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474 Tamari Clan Destruction

 Tamari Clan's Headquarters

The leader of Tamari Clan was staying in his room with a solemn expression. In front of him, a letter was placed neatly on his desk. An ordinary letter wouldn't make him felt troubled, but this one was completely different. He knew that this would surely signal their end.

Those from the government have started to make their move. It was not an ordinary move at that. And they hoped that everyone would follow their words and decision.

"Boss, is there anything wrong?" his closest attendant asked carefully.

Tamari Clan Head glanced up and shook his head slightly. "Have you prepared everything that I ask you?"

"Everything is ready, Boss."

"That's good."

Leaning back on his chair, his aged hand was hanging on the side. His eyes looked at the ceiling as complicated feeling brewed inside them. "If I ask you to leave me alone, will you leave?"

"I'll never leave you alone, Boss," the man frowned.

Tamari Clan Head smiled slightly when he heard the vow of his subordinate. "I already guess that you will say that. Don't worry. I won't ask you to leave if you don't want. It's just, I feel that it's such a shame for you to die young."

His closest subordinate shook his head. "If you're going to fight until death, I'll follow after you, Boss. Forever and ever, Tamari Clan is going to be my only place."

Tamari Clan Head nodded. He silently stayed in his place as he heard sudden scream of his members. His attendant frowned deeply at the sudden sound and looked outside the windows. What he saw at that time was something that he could never forget for his entire life.

"Clan Head, they're not human, are they?" he asked with trembled voice.

Tamari Clan Head smiled wryly. "They're human, but you will never be able to associate them with normal humans."

"What do you mean, Clan Head?"

Standing up, Tamari Clan Head smiled slightly. "Do you know how the five big clans originally made?"

His subordinate stared back at him with widened eyes. Tamari Clan Head knew that this would surely happen, but he didn't have any choice. His old age wouldn't last long to support his real power that he gained through awakening.

"Boss, do you mean...?"

"Their leaders are all awakened people with monstrous power. The reason why clan head can only come from our bloodline is because of the power our lineage has for years."

As soon as he finished, Tamari Clan Head clenched his fist and smoke appeared from his fist. This shall be his last battle, so he would stake his all to this one. His ability was to move faster and quicker, but his old body would only last a few minutes if he forced it to move at the insane speed.

Ignoring the thoughts, he dashed out of the room with his sword on his hand. His subordinate couldn't follow his speed at all.

Outside the place, he could see three people were leading the group. They looked towards him in astonishment, but one of them raised his arm and Tamari Clan Head could see a large boulder was heading towards his direction.


He blocked the item, but this time, a tree already heading towards his way. Rolling to the side, he evaded the attack once more.

"Hey, Pen, don't play with him alone," a man with bulged body complained.

The man called Pen, a tall man with dark brown hair, looked towards the one who complained. He lowered his hand and the tree no longer followed after Tamari Clan Head.

"He's all yours," the third man said calmly.

"My pleasure," the big man answered before charging at Tamari Clan Head's direction.

On the other hand, Tamari Clan Head sensed his coming too. He moved to the side directly at the speed that the other party couldn't follow. The big man blocked his attack as the sword on Tamari Clan Head's hand pierced on his arm.

"You're too weak!" the big man laughed. He punched forward and grazed Tamari Clan Head's arm.

Forced to move back, Tamari Clan Head felt his hand already went numb. It was clear that this man has extreme brute strength that far exceeded ordinary people. Somehow, he recalled Patrick when he realized that. Of course, Patrick was still far behind because that man awakened his power too late.

On the side, Pen looked at the third man. "Finish them quickly."

"I already control them," the third man replied. He looked at the men from Tamari Clan with derision. "Attack the friend beside you."

In that moment, they turned around and stabbed the sword to their friend.




Chaos ensued as they tried their best to not follow the order. However, no matter what they did, every order from the third man was something that they have to follow no matter what.

Amongst the crowd, a man charged forward. The third man frowned. "Pen, protect me."

Pen didn't answer. He lifted his hand and a rock flew towards the man, crashing at high speed. The man flew to the side, bleeding hard from the impact.

At this time, Tamari Clan Head was forcing himself to move around the big man. The big man leaped forward and banged his fist hard. Tamari Clan Head shifted his position to the side and his hand reached the big man's neck, cutting a large wound.

As blood gushed out, the big man roared. He punched to the side and Tamari Clan Head blocked it, which sent him back a few meters.

"You!" the big man tried to stop the bleeding, but blood flowed out like a flood. He turned around to the other two.

"Pen, let's make a report about how he doesn't follow orders," the third man said coldly.

Pen nodded quietly.

"You bastard!" the big man charged towards his teammates. He was angry because he knew that they wouldn't bother helping him to treat his wounds. In mere seconds, he would surely pass out because of lack in blood.

The third man frowned. "Stop him."

Dozens of men stood between the big man and the third man. Although their strength was not in par as the big man sent them flying in a matter of seconds, but they managed to slow him down. Before he could reach the third man, his feet gave in and he fell to the floor.

"You're too stupid, you know?" the third man mocked. "You're nothing more than an animal with that brute strength of yours."

"He won't let you go for killing me!" the big man glared.

"I don't kill you," the third man smiled. "Tamari Clan Head kills you because you can't follow his speed."


Ignoring the nearly dead big man, the third man looked at the struggling Tamari Clan Head. The fight just now had nearly drained his strength completely. He waved his hand slightly.

"Pen, finish them all."

"Yes," Pen replied curtly and raised his hand. Numerous objects rose up from the ground, heading towards every single person who was still alive.

Tamari Clan Head looked at the objects coming at him with a pair of lifeless eyes. Today, the name of Tamari Clan was going to be erased from the record. He looked to the side as a sad smile appeared on his lips.

'It's up to you now, brats.'

Rain of objects fell upon them all, sending them all to their grave.