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468 Clash of Groups: Dealing with the Large Monster


The monster slammed on the ground hard, seemingly extremely angry at the attack that Kanae directed at him before. The ground shook heavily as the men were trying hard to stabilize their balance.

"REI!" Jason called in panic.

"I'm fine," Kanae's voice could be heard from the device. She managed to escape in the nick of time right before the fists hit her.

Dean stood near Kanae. "You're quite brave, little girl. But this monster no longer has the same sense as human. Even if it's hurt, it won't do much damage to his overall fighting prowess."

"Even if it's painful, it won't affect them?" Kanae looked towards Dean with question all over her face.

Dean nodded his head. He had been watching the monster from the very first time he stepped into this place. "The stronger they are, the more they can feel the pain like human. However, the pain that they have won't affect them too much in real fight. They will still move using superhuman strength and speed."

Kanae stood up again. "Do you have any idea how to defeat him?"

"We have to collaborate," Randy spoke out. His face was rather dark, but he clearly understood that they stood no chance if they worked alone. "I don't like the sound, but we need to collaborate if we want to defeat him."

"I don't want to collaborate with you," Dean remarked.

Randy snorted. "Who would want to collaborate with you too? However, I don't want to die yet."

"Me too," Dean prepared his blade. "That's why we're going to collaborate, Randy brat!"

"Don't you dare calling me brat!"

The two of them dashed forward at the same time with Kanae slightly late. She didn't have the same speed as them. Even though it was close, she was still slightly slower compared with them.

Reaching the monster, Randy tried to block the movement of the monster. He was more famous for his speed in his dual dagger rather than his power, so he used his tricky movement to seal the monster movement. On the other hand, Dean was using his blade to strike as hard as possible.

As for Kanae, she would try to attempt for some tricky attack again.

Scratches appeared on the skin of the monsters, but neither one of them was too deep. If this continues, they would run out of stamina faster than the monster, which would result in their death.

"Dean, do you have any plan?" Randy asked as he rolled to evade the kick from the monster.

"We should have stabbed his eyes."

"I'll try the same again," Kanae suddenly remarked as she dashed under the monster again.

Randy nearly coughed when he heard what Kanae said. However, he used his dagger to stab the right foot of the monster, preventing it from moving. On the other hand, Dean was attacking the side of the monster hardly.

Positioning herself in the same position took shorter time and Kanae kicked upwards once again. The monster tried to prevent it, but he was unable to because of the two people who guarded him.

Bellowing angrily, his free knee caved in again.

Jleb! Jleb!

Both Dean and Randy attacked at the same time to attack the monster's eyes. Their weapon got in smoothly while Kanae already moved away from her position.

The monster roared and swung his hand, reaching Randy on the side. The powerful swing sent him back to the wall, making a deep crate there.

*cough* *cough*

"That's hurt, you damnable monster," Randy coughed as he dropped to the ground. His back was extremely hurt. He was pretty sure that several of his bones were broken.

"Watch out!" Dean managed to escape, but the monster turned towards Kanae again. Even without his eyes, he still knew the location of Kanae very well.


His two fists landed on the ground. This time, the shook was far greater than before, making numerous cracks on the ground.

"That was close," Kanae looked towards her red arm. She nearly didn't manage to escape. Her arm was located real close with the monster's fist, scraping the skin so badly.

This made her shudder. If even grazing was already making her bleed this badly, what would happen once she got hit for real?

"Rei, he's aiming for you!" Dean yelled. That monster seemed to be angry because of Kanae's consecutive hit to him. As it was painful, she became the first target he aimed.

Seeing the attack coming again, Kanae ran to the side, narrowly evaded the arm of the monster. Her eyes were looking towards the ground where numerous cracks were there.

"Brother Dean, help me destroy the floor!"

"What -?" Dean looked towards the cracks on the ground and instantly understood what Kanae wanted to achieve. He ran towards the two of them with his blade ready.

Kanae rolled on the ground, evading the attack again as she headed back to the place where the cracks were the most numerous. She crouched down as the monster approached. Seeing her staying so close with the floor, the monster raised his fist on the air before slamming down again.

Seeing his action, Kanae smirked. She rolled to the side, escaping the attack. At the same time as the monster's attack, Dean also arrived and used his blade to strike straight to the ground.

The fist alone was already enough to send the floor shaking so badly. Adding the thrust from Dean, the cracks increased so badly from his blade's position.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

"Run!" Dean yelled to Kanae.

The floors were breaking apart. The monster was about to run, but his feet stuck on the rocks. As the cracks appeared more, the floor was broken. With his weight, the monster was the very first to fall down.


The floor below shook hard and in the next moment, the floor was breaking too.

Crack, crack, crack!


From the sound, they instantly knew that the monster reached the pool of acid. Screams appeared from below, but the people paid no heed. Right now, their attention was on the two people who were running from the source of the cracks.

"Run, Rei!" Jason yelled in anxiousness.

Kanae ran to the best of her ability, but she could not reach the end of the save place. Her feet lost its stepping ground, and she felt the gravity took her down.

"REI!" Jason screamed when he saw Kanae fell down. He anxiously ran towards the deep crack, hoping that the girl was still there.