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454 Clash of Groups: Building Collapse

 Tommy picked up the bag from the corpses near the entrance. When they came in, numerous people died facing the first encirclement. After a few hours, this place was already filled with numerous corpses, filled the entire land with red color.

"Tom, how many do you find still can be eaten?" Jason walked over with several cans of foods in his arm.

"Not much," Tommy replied. "Most of the cans are destroyed because of the sheer force of the attack."

"Let's search again."

"Wait, has Rei managed to eat?" Tommy asked hurriedly.

Jason nodded his head. "She throws up a few times, but finally managed to make the food stay in her stomach. Don't worry, she already stuffed herself full with foods by now."

"You don't force her to eat, right?"

"What are you talking about? She forces herself to eat not me," Jason shook his head slightly. "She's far stronger than what you give credit to her."

Tommy looked towards Jason suspiciously. "She's a little princess from a wealthy family just a year ago. How do you expect me to see her as someone strong?"

"Trust me, those from the rich families are not always pampered," Jason shrugged. He put the cans on his back. "If you're that worried, we can just check up on her."

The two of them made their way back to the storage room. Not far from the place, Kanae was standing in front of several monsters. Her body was slightly bent and in the next second, she reached the monster's side, killing them with ease.

As the monster fell down to the ground, Kanae already turned around to see her friends.

"You have returned?" she asked cheerfully.

Tommy nodded. "It's time to eat a bit. I'm sure that you should be hungry from fighting so much."

"It's your turn, Tom."

Tommy smiled wryly. They were taking turns in dealing with the incoming monster to train their body. At first, it was hard for them to cope up because there was more than one monster coming towards them. However, it didn't take long before they could fight by themselves with ease.

"You're pretty scary now, Captain."

Kanae could only smile slightly. "You can say that."

"What's in your mind right now?" Jason asked curiously.

"The moment I step here, I should be resolved to die. In this place, there's no regard for one's life. If I don't want to die, I have to fight back," Kanae replied slowly.

"That's a good sentence, Captain," Tommy raised his thumbs up.

"Tom, you should just focus on the fight. You're the one that takes more than one hit to kill those monsters."

Tommy's face scrunched. "What can I do? They're basically stronger than the one we first met."

"That's not an excuse..."


The sudden voice not far from them alarmed them greatly. There were several buildings in this place and not far from them was a three story building. Right now, the building's wall was destroyed from an explosion. The unstable building was going towards their direction.

"RUN!" Kanae yelled as she pulled Tommy's arm to the side.

Jason immediately ran when he heard her voice while Tommy was dragged by the two of them. It took another second for Tommy to realize what had happened as he tumbled and ran by himself too.

One step, two step, the building was growing closer as they could see the shadow looming from towards them. It became nearer as they almost reached the side. At the last moment, Kanae stomped her feet to the ground as hard as possible and jumped forward with Tommy right behind her and Jason by the side.


The rubbles filled the entire area. The rocks from the building got destroyed and fell towards them.


'It's close!' Tommy was looking toward the large rubble near his head with fear. If it had been one inch to the right, his head wouldn't be spared from the impact. Thankfully, he was fine.

"Tom, Rei, are you two alright?" Jason turned his body over and inspected his own body as he looked around.

"I'm fine," Kanae answered. Her body was covered in dust from the building, but she was unhurt. Looking towards the building, her eyes narrowed because she could sense several people were coming out.


From the side windows, several monsters crawled out. They already lost an arm or bleeding profusely, but they pounced the moment they saw Kanae and the others.

Raising her sword, Kanae blocked the sudden attack. She pushed them back as she used the force to roll back and jumped to stand. Sensing another one behind her back, she twisted her body and slashed horizontally using her sword.

"Be careful! They're harder and stronger!" Kanae shouted when she noticed that her arm could feel more resistance from these monsters. She didn't understand why there was such discrepancy in each of them?

"Yes, Captain."

Tommy leaped back and drew his sword to face against these monsters. They were looking towards the three of them and pounced forward. It was as if they saw every single people who came as enemies.

Slash, slash, slash.

It didn't take long for them to finish the fight with the monsters. Their sword was already covered in blood completely and their breathing turned rough. The fight was draining their stamina very much.

"I need some rests," Tommy remarked as he inspected his arm. It already felt numb from the countless fights he had today.

Kanae nodded her head. She too would gladly accept the offer of resting because she was already very tired. Having to kill these monsters for hours drained her mentally and physically.

"We can take turns to watch the others in the storage room," Jason offered.

"That's truly a good idea," Tommy smirked.

Kanae was about to nod when she sensed danger. Her body stepped to the side quickly as a bullet was making its way to the place where she stood just now.


"Who is that?"

"Cheh, it misses," a man grumbled as his gun was still pointed towards the three of them. Beside him, several other men were standing with their weapon ready.

Jason's heart fell when he saw this scene. He knew that they wanted to kill them. Even though he was not sure of the reason, it was plain obvious that these men were not coming with peaceful intent.

"Why are you shooting us?" Tommy yelled indignantly. "We're allies!"

Hearing Tommy's outburst, the men laughed. One of them pointed his gun towards Tommy. "You say allies? There's no such thing as allies in the competition."

As he said that, he pulled the trigger.