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472 Clash of Groups: The Story They Leak

 Walking to the entrance, Kanae could see several people were already being treated by the doctors near the door. Many of them were not in good condition anymore, but they were glad that they could stay alive. The death rate in this incident was already more than 90%.

Bypassed the meds, they could see several soldiers were talking to some of the wounded men. Some of the wounded men cheered, while the others shook their head.

It was clear; they were trying to take in more people.

"Captain, should we tell them the truth?" Jason felt irked when he saw the wounded men agreed. As he had seen for himself the fate of numerous students in this school, he knew that they would never end well.

"Do you think they will believe you?" Kanae shook her head. They were nobody in this place, even if they shouted the truth, no one would believe them. Besides, the soldiers might shoot them to death before they could do anything. With their current condition, there was no hope to evade them at all.

Jason shrugged and led them away from the place. They stopped near the corner as he looked behind, several people were following after them.

"Captain, can you run?"


With that, the three of them ran immediately. Their sudden movement caught the people behind them off guard. They tried to catch up, but the three of them already disappeared into the darkness of the Black Street.

"We lost them."

Forcing herself to the limit, Kanae ran after Jason. Her feet were hurt terribly, but she paid no heed and continued to run. They stopped in the intersection where Jason parked his car.

Taking the key out, Jason climbed in with Kanae and Tommy behind him.

"Are they still following us?" Tommy asked anxiously.

"They shouldn't be," Kanae smirked. "I don't sense them anymore after the second turn. They can't catch up with our speed."

"Why do you think they're following after us?"

"I think, it's not only us but also the others. They won't let anyone who manage to get out from the place go away just like that. I'm sure, they want to hide the real battle in the school."

"What story do you think they'll come up with?" Jason asked as he steered the car.

"I'm not sure," Kanae shrugged.

They got out from the car carefully. Shiro was already waiting for them and his face contorted when he saw their condition.

"I'm amazed that you're still alive."

"Please treat us, Doctor."

"Of course, but bear with the pain," Shiro pointed to the abandoned building. "You won't be able to do anything else after I'm done with you."

Tommy felt chill coming down on his spine when he saw Shiro's gesture. Why did he feel that asking the medic before for treatment sound far better than Shiro? Afterwards, he finally understood that after hellish battle, he had to experience hellish treatment too.


"I'm glad that you silence his voice," Jason was sitting with his body full of bandages. He looked towards Tommy with pity. "With the scream he almost let out, I won't feel it strange that the entire Black Street come here"

Shiro snorted. "He's just too weak towards pain. You're mostly fine, Jason, but you might want to have the doctors of Wells Family check up on you again. I can only treat the outside."

Jason shook his head. "I can't let them know that I'm wounded. How long do I need until full recovery?"

Shiro crossed his arm. "For you, you need around three weeks for recovery and another three weeks until you can walk like normal. For this annoying brat, he needs around four weeks for recovery and another seven or so weeks until he can do activities normally."

"It's that bad?" Jason was stunned.

"You have a deep wound that reach some of your bones. Thankfully, none of them truly hurt the bone, so you can still move, but I suggest you rest," Shiro answered.

Jason looked towards the sleeping girl by the side. "What about Kanae?"

Shiro's face contorted. "It's already a miracle that she still can stand with that condition. Many of her bones are broken with numerous blades wound. She lost a lot of blood, so she needs to sleep and eat a lot. I think, it'll need around 7 weeks until her wounds are closed and 20 or so weeks until she can fight again."

Jason's mouth opened wide when he heard that. 20 weeks was equivalent with five months. Asking this girl to rest for that long was simply impossible.

Shiro sat down. "I already consider your healing abilities. As you're already trained, the three of you have higher healing rate compared with normal people."

"You're right."

"I want to show you the news," Shiro turned on the television.

"...The place behind me is Lima School, the prestigious school that previously famous for being hard to enter. However, this is precisely the place where clashes of groups happen. The reason is unclear, but the higher up reported that the groups are fighting in this place and compete to earn money.

According to the recent report, it is known that there are three groups that come out to be the strongest. They're Lore Group, Hunter Group, and Fiore Group. The name of Fiore Group is rather unfamiliar because this is a new group, made around one year ago...."

Jason stared at the television with blank face. They were telling the mass that the groups didn't have anything better than fighting for money. Even though he knew that the groups were created for money, none of them would be stupid enough to compete with other powerful group just for the money.

The odds of winning against Lore or Hunter Group would be close to nil.

"They're making up weird facts about our group," Kanae turned her head around to look at the television.

"You're awake, lass?"

Kanae nodded her head slightly. "At the very least, they don't know our appearance because we're hiding them when we fight most of the time."

"Now, we're famous as the darkest horse and famous group," Shiro crossed his arm. "It's not too bad."

"Soon enough, they'll know the name of our group," Kanae smiled. "I believe that many of the groups that manage to get out from the school will be targeted. Can you help them out, Brother Jason?"

"It'll be a piece of cake," Jason smirked. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to keep their lives and pull them to our side."

"That's good."

"For now, you have to rest, Kanae. You're not allowed to fight for the next few months."

"I know," Kanae sighed. Thinking of how her activities would only consist of her going to school normally, she knew that she would have to learn how to hold back. At the very least, those would be peaceful days because she didn't have to fight every single day.

Yeah, she truly needed the rest.

"Have you gotten the payment for the mission?"

Shiro nodded. "They send it right after the battle has finished."

"Transfer my part for me, I want to make allocation for my next few months meal."

"Make sure to take a lot of them, you're quite a glutton yourself."

"You don't have to tell that to me!"


A/N: the clash of groups is finished in this chapter. The next chapter will return back to the present time.