directly affected a lot of matter in the underworld. The three clans were working hard to make sure that the things were still in balance, but with Tamari Clan collapse, it would make things difficult for the two clans left.

"We all know how Souhon Clan is declining," Kanae rubbed her forehead. "The previous battle had directly affected their lineup, so there's not many powerful people who can take charge."

"A lot of places has turned into unlawful place again, and Ryukalin Clan has stepped in to help. However, it's going to be very difficult to restore things to the way they used to be," Shiro sighed and leaned on the chair. He looked to the gray ceiling above him, feeling tired despite not having to work on the matter directly.

"It won't be able to be the same anymore unless a new clan with similar power emerge, but I highly doubt it."

The number of experts in the underworld was limited. There were not many people who would be willing to step up and created a new clan from scratch anymore. Some existed clans might try to step up, but there was still question whether they had the power or not.

Jason steered the wheel and headed back to the Black Street area. "I can't understand what the government is thinking by making a lot of problems for us. But if they wish to weaken our force, they have succeeded because we still have to take care of numerous people lives in this city."

Those big families were only seen as prominent and rich family, but they were actually those who helped controlled the people's lives. Without the work that they gave and the circulation of money they controlled along with the help of public facilities, this city wouldn't be able to stand upright.

They were the pillar that supported from the front.

On the other hand, the clans were supposed to be supporting from the Underworld by making sure that they followed the regulation. They were also used to make sure that the asset of these rich people were limited because of the tax that they have to pay for the clans.

But now, things have turned complicated. With the clans unable to function well, there would be some people trying to get out of the system. This would undoubtedly create chaos in this city.

"I'll pray you two good luck," Shiro glanced out and noticed that they had arrived by his clinic. "I'm not interested in the power struggle, and I don't really have any talent for that. This doctor will just try to live quietly in this city."

"Take care of yourself, Shiro."


Shiro dragged Tommy out. Afterwards, Jason continued to drive with only him and Kanae inside the car. He looked at the girl. "Will you interfere in the government's plan."

"I don't have the power to directly attack their place," Kanae admitted. "But if they try to hurt someone dear to me, I'll not step back."


The two of them didn't have to say it out loud, but they knew that they would have to fight the government sooner or later. The problem in hand was the fact that the other party has started to make their move and they have to follow suit.

Or it would forever be too late.