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473 Invitation to Come

 Laura's Mansion, Present Time

"Sis, how long do you want to watch the television?" Laura waved her hand in front of Kanae's face with confusion. Why did her sister suddenly become so fixated with the news of the school?

Kanae blinked as she gathered her attention back. She recalled her past in the school just now because she participated in the battle not long ago. It was the harsh battle that completely changed her fate until this far.

"It's nothing, but you should know that our parents don't like us to go there, right? If not because of that, he won't try hard to get us out from there."

"I know."

"Why are you offering to attend the school, then?" Kanae looked at Laura with confusion.

Laura sighed. She strode to the side of the room and picked up a letter, which she shoved to Kanae.

"I get this invitation this morning, so I have been thinking about the school."


Greetings, Laura Nali

We, the representative of Lima School invited you to come at the opening of the school to the public at XX/XX/XXXX for a free tour. This letter served as prove that you have the chance to register yourself into the school. We always welcome talented youngsters such as you.

Best regards,

Representative of Lima School, Ferdinand.'

The letter was quite short since it was only a piece of paper. Kanae looked towards the paper for a few seconds before looking at Laura.

"Do you know why they invite you?"

Laura stared back at her sister. "Sis, did you hit your head? Do you forget that I'm also a silver letter holder?"

"I don't hit my head," Kanae rolled her eyes. "I just thought that you still didn't know much about them."

"I learn about them from other ways when I'm still overseas," Laura replied. She had heard about the history of the letter from her teachers overseas because the system in this city was extremely unique. This also allowed her to know the true essence and reason why the two letters existed in the first place.

The first letter one received upon being recognized to have some anomaly was called the silver letter. If their talent was recognized to be higher during the time they were tested again at the age of 8-10, they could get the golden letter and admitted directly into the hidden group of the government.

The very first reason why the letter was created was to make sure that there would be no incident like it was in the past. There was a time when one awakened didn't know that he awakened his power. Harnessing the power that was above logic, he was treated as freak.

The pressure from his surrounding caused him to turn crazy. Several people died because of him losing control of his power. As this alarmed the government greatly, they created the letter. From outside, they told the people that this was given to talented people, while in truth, this was the method they used to prevent the same incident from repeating itself again.

With times, they found out that the awakened could only come from certain degree of anomaly, which became clear when they were 8-10 years old. As the result, those who passed the barrier will be given the golden letter and earned the right for higher priority. At the same time, they were watching the owner carefully in fear that they would awaken their power accidentally without realizing it.

It took them some time to find the condition to awaken their talent. Since then, they would try to prevent that kind of experience to happen to the one with the possibility of awakening their talent.

But things changed in the past few decades.

Kanae looked at Laura's eyes. "Do you remember when you test them again at the age of 8?"

Laura nodded. "I remember, but I don't pass their exam, so I can't continue. However, I remember that you went missing for days, Sis. Dad and Mom are also busy with work, but they still try to search for you."

"I'm still a naughty kid at that time."

"I believe that you're still very naughty even now, Sis."

"What? I'm a good kid," Kanae immediately defended herself.

Laura crossed her arm. "I make a series of new sweets not long ago and place them in the refrigerator. But when I want to check them again, they already disappear."

"Uh..." she couldn't say that they already moved place to her stomach, could she?

Seeing her sister became speechless, Laura smiled triumphantly. "Anyway, do you think I should come to this school? You also get one, Sis."

Kanae took the invitation letter and sighed. Even though they already got out from the school a long time ago, their data was still inside the school, making them knew about the fact that they held the letter. The accursed silver letter that would make them the target.

"Do you want to come?"

"I'm not sure myself, but I know that I'm not allowed to ignore anything that come from the government," Laura answered.

Anything that came from the government should be placed at the very first priority. This was something that many people already knew. They followed after this rule strictly because those who were at the very peak realized the power behind the government very well.

"We'll come together," Kanae smiled. "Nothing will happen to you."

Laura beamed. "Thank you, Sis!"

"Now, let me borrow the kitchen, I want to try the recipe that you teach me not long ago."

"What? NO! You're not allowed to come to the kitchen and cook. The entire kitchen is going to be a mess."

"Come on, you'll be busy at the company because of a meeting too. Why can't I use the kitchen?"

Laura snapped back to reality the moment Kanae said that. She nearly cursed out loud. A few minutes ago, she was already prepared to go after changing her clothes and took the materials. However, upon seeing her sister still stayed in the same place, she walked over in curiosity and talked again.

"I'll be late! Don't mess the kitchen, Sis!" Laura yelled and took her phone that she placed on the table.

Kanae smiled and waved her hand. "I'll do my best to not mess them up."

"If you mess the kitchen, I won't cook for you for a week!"

"Hey! Don't threaten me with food!"

Laura stuck out her tongue before getting out of the room. Kanae shook her head with a wry smile. That little sister of hers was truly devious, she knew how to make sure that Kanae didn't enter the kitchen at all.

Taking the invitation letter on the table, she read the one directed for her. They were using the exact same words for her.

"Silver letter holders don't mean much for them," Kanae placed it back on the table. "They're nothing more than experiment rats for the medicine."

Her body tensed up the moment she recalled her experience and what she had seen in that school. From the records that Jason showed to her, she knew that many of the missing students were actually silver letter holder. It became clear that they were targeting silver letter holder only for experiment use.

'We're going to be alright.'

Calming herself down, Kanae moved to her room. She couldn't change the past no matter what she did. Her decision to come to the school in that battle changed her life forever, making her became far ruthless and decisive. Staining her hands with blood, it was the path that dragged her to the underworld forever, unable to leave the path of blood.

Kanae heaved a sigh. She knew how blood thirsty she became after that incident as she was extremely unforgiving for whoever dared to offend her or hurt her family.

Tearing her gaze towards her bed, she lied down slowly. Even though she has already gotten used with fighting by now, it was still not a good experience to remember. She wanted some rest to clear her mind.