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478 Gathering Together

 Shiro patted Tommy's head. "Since everyone is here, let's go have some fun."


Turning his body around, Tommy could see the others were looking in his direction. At some unknown time, Kanae and Jason have arrived in the clinic. The two of them were standing near the door.

"It seems that Tommy fails to recognize our presence even though we're standing here."

"You should have more training, Tom," Jason chuckled.

Tommy raised his eyebrows. He didn't understand what they were doing here when they were supposed to be a bit busy with their own work. "Don't you have anything better to do? Why do you have to come here and bother me again?"

"I just thought that you needed a little company," Jason smirked. "Let's get going. I'll take you all on a trip around the city."


"He's driving his secret car. Let's go."

Shiro patted Tommy's back. "It has been a long time since we actually gather together with nothing to do at all. Relaxing a bit should be fine. You're not on your work shift too, right?"

Seeing that they were adamant on having him follow after them, Tommy could only sigh. He nodded his head as he smiled. "Sure, just don't blame me if I create trouble midway."

"Say that to Jason. If you dirty his car, he won't let you off."

The four of them entered the car. It was a black and inconspicuous car. Compared to the luxurious car that Jason usually used for his work, this one looked like a rundown car.

After they had gotten inside, Jason smirked. "Make sure you wear your seatbelt properly."

"Hey, wait!"


The car dashed off at high speed on the street. Jason made a u-turn in a high speed, drifting the car on the side. Several people screamed outside as they were afraid of getting hit.

Jason turned the wheel again and directed it to highway.

"You're crazy," Tommy felt that he would surely vomit if Jason continued to keep going in that crazy speed. This man truly didn't hold back at all.

Jason laughed. "Isn't it fun?"

"There's nothing fun with that!"

Kanae chuckled. "Just enjoy it, Tom. Not everyone can drive as fast as Brother Jason safely."

Hearing that, Tommy rolled his eyes. Kanae might enjoy staying in the car that was speeding up like a madman, but he didn't have the same opinion. He was worried that something might happen to him on the way.

"We're entering the highway," Shiro spoke as if he was reporting news. He glanced out. "You should enjoy the look from here."

Tommy listened to Shiro's words and looked out from the window. It was evening, so the sun was setting down on the horizon. The view from the highway to the west was extremely beautiful. It looked like the sun was going to disappear into the row of buildings in front of them.

"It's beautiful."

Kanae smiled. "The view from the highway is always the best in this city. Only for this building that I support the government."

"You don't usually support them?" Tommy asked.

Jason snorted. "They only care to build the facilities for the use of wealthy people while ignoring the other citizens. Some places should be built road to lessen the traffic jam, but they didn't care for it because there's not much rich and powerful people using the road."

"But you're included in the list of rich people."

"I still use the street when I'm going to the Black Street, so it's very inconvenient for me."

Kanae and Shiro tried to stifle their laugh. If Jason was just an ordinary rich person, he would never care for them. However, he also used them at times, so he became aware of the bias that the government had. It was even growing worse as time passed by.

"Maybe we all should just move," Tommy remarked.

Kanae nodded in agreement. "It's not really a bad idea."

"Nah, too complicated. Besides, there's no way I can move my clinic out of this city," Shiro flatly refused. He leaned on the back chair and put his hand on the back of his head.

"But it's actually a good idea to move," Jason remarked.


"Haven't you heard the recent news regarding the attack to Tamari Clan? The place was literally destroyed until it was flat with the ground with nothing left," Jason explained.

The three of them turned silent. Even though the media only reported about what occurred in that clan, they knew the backstory of what had happened in that area. Those people with special abilities who usually hid themselves have started to come out once again.

No one truly reported their existences, but they had their own means to find out about the matter.

"Things have become more complicated, haven't they?" Shiro sighed. "With these people on the way, it won't be easy if we want to attack the government. They're going to block our every way."

"Even if they block my way, I'll find a method to break through the barrier and crossed them," Kanae said slowly. "No matter what, I can't let them off just like that. They're going to chase after me, and I have to do everything possible to make sure that I can stay alive."


Tommy balled his fist. "Do you know a method to grow stronger faster? I want to become strong, strong enough that I can face them without the need to worry about anything else."

"It's impossible, Tommy. If you want to grow stronger, you need more time," Jason sighed. "Even if you train a lot, you won't be able to reach their level because they can just use their special abilities to protect themselves and defeat you."

"Is there truly no way?" Tommy asked.

"it's not like there's none," Kanae looked at Tommy with a solemn expression. "But it's not really a method one usually use to become stronger because it'll be impossible for one to grow stronger so quickly."

"Tell me! Please!"

"Observation," Jason answered in Kanae's stead. "If you can't ever match them, all you have to do is defending until you can find their weakness. When it's the time, you should strike their weakness and finish it in one strike."

Tommy was stunned. "Is that possible?"

"Yes, just like what this little lass do to that large monster back then. If that happen to an ordinary person, I'm sure that person would have died."

Tommy had heard Kanae's fight in that incident and he smiled bitterly as he felt a cold wind on his lower half. It was not something he could possibly do.

Pat! Pat!

"Relax a bit," Shiro laughed. "You're still young, so you should enjoy your life too."

"Yup. Just forget about other things and enjoy this time."

"Yeah, thank you very much, guys. You're all the best."

Tommy was glad that he met with these three. Without their existences, his life would surely be very different. As he thought that, he looked outside, enjoying the view the highway offered to them.