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457 Clash of Groups: Heading to the Main Building

 Kanae took another rest when Tommy woke up. They switched the role of guarding. After several more hours, they woke up and prepared themselves. No one knew how many hours already passed as the sky was as bright as ever in this place. Only Shiro's voice told them the passing of time outside this place as they ate the foods from the cans.

"It's nearly 10 AM here," Shiro answered with a yawn. "You all are truly big sleepers."

"We're switching turns in sleeping, Shin. How's the condition outside?" Jason asked.

"Nothing changes. The barrier is still blocking the people to see the real condition of the school. Based on the listening device that you plant for me to hear, it seems that the main building is in hectic condition right now. However, there's no trace of the vial taken yet."

Jason frowned. His gaze landed on the tall building from the window not far from him. It was clear to see that some windows were already broken, but the building itself still stand straight.

"Those powerful groups are taking a long time."

"Should we take a look?" Kanae stood up and stretched her body. "It'll be a good training to face stronger monsters."

Tommy looked towards Kanae in bewilderment. "Captain, are you serious? It's not going to be easy for us to reach the top floor."

Kanae rolled her eyes. "I never say reaching the top floor. I'm just saying that we can climb on the building too. The monsters on the higher floors are stronger than the one we face here."

"I don't think it's a good idea," Tommy frowned.

"If you're afraid, you can stay here. I agree with Captain," Jason interrupted. He wanted to find out the source of these monsters, so he had to come inside. Walking alone was clearly not an option, so he has been waiting for this chance. It might be selfish of him, but he needed to find out more.

Tommy's face darkened. "Who's afraid? I'm not afraid! Let's go!"

With that, he stormed out the very first. Kanae and Jason looked towards each other with a wry smile. By this time, the two of them no longer wore the accessories they usually used. The eye patch and the cloth were already tossed to the side since it blocked their view.

"Let's go."

They made their way towards the large tower. From far, this place looked rather ordinary, but when they got near, they finally realized what was called massive. This building in front of them was worthy to be called as a large tower that spanned high in front of them.

Kanae heaved a sigh as she walked inside. The sound of fighting from outside was rather clear, allowing them to know that this place was rather hectic.


Numerous sounds filled their ear the moment they came inside. Tommy's eyes widened when he saw the mess in front of him. They were all fighting with their all towards the monsters that came pouring out like never ending tide.


A person fell down on the side and a monster pounced towards him. Tommy was about to help but felt a strong grip on his arm.

"If you go there, you'll die," Jason's voice was rather cold and unfeeling.

Tommy was startled. He looked towards the man again and saw numerous monsters already heading towards his way. From the side, a man was shooting both the monsters and the men.

"Let's go up," Kanae interrupted their thoughts. It was too chaotic here. They could die at any moment as human lives were nothing much. It was a battlefield.


Making their way towards the stairs, they quickly opened a pathway. Some of the people noticed how easy they fought and secretly followed from behind. However, their fast movement clearly didn't give any chance for them to follow if they didn't have enough power by themselves.

"Can't we help them?" Tommy asked as they climbed the stairs slowly.

"If you help one of them, can you afford to help the others?" Jason asked calmly. "Once you help one, the other will come towards you. At that time, what reason would you have to refuse them?"

Tommy opened his mouth before closing them again. He clearly didn't have any concrete reason to help them. All that he had was the sympathy because they were fighting so hard only to die in this place.

"If you want to help them, you should have the power for that," Kanae added. "Blindly stepping forward is no different with asking for a death wish."

He himself wouldn't be able to face against numerous monsters on his own. Trying to help strangers was not as easy as it seemed. Even though their first meeting was Kanae helping him out, it was only because he was on the way to her home.

Here, the situation was vastly different. They clearly didn't have enough power if they wanted to help those people.

"The only way to help them is by finishing this battle," Jason replied. "But the big question is, do you have the power for that?"

"I don't know."

"We'll find out up there."

Quickening their pace, they continued to make their way up. The next few floors were not much different from the previous one. The hectic situation lasted until they reached the fifth floor.

"Whoa! It's slippery," Tommy quickly held the nearby cupboard.

Kanae looked towards the floor in bewilderment. The floor was wet, but it was not ordinary water. The liquid was cohesive, meaning it was more likely to stick together. It flooded the floor but not in entirety causing the floor to be filled with numerous puddles.

"Watch out!" Jason swung his sword towards the incoming monster. His force caused his body to tilt to the back, and he fell to the ground.


"Are you alright?" Kanae asked, but her attention was on the monsters in front of them.

"Kind of," Jason rubbed the back of his head. "We have to figure out a way to fight them in this slippery floor."

Kanae moved her feet slightly. Her lips curled up. "Do you two know ice skating?"


Without answering them, Kanae kicked the wall, forcing her to move forward. Reaching the first monster, she made a slicing movement, cutting his hand as she used his feet to change her direction.

Jason's eyes lit up when he saw how smooth her movement was. "Of course, it can be done like this."

With that, he followed after the girl. The slippery floor now became his friend as he used the wet floor to make his attack.

"Wait for me!" Tommy yelled before following after them. However, in the next second, he tumbled to the ground.


It was not as easy as it looked like.