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458 Clash of Groups: Pity is Only Given Once

 Tommy no longer counted how many times he fell down in a matter of minutes. Looking towards the other two who fought relentlessly, he felt rather helpless. Upon seeing a monster pounced towards him, he quickly shifted his body position to the side by kicking the ground and slashed the monster.

'Only the feet?!'

He wanted to curse when he saw his attack nearly didn't work at all. Crashing to the nearby wall- no a door, he tumbled to the back and crashed to the table inside.

"What in the world is that boy doing?" Jason frowned when he heard the loud ruckus.

Kanae stood in her place when she heard the ruckus. One look to the place and her body tensed up immediately. She could sense someone else presence inside the room. Kicking the ground hard, she moved to the place.

"Rei?" Jason was stunned, but he quickly followed after the girl from behind.

She quickly reached the room and saw Tommy with a woman not far from him. The woman has a long hair with a kind of messed up appearance. Her high quality bag was placed by the side. With dirty and slightly torn clothes, she looked highly pitiable.

"Rei," Tommy called. "Why are you coming here?"

"You make quite a ruckus," Kanae was looking towards the woman in front of her. On the other hand, the woman was looking towards them too. She looked flustered.

"Why are you alone?" Tommy stared at the woman not far from him. He stood up carefully. Thankfully, this place was not slippery, allowing him to move rather freely.

The woman bit her lower lips. "My friends leave because I'm hindering them."

As Tommy looked towards the woman's expression, he recalled his mother. This was the first time he saw someone looked extremely similar to his mother.  Even though so, it was clear that she looked far younger than his mother.

"If you're not strong enough, it explains why your friends leave you," Kanae replied. She turned around. "Let's go, Tom."

Tommy looked towards the woman and Kanae. He wanted to bring her along because she was clearly hiding in this place. Who know when the other monsters were going to appear?

"Can we bring her along to the safer place?"

Jason appeared near Kanae. "You should learn how to protect yourself first, Tom. If you want to bring other people around, you have to responsible for her safety. We won't help you."

Tommy's eyes widened. He looked towards the woman once again. It was not his usual way to help others, but he couldn't help but feel pity for this woman. In addition, her similar appearance with his mother made him unable to leave her alone in this place.

"What's your name?"

"Celesta," the woman answered.

"You can follow after us if you want, but I can't guarantee your safety," Tommy said as he made his way to the door.

"Its fine," Celesta smiled, showing a bright smile. She moved towards the door slowly too.

The other two already headed towards the stairs, ignoring the incoming monsters from the other rooms. It was clear that there should be some secret room or anything that made those monsters appeared more and more.

"Do you want to check the room, Oro?" Kanae asked as they opened the door.

Jason shook his head. "Not now, I don't really have good feeling to stay here too long."

"No one wants to stay here too long."

With that, they made their way towards the sixth floor. Compared with the other floors, this place seemed to be very quiet. There was no trace of the monster at all. The most hectic one was on the fourth floor, while the fifth were relatively empty.

Jason looked towards the sight in the sixth floor with widened eyes. What he saw nearly caused his jaw to drop to the floor.

"What in the world happen here?"

He could perfectly see the way up towards the eighth floor very clearly. The floors were completely broken, making a large pile of rubble that was reaching up. One look was all they needed to conclude that there must be a large explosion in the seventh and eighth floor before.

Considering how the rubbles were filled with red color in several places, they knew that the condition was not this peaceful before.

"How should we go up?" Tommy asked.

Kanae pointed to the pile of rubbles. "There's no other way but climbing upwards. You have to be careful, though. The footing is not all stable."

Tommy looked towards the pile of rubbles with wide eyes. He truly didn't want to touch them at all. Several places were dripping red blood, making it looked rather scary. Couldn't they just stay here?

However, the other two were already starting to climb up the rubbles. It was not hard if the rubbles were placed at a lower angle, but it was quite steep for them. Trying their best to stay close to the rubbles, they started climbing.

"There are some bigger pieces," Kanae stood as she tried to assess the surrounding. Right now, she was already in the seventh floor's area. Looking towards the gory sight at the place that was not broken, her expression hardened.

Thankfully, she was not here when the explosion happened. It might cost her life if she came to the main building the very first time she arrived in this place.

"You're too quick, Rei," Jason followed not far from behind.

Kanae looked down. Her smile stiffened when she saw Tommy and Celeste near each other. Celeste was holding a small knife, which she pierced towards Tommy's thigh.


"What are you doing?" Tommy felt the pain and released his grip. In that moment, he felt the gravity pulled him. Celeste already took another knife and about to pierce him, but he had fell down before she could succeed in her action. They were not too far from the ground, but it would still be very painful to fall from this height.

"Tom!" Kanae roared. She kicked the rubbles as she dashed down towards Celeste.

The woman noticed that Kanae already heading towards her. She immediately took several other knifes and threw them towards the two of them.


It didn't take her more than several seconds to arrive near Celeste. She was arriving from above at high speed, her sword clashed with Celeste, bringing force from her falling down.

Slip... her footing was not stable, she was forced back to the ground. Kanae kicked the rubbles by her side, sending her away from the uneven rubbles. Rolling on the air, she made sure that she landed on her two feet.

"Rei, are you alright?" Jason was using his sword to block the knives as he slowly descended from his place.

Kanae nodded her head. "Check on Tom. I need to take care of this woman."

Celeste groaned as she felt her back filled with pain. It was so painful that she started to tear up. Upon seeing Kanae came closer, fear filled her eyes. The sword on Kanae's arm was getting nearer.

"Wait! Please spare me. I have children waiting for me to go home..."


"You already earn our pity from before. There's no second chance for you," Kanae said ruthlessly. If only this woman didn't try to kill Tommy and the others, she wouldn't be bothered to kill her.

One time was already more than enough to give her trust. There was no second chance.