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465 Clash of Groups: Forced Collaboration

 The retaliation from Oval Group leader couldn't surprise Kanae. She stopped her movement and sharply moved from her position. The attack reached the ground as the floor trembled as the result of the impact.

Kanae's pupil narrowed. It seemed, she had found one of the reasons how there were so much destruction on the floor below. The strengths of these people were simply capable to destroy the perfectly fine foundation. However, if this place collapsed, the result wouldn't be pretty as they all perfectly remember what lies below was nothing but pool of acid.

"Where do you think you're looking?" Dean yelled. His large blade was reaching towards the man fast.


Oval Group leader frowned. He pushed Dean back as he felt danger from behind. Moving to the side slightly, he noticed that a hand holding small and peculiar sword passed by his side, wounding his thigh.

"Don't you meddle, you ant!"

He strikes hard and Kanae did all she could to parry the attack. Her hand trembled as she was sent to the back because of the sheer force. Looking towards the two who have returned back to fighting, Kanae's eyes turned solemn.

So this was the power of those who stood at the peak of the group.

She could sense that the strength was still far lesser compared from what she had experienced from Master Rudy. This pain was still within her limit. She could bear with it.


Jason was startled at Kanae's sudden movement, but he understood perfectly what she wanted to convey. Taking out his large blade, he started to approach the member of Oval Group. Thankfully, they wore their badge, making him able to recognize them easily.

"You're not too bad, newcomer," the man commented when he saw how Jason was able to help him.

Jason nodded his head. Of course he was not bad. Even though he was not extremely strong, he was still far better than most people. The training of thousands of hours was not for nothing.

It didn't take long for them to finish the Oval Group. Even though many of them were wounded, the Oval Group was never the match for Lore Group. They wanted to retreat, but their leader was too focused on the two people who attacked him. He didn't have any time to spare for the others at all.

Bam! Crack, crack.

As Kanae evaded the attack, the large blade landed on the ground once more. It shook the ground terribly as cracks started to appear.

"You're still quite strong, my friend," Dean snorted. "But you're still not my match!"


Blocking the attack from Dean, the Oval Group leader was pushed to the back. His hand was bleeding from the impact. He recalled that the little brat was still behind him, so he quickly turned around.


A large wound appeared on his back. As he felt pain, he turned around forcefully and attacked the brat. Agilely, Kanae evaded to the side. Her feet tripped to the floor, making her rolled on the ground.

The man smirked, but pain appeared from the side. He noticed that his shoulder was already cut from behind.

"Your enemies are not only one," Dean said coldly.


He attempted to wound Dean, but the man already moved back. He stepped forward once again and finished the man off.

"It takes longer than I thought," Dean heaved a sigh. His stamina was already badly depleted from continuous fight so far. If not because of that, he would be able to defeat this annoying man sooner.

His eyes landed on the young girl by the side. The young feature on her face caused his brows to furrow.

"You're not bad, little brat."

"Thank you," Kanae smiled and answered calmly.

Dean's pupil shrunk when he heard her voice. "You're a woman?"

Dusting her clothes from the dust, Kanae nodded her head nonchalantly. She looked towards the side and relaxed when she noticed that Jason was still alright.

On his side, Dean was looking towards Kanae with apprehension. He had not paid much attention in the beginning when she barged in, but when she did it continuously, he came to realize something. This little brat could catch up! It was quite a remarkable achievement considering their strength.

However, now he found out that this brat was still very young. From her voice and appearance, he knew that this girl should be still a teenager. For a teenager to be able to keep up with their fight, what kind of food she ate every day?

"What's your name, little lass?" Dean crossed his arm.

Kanae looked back towards Dean. "I'm Rei from Fiore Group."

Fiore Group? The name was highly unfamiliar for him. However, he was pretty sure that he would remember the name of Rei from now. After all, the number of talented youngster who could achieve the same as her was not many.

"Let's gather up," Dean called his teammate. Looking towards their condition, his heart ached terribly. The fight with Oval Group caused their condition to deteriorate further.

"Oro, are you alright?" Kanae walked towards Jason.

Jason nodded his head. "Rather than worrying about me, how is your condition? You're fighting against the leader of Oval Group."

"I'm not fighting alone, so I'm quite fine," Kanae smirked.


"Don't reason with me, you brat," Jason glared angrily. If something happened to Kanae because she was fighting against someone above her league, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

"As you can see, I'm still fine," Kanae pouted. "I won't do something that will result in my death."

"You really should be careful, Captain. We have to get out from this place alive."

Kanae nodded her head. She didn't have any plan to make this place her grave because she still has her little sister waiting for her. If she died, who would take care of that little brat? She didn't want to let her younger sister bear the burden all alone.

She was not allowed to die. Not yet.

"I'll get out from here alive," Kanae said solemnly.

Jason smiled. "That's good. We should just go down from this place."

At that moment, the ground from above them shook hard. Everyone looked above warily. If the floor came crashing at them, it might result in their death. Additionally, if this floor also broke, no one will stay alive.

The vibration stopped. The people heaved sigh of relief.

"We should get down, there's no way we can fight again and this place might collapse at anytime," one of the Lore Group's members spoke up.

Dean frowned. "How do you plan to cross the pool below and the other monsters on the other floor?"

Kanae looked towards Jason for a moment. She stepped forwards. "Do you mind if I talk too?"