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467 Clash of Groups: The Highest Floor

 Walking through the stairs, they could sense the battle was going intense. Every person tightly gripped their weapons, ready to attack anytime.

"Is it alright to go up with only four people?" Kanae asked as they walked cautiously.

Dean nodded his head. "I don't want to bring baggage with me. Hunter Group is already ahead of us, and their strength is much more."

Jason frowned slightly. Lore and Hunter Group were the two strongest groups in this city. Even though Hunter Group has only begun to gain their fame in the past few years, their strength was not to be taken lightly. It was unknown where this group popped out from, but this group could surely flatten many other groups with ease.

Finally, they reached the door. Opening the door slowly, Dean watched the situation inside. Upon seeing the ghastly sight, his brows furrowed.

At the end of the room there were several people fighting with large monsters. Around them, it was unclear whether there were items, bodies, or blood anymore. Everything was a complete mess.

"Randy, you're pretty quick!" bellowing, Dean stomped on the ground as he dashed towards the group of men.

Randy, the leader of Hunter Group, sensed Dean's coming right away. He nearly cursed when he saw the middle aged man coming at him. Without thinking much, he cut the monsters before him, moving his body and kicked the monsters towards Dean.

Facing the incoming monster, Dean swung his own blade, cutting it off into two.

"Is that all you got?"

"Damn you, Dean! Don't you dare stopping me!" Randy growled and ran towards the other door, which was located not far from him. "Those who are free, follow after me, the others, stop that man!"


Clashing with the other men, Dean snorted. He kicked them away and looked towards the incoming monsters. The size of the monsters was far bigger compared with the one at the lower floor. Was their size signified higher strength? He was not sure, but these bunches of monsters were not letting him go too quickly.

"We should help," Kanae instructed before dashing towards the monsters. Without stopping, she easily made a cut on their side as deep as her small swords allowed her to.

The other Lore Group member and Jason also dashed off, but when he faced the monster right on, Jason nearly toppled back. The strength from one monster was already more than enough to send him back several meters.

"They're very strong, Captain!"

"Hold on, I'll help you."

Switching her direction, Kanae returned back to Jason's side. Her agile movement allowed her to arrive behind the monster and made a deep horizontal wound on his back. Blood gushed out towards her, which she narrowly avoided.

Kanae sighed. "I must be very smelly right now."

"I don't think this is the time to worry about it so much, Captain," Jason smiled wryly.

"These monsters have higher strength, but they're slower," Kanae pointed to the group of monsters that Dean had killed. "I'm not sure why, but they can't move as fast as the one in the lower floor."

"If you can't dodge, it's useless to know that."

"I know."


All of them froze for a moment when they heard that ear piercing scream from the 24th floor. 24th floor could be said to be the highest floor because the 25th floor was combined along and the 26thwas the rooftop.

In the next second, the floor on top of them shook and cracks started to appear on the roof. They watched with horror as the room shook once more, which created more cracks everywhere.

"Captain, what's in the next floor?"

"Let's go?" instead of answering, Kanae dashed towards the stairs. She was not the only one, several others were also running in the same direction. They no longer paid any attention to the large monsters around them as they knew that something more tarrying should be on the next floor.

The moment they arrived on the 24th floor, they could see a large monsters, nearly 3 meters in height was thrashing a man on the air. His muscle bulged out, showing the fact that he had enormous strength far more than ordinary people.

The man he threw went towards their direction, slamming towards several other men. The force was enough to send them back to the wall, making a deep crater and killing them instantly.

"Monster..." Jason whispered as his eyes showed deep fear. What he had seen was completely inhuman. How in the world someone can have the strength to kill several best fighters in this city just like that?


At the very front, Randy was doing all he could to wound the monsters. However, the monster thick skin didn't make it possible because his attack barely grazed the monster's body. Such insignificant wound would need hours to kill this monster.

"Move back!" Dean yelled as he lunged towards the monster, attacking from the side.


Feeling the tough skin, his expression darkened. It was too hard to cut through, but if they didn't kill him, he would go rampart. The monster felt annoyed, he slammed his large hand towards Dean, which he skillfully evaded to the side. The fist reached the floor, shaking it badly once more.

Kanae's eyes didn't leave the monster as she watched how Dean and Randy were trying to wound him. Her strength was lesser than them, but she wanted to help. She didn't really understand, but she wanted to fight alongside them.

"Shin, what's the weakest part of human's body?" Kanae asked.

Shiro frowned when he heard what Kanae asked. "It's obviously the eyes. You can't possibly strengthen your eye unless you have special talent for that."

Kanae looked towards the height of the monster. It would need more than luck to make sure they hit his eyes. After all, the monster wouldn't stay in one place and his height was far above average human's height.

"Is there no other place?"

Shiro scratched his head. "I think, you can also try to aim for the third leg."

Jason felt chill on his lower body when he heard what Shiro said. That was quite ruthless.

Kanae looked towards the monster for a moment. "I'll be right back."

"You'll truly aim for that?" Jason was shocked.

"I think."

Right now, Jason felt extremely glad that he was not the one who was fighting with Kanae. He couldn't imagine what his condition would be if Kanae was seriously aiming for that.

Dashing from her place, Kanae used her speed to the fullest as she reached the monster quickly. In that split second, she stopped right below the monster and turned her body around so that her hands were on the ground. After that, she kicked up, straight to the target.

"...She hit it," Jason murmured.

"Please, don't report it to us," Shiro coughed lightly.

Tommy instinctively moved his hand. "Shin, please don't you ever suggest something like that to her anymore. Even from hearing the sound, I already feel afraid."

The monster was also felt pain as he dropped his knees, nearly hitting Kanae below him. Luckily, she already pushed her body to the side, rolling on the cold ground.

Seeing the monster's height dropped, Randy and Dean moved to attack his neck at the same time. However, the attack barely grazed the monster as he already swung his hand towards the two of them, nearly sending them dozens of meters if not for their fast reflex.

Kanae propped herself up and looked towards the monster with a frown. "Shin, it's not working."

This time, the monster targeted Kanae. He jumped towards Kanae with his two fists ready, slamming the ground hard as the room shook once more.