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462 Clash of Groups: Against a Member of the Third Strongest Group

 Climbing up the stairs, they reached the next floor. Not far from them, a young blonde woman was sitting on the ground lazily. Her hand was playing with something slimy and red with a maniacal expression on her face.

Her eyes lit up when she saw them. "Finally, someone reach this place again. I'm already bored very much."

As she stood up, Kanae and Jason readied their stance. They could sense it; thick blood lust from the woman before them. The mess on this place should be her doing just considering how she treated those bodies around her.

'She's crazy,' Tommy shuddered. He didn't know why, but he was afraid of this woman. The woman looked rather ordinary, or rather, attractive. Yet, the sight of her hand covered in blood with a crazy expression caused him to not dare coming closer.

The woman put her hand on her hips. "Now, hand over your bags or I'll kill you."

Even though they didn't have many things inside their bag, only some first aid and canned foods plus water, it was out of question to give them to other people. They needed the supplies if they wanted to survive and live. If they gave it to other people, they wouldn't be able to last until the battle was over.

"Even if we give it to you, you'll kill us, right?" Kanae asked back.

"Maybe," the woman moved her hair back using her hand lazily. "I'm bored as hell, so you three can surely give me a good time to play!"

In the next moment, the woman already appeared not far from them. Her hand was stretched out with a razor like claws at the end, ready to rip them apart. The claws were directed towards Tommy, who was struck by fear that he was unable to move.


"No one is touching my teammate," Kanae said coldly. Her sword was holding back the claws from reaching its target.

The woman smirked. "Let's see if you have the skill for that."

With that, the two of them moved to the side as they exchanged move. Jason joined right away when he noticed that the woman was terribly dangerous. From power and speed alone, he was cornered.

Sounds of metal clashing reverberated in the large room. Stricken by fear, Tommy stood on the side. He couldn't possibly participate in the battle for he didn't have the necessary skill for that.


Pushing the woman back, they finally managed to gain the upper hand. Two against one was never fair as they utilized their number to the fullest. When Jason was attacking from the side, Kanae would arrive to help her.

Facing two people, she felt cornered. Finally, with a large movement, Jason pushed her back to the wall using his large sword.

*Cough* *cough*

Blood flew out from her back. The woman glared towards the two of them in hatred. "Oval Group will never let you go!"

Ignoring her scream, Kanae leaped forward and made a slashing movement. The woman raised a gun, but before she could shoot her, Kanae already arrived in front of her. Her sword moved extremely fast, killing the woman instantly.

"So what? If they want to come, they can come," Kanae answered coldly. In this place, why should she afraid of the group when they were uncertain whether they could live or not. Even if they did something in this place, as long as no one knew, they would be fine.

Jason relaxed his grip slightly. It was truly tiring. Having to fight for hours already drained his stamina very badly.

"Don't move or he will die!"

Jason and Kanae looked over to see a man was holding Tommy in his arm, threatening to kill him using the knife on his hand. He looked towards the two of them with a large grin.

"Hand over the supplies and make way, or I'll kill him."

Tommy struggled to break free, but he couldn't move too much. The knife was near his neck. He felt remorseful. After getting wounded and held his friends back, he was used as hostage? It was so vexing.

"You!" Tommy tried to break free, but the knife grazed his neck, sending courses of pain to him.

Kanae frowned when she saw the man and Tommy really close to each other.

"I only have one sentence for you..." Kanae started slowly. In the next moment, her hand picked up the gun on the ground.


She shot the guy right on his head. "Don't try to threaten a fighter that can use gun."

Tommy was stunned as the man fell down. When he realized what had happened, he looked towards Kanae in bewilderment.

"Why are you shooting him without any warning like that? Do you want to kill me?"

"I'm a good shooter."

"It still doesn't mean that you can aim at me. Having someone aim a real gun is truly scary," Tommy shuddered as he recalled his training session with Shiro. That was far scarier since Shiro truly aimed for him. Thankfully, it was only training because if it was real life, he would be dead numerous times.

"Do you want a knife on your neck or a bullet to the man who point the knife?"

Tommy: "..." can I pick neither?

"Come on you two, it's not like Rei intentionally plan to shoot you," Jason laughed. "Don't freak out. She's still a good shooter in close range."

"How about if you stand in my position and experience having someone shoot near your head?"

"I'll never make the mistake of getting captured. Only an idiot like you will," Jason answered lightly.

"I'm not idiot!"

"Then you're dumb."


Kanae ignored the fighting duo as she moved towards the bag the woman had by the sides. There were several canned foods inside plus several bottle water. it seemed that she was already ready to stay in this place for a long time while battling against anyone who appeared.

"Oro, what do you know about Oval Group?"

Jason turned his head as his hand was still holding Tommy's head, not allowing the boy to come closer. "They're the current third strongest group in this city. Even though this is not verified yet, they're staying under Zone Clan, the current fifth strongest clan in this city."

"A group is under a clan?" Kanae was stunned.

Jason nodded his head. "It's not really that uncommon for groups to stay under the lead of a clan. They can get a lot of benefits because of the transaction and the protection the clans might give them."

"Do you think they'll know who kill this woman?"

"I don't think so," Jason shook his head. "If you're worried about the revenge, you're worried for nothing. In this place, everything is not watched. No one will know what you're doing because there's no one who watches. Did you sense any camera nearby?"

"No, I don't," Kanae replied. She looked towards the angry Tommy. "I just don't want to waste time talking to that man when he's already ready to kill you. Think positive, you're still alive."

Tommy sulked. "Even if I'm alive, it's still not a good experience."

"Let's go up," Kanae smiled wryly. "There might be other things to cheer you up."

"Captain, there's only monsters above. I want to have some rest..."

"Let's go..."

"Oro, not you too!"


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