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464 Clash of Groups: First Meeting with Lore Group

 With his trained body, Jason didn't find it hard to go across the room using the hose. Tommy was already hiding beside the pile of boxes while the other two reached the other end of the room.

"The hook is quite firm," Jason tested the hose once again.

Kanae nodded her head. "We're quite lucky that this place is barely damaged."

"If they're not using this way, how did they pass the pool?"

Looking towards the pool below them, it was quite amazing if someone managed to get pass of it. After all, the deadly acid nearly killed them all just now. If anyone dared to attempt crossing the pool without any proper equipment, death would be the only end for them.

Kanae looked towards the pool for a few seconds. "I have a guess, but I'm not sure if I should say it."


Kanae looked towards Jason's eyes, "Because it's very cruel and inhumane."

At that moment, Jason realized what was inside Kanae's mind. Using their teammates or even enemies body to cross was not completely impossible because the acid didn't destroy everything immediately. It took time. With enough coordination, it was possible. However, this was truly a cruel way to cross the pool.

They literally stepped on their friend's corpses to pass this place.

Jason smiled wryly. "I think, we're pretty lucky that we're not at the very front of the batch."

Kanae nodded her head. She could not imagine how the people at the very front could possibly manage to reach this high without losing anything. The battle must have been extremely dangerous to the point that no ordinary person could live.

"Brother Jason, do you think if there come the time when we should stand at the very front, we can do it?" Kanae asked slowly.

Jason looked back at the young lady in front of him. From what he had seen so far, the word impossible was clearly not in the girl's dictionary. Besides, her fighting prowess was already up to par with those talented fighters of the street. Her hesitation was already washed away in the matter of hours or probably days in this place.

Right now, he had the complete confidence to say that Kanae would surely stand on par with those monsters.

However, it was not entirely complete. She could only reach this state right now because of the harsh experience she had along the way. For her to continue maintaining this kind of excellent fighting prowess, she would need more time to stabilize everything, especially her mental state.

"I think you're going to be ready, Captain."

"I'm not asking about me," Kanae looked towards Jason. "I'm asking about you."

"Me?" Jason chuckled. "I'm already used with the lives of being targeted and fight every single day, little lass. There's no way I'm going to have any trouble with keeping up like this."

"That's not what I mean. Can you keep up even when you have the prestigious identity as the young master?"

Jason's pupil dilated for a moment. He looked towards Kanae solemnly before a smile appeared on his lips. "We shall see about that later, little girl. Right now, it's not of any importance at all."

"If you say so," Kanae turned her head around. She gripped the door towards the stairs as she felt tremendous pressure from behind. They were already nearing the top floor, so the famous fighters should be close.

"Are you ready?"


Slowly, the two of them climbed the stairs. By the time they reached the end of the stairs, they could see several people were standing with weapons ready. Their clothes were disheveled and traces of bloods were everywhere. The condition of the 22nd floor was nothing but mess.

"Oh, I never thought that someone is going to pass the pool of blood again," the leader of Lore Group, Dean, said with a surprised tone.

"You should just focus on me, Dean. Do you want to die?" the man not far from him sneered.

Dean arched his eyebrows. "You might be the leader of Oval Group, but I never pay any attention to weaklings."

"You can stay arrogant as long as you want, Dean. But let me tell you one thing, today, this weakling is going to beat you and send you to your grave," the man sneered.

Dean frowned. If not because the Oval Group took the chance to get this far by relying on the two groups at the front, the overall strength of this group was rather low. He and his teammates were already quite battered because of numerous battles to reach this far. Right now, his fighting prowess could barely reach half of the usual.

'These newcomers sure come at the wrong time.'

Kanae looked towards the men in front of her with furrowed brows. She could guess that the pressure she sensed when she came here was because of the tense atmosphere between the two groups. They were already ready to fight with their all.

"Hey you two, pick one side," one of the men yelled. "Or else, we're going to kill you when we're finished."

Those who could reach this far were not ordinary people, but they couldn't recognize these two. This caused them to involuntary termed the two of them as lucky people, who managed to pass here without real strength.

"There's no need for them to participate," Dean chuckled. "Do you want to rope people to side with the oval group again?"

Oval Group Leader frowned. "So what? Those weaklings have no use even if they manage to reach this far. Helping out before their death is the best option."

"That's only your opinion," Dean shrugged.


One of them suddenly shot. The shoot became the mark of the beginning of the battle as the men moved towards their opponent. Each of them was determined to fight with their all. Sounds of metal clashing, gunshot, and screams filled the room in an instant.

Jason's face paled immediately when he noticed how the situation turned to the worst. Because he was still standing near the door, he was not involved, but from the side, he could see clearly how fast they moved.

'Can I move as fast as them?'

Even if his eyes could follow but his body couldn't, it would be the same as useless. This caused him to worry that they might truly kill them once the battle was over. After all, their fighting prowess couldn't compare with the fighters in front of them.

"Rei, what are we going to do?" Jason turned his head towards the young girl beside him.

Kanae's eyes were fixed on the battle in front of her. She didn't even turn around when Jason asked.

"Do you even need to ask?" her tone turned lower as her body tensed up. By her side, Jason could feel sudden immense pressure. He nearly stepped back when he heard her soft voice traveled to his ear. "We fight."

"Which side?"

This time, Kanae didn't answer. Her body bolted towards the two leaders as she evaded the other fighters on the way agilely. Within seconds, she reached their side and her sword was swung very quickly.

As she was a girl and her strength could never compare to man, she always trained in one thing: speed. By now, her sudden sprint could never be compared with normal people anymore.


Her attack reached the hand of the Oval Group Leader.

"You-!" he turned around and attempted to attack the girl beside him.