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475 Tense Atmosphere

 Ryukalin Clan Headquarters

Kevin was looking towards a video that the Tamari Clan sent to him not long ago. At first, he didn't understand why they made a live video and connected it to his place. However, he soon understood what would happen to the Tamari Clan.

"Boss, we should go there and help him!" Mike suggested angrily.

Kevin passed a glance at Mike. "How do you plan to help him when the fight will end in a matter of minutes?"

The distance of this place to theirs took more than two hours of a journey using cars. With how the battle was going on, he doubted that they would take more than five minutes before the fight ended.

"Boss, they're all awakened people, right?" Neo asked when he saw how the three controlled the situation with only them.

Kevin nodded his head. "They're the real result that they always want from the crazy research so far. If you fight them, do you think you can win, Neo?"

"He's controlling people's mind with mere words. I think I'll be fine if I can't hear him?" Neo asked.

"Yes, but can you fight without hearing any sounds?"

When they fight, every sense mattered because there might be some unexpected action that occurred. If they couldn't hear, they might not be able to sense some hidden danger. Of course, they could do with some training, but it would be impossible to do so right now.

"Boss, please don't tell me that there's no way we can fight them?"

"I never say that," Kevin replied calmly. His dark blue iris was looking at the screen solemnly. "This is truly a nice present from the Tamari Clan Head. He lets us take a peek at the hidden power of the government."

"Boss, how can you be so calm?" Mike asked in disbelief. They were looking at people who have strength far beyond what normal human could possibly achieve, yet their boss acted as if it was nothing big. It was as if things like this were something that happened on every single day.

Kevin leaned back on his chair. He tapped the table in front of him. "Do you know that there's a way to find out whether someone is an awakened or not?"

"Yes," Neo nodded his head. "An awakened will have some different auras that can be detected by other strong awakened. As the result, they have been making the tools to detect them all."

Kevin nodded his head. "Remember the perfect age range for awakening?"

"It's between 13 to 15 years old."

Mike looked towards Neo from the corner of his eyes. This man already became similar to a walking encyclopedia. Everything that sounded strange for him flew out of his mouth like a river.

Kevin raised three of his fingers. "After three years, their power will stabilize and shows their true worth. At the same time, it becomes clearer who awakens them in the perfect age range and those who awakens them outside the range."

He moved his finger to the screen. "These two are among those who awaken them in the range. On the other hand, this man awakens them outside the range, just like my uncle."

"Their worth is different?"

"It's completely different. Outside the age rank for the first awakening, you can never reach the peak of your talent," Neo answered. "No wonder they don't care too much for that man."

Kevin nodded his head. "Neo, find out their identity and their life experience. Everything you can find, give it to me."

"Yes Boss."

Mike tilted his head in confusion. "Why do you need so much information, Boss?"

"Every awakened can only awakens them through bad experience that nearly send them to their end. It's their only weakness that can be easily exploited because even remembering them will send chills to your bones," Kevin answered calmly. "If they hadn't recovered yet, it's a great weapon to go against them."

Mike looked back at Kevin's expression. Even though his indifferent expression hadn't changed, Mike could sense the lingering sense of sadness around this proud man.

13 to 15 years old...

Neo moved to the window as he looked at the elders outside. His eyes scanned their reaction carefully. They were also looking at the video as various expressions appeared on their face. It was clear that many of them never thought that something like this was possible.

'Boss, 14 years old is the time when you lost your father, isn't it?'

He didn't dare to voice it out because he remembered that incident very clearly. It never crossed his mind that the loss affected Kevin so much to the point of breaking the barrier for awakened. He always thought that Kevin became strong because of his bloodline as the Kalin Family successor.

However, this proved to him that this young man was indeed an awakened person. How laughable that he, the one who stayed close to him all these times, never realized that point until now.

Knock! Knock!

Lou opened the door and looked at Kevin. "Boss, the elders are waiting for you. They want to know your opinion regarding the video that Tamari Clan Head sends to us."

By now, the battle in the Tamari Clan had finished with the overwhelming win for the other side. Many of the elders were not feeling too well because the development caused them to feel troubled. It was too scary to think that they have to face these people.

Kevin nodded his head. "Let's go to the hall."

The three of them followed after Kevin to the hall. Inside the hall, the elders were looking towards the young man with complicated gaze. Many of them were dubious about Kevin's stand in this matter.

Calmly walking to his seat, Kevin scanned his surroundings. By the time he sat down, he had finished assessed the expression of these people.

"Speak, what do you want to know?"

One of the elders hesitated before stepping forward. "Boss, we want to know about the content of the video. Is it true that people like that exist?"

"Yes, it's true," Kevin answered simply.

Another elder raised his head. "Boss, does it mean we're going to fight against them?"

"Whether we fight or not will depend on their stance to us," Kevin replied. "I believe that all of you remember the teaching that this clan has."

They all remember. It was the very first thing that their teacher taught them when they got into this clan. If they dared to forget about it, they might be kicked out of the clan without any hesitation.

The clan cannot be bullied!

If someone bullies them, they have to show them why the name of Ryukalin Clan can't be forgotten!

"Anything else?" Kevin asked calmly. His eyes were scanning the crowd in front of him with indifference.

The elders shook their head. They knew that their clan head's position was clear, he wouldn't back down to other people. If the government thought that they were pushovers, they would fight back with certainty.

While some of them agreed, there were those who didn't want to fight too. Seeing the difference in strength was too great, they would surely think about how impossible it was.

Kevin looked at their expression once more before walking out of the hall. Megara, Kevin's rival, was looking with derision. "Everything bows down to strength. Even if you're powerful, can you go against the absolute power?"

His remark caused some elders to look at him. However, no one said anything as they dispersed and returned back to their work. Their mind was in constant state of chaos as they had to think about their future path once more. The revelation of these people caused them to feel terrified.