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470 Clash of Groups: Oval Group Vice-Leader

 "Can you still fight, Randy?" Dean sneered.

Randy frowned. He straightened his body, enduring the pain on his back without any change in his expression. "What do you think?"

Dean snorted and looked towards the door heading down with a frown. Even if they managed to go there, they would have to fight numerous battles again. In normal condition, it would take hours as they didn't know how strong their enemies would be. However, their stamina already depleted and they were death tired.

"The building can collapse at anytime because of the acid," Kanae remarked from the side. "We don't have much time left."

"What's your plan, little brat?"

Kanae pointed to the side of the building. "There's an emergency stair at the side of the building, right? Can we use it?"

One of the people hurriedly ran to the side to check the stairs. Upon seeing the metal stairs were still relatively fine and reached the bottom place, he cheered. "The stairs are here. We can use it to go down."

Dean frowned a bit. "How do you know that there's stairs there?"

"This long building is a dorm, so they make an emergency exit in case something happens," Kanae replied. In the next second, she thought that her reasoning was not entirely convincing. Still, she couldn't possibly say that she used to play in this building, right?

"You comes prepared, brat," Dean looked towards Kanae suspiciously. He turned around. "Let's go down."

Without waiting for more commands, they reached the stairs and headed down rapidly. The monsters didn't come to the stairs, but the condition of the stairs itself was not completely fine.


"Be careful, some of the steps are already broken because of the fight before," Randy instructed.

"Yes, Boss."

Going down the building, Kanae scanned the surrounding. There were several building in this place, many of them were already destroyed terribly. Some of the building that still stood on its place was already in ruins for most of the part.

"We're lucky that this building still stand," Tommy commented.

"Yes, we're lucky," Kanae agreed.

"We've reached the ground."

They cheered the moment they reached the ground. Only the three leaders were relatively calmer as they understood that the fight has not over yet. Looking towards the building, Randy put both of his hand on his hips.

"Let me destroy this building. The rest of you can just fight against the other monsters."

Dean arched his eyebrows. "How do you plan to destroy it?"

"Do you forget my specialty?" Randy snorted. "I'm going to blow this place up, so you two and your members should go away."

"You don't have to tell me. I'll willingly go away," Dean snickered and walked away leisurely. His members were following behind him as they dealt blow to the monsters in the surrounding.

Kanae, Jason, and Tommy followed Dean to reach the nearby field. Aside from the mess, this place was the spacious one. Resting with the Lore Group, the three of them took out their canned food and started eating.

"Captain, your appetite is as great as before," Tommy remarked.

Kanae nodded her head. "I need to replenish my energy before treating my wounds."

Looking at the numerous wounds Kanae had, even Tommy couldn't understand how this girl managed to stand firm and walked like nothing. If it was him, he was pretty sure that he wouldn't be able to do it at all.

"How many broken bones you have, Rei?"

"I don't count it," Kanae smiled wryly. "But I'm pretty sure that some of my ribs are fractured from the impact of fighting before."

"You're not allowed to fight anymore," Jason frowned.

"As long as it's not necessary, I don't want to fight too."

They were not the only one eating, those from Lore Group was also eating delightfully. They were glad that they could get out from the building. However, Dean was still standing and looked towards the faraway direction. There was one person he had not seen, but he knew that this person was quite strong.

"Stand guard," he suddenly instructed.

One person came towards them slowly. His appearance was still pretty good, despite the fact that the fight had lasted for days. It was as if he hid every single time.

"Oro, Tom, step back," Kanae abruptly stood up. Her eyes were fixated on the man who came. "He's dangerous."

The man stopped several meters in front of Dean. "Long time no see, my friend, Dean."

"I'm not your friend, Carlo," Dean frowned. "As I thought, the Oval Group Vice leader is nowhere to be found. It turns out, you never come to the building at all."

The man called Carlo smiled. "You got me. Now, hand over the vial."

"Unfortunately, the vial is not with me," Dean replied.

"Not you? Randy says that he doesn't hold it too, which mean, it should be among the members," Carlo scanned the surrounding before locking his gaze to Kanae. "Naturally, that person should be the next strongest one."


Before Dean could say anything, Carlo had sprinted towards Kanae. The girl managed to react in time and evaded the sudden attack, but the kick that followed soon after hit her stomach.



Propping herself up, Kanae readied her guard and welcomed the next attack from Carlo. From the strength that she experienced, she was sure that this was already more than what Dean and Randy previously displayed. Since the two only able to exert half of their power, it could mean that Carlo was still at the peak of his condition.

This cheating man must have hidden himself to wait for the chance at the end.

The two traded blows as Kanae got hit continuously. In the end, she was pushed to the back and crashed to the railings.

"That's pretty harsh," Kanae wiped the blood on her mouth.

Carlo crossed his arm. "Naturally, hand over the vial."

Tommy was about to step up, but Jason held him back. He understood that neither the two of them could possibly stand up against Carlo. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Dean also stood by the side. His gesture was clear; he wouldn't help them out.

Kanae coughed and took out the vial from her pocket. "Here, you can have it."

Throwing the vial to Carlo, the man caught it delightfully. He opened the cup and downed it in one go.

"Boss, is it fine to hand over the result of our hard work just like that?" the man beside Dean asked worriedly.

"My goal is never the vial," Dean crossed his arm.


Dean smirked. "Do you realize where you're standing right now?"

"We're in Lima School."

"You're correct," Dean was still looking at Carlo while he explained. "Not everyone can step their feet in this place. I just come to take a look at what they have in store for us."

As they were talking, Carlo felt sudden pain on his head. The pain was so big that he crouched down and screamed like a madman.