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452 Clash of Groups: A Massacre

 *Warning: the following chapter contains violence that might be unsuitable for young readers (under the age of 13)*

The number of people continued to increase for the next several hours. Kanae hid herself behind her other two friends as she secretly snacked on the foods they got. The waiting took a long time that her stomach disagreed with her.

"Captain, have you finished?" Tommy asked helplessly. The others were nervous as hell, but their group was practically relaxing so much. It was clear that the discrepancy caused him to feel embarrassed. After all, their fighting strength and their group overall ranking was near the bottom.

"Yes," Kanae wore the cloth again. "You can move now."

"Next time, please make sure that you already fill your belly, Captain," Jason remarked helplessly.

Kanae rolled her eyes. "Who told me that we have to wait for hours here? I already eat a lot this morning!"

Tommy and Jason looked towards each other. They didn't know whether they should laugh or cry. Their captain was truly a genuine glutton. The first thought she had would be about food and the second thought would be food. As for the third one, it might be foods too.


The thunderous voice caused them to stand up abruptly. They were not the only one, the others were doing the same. Kanae's eyes narrowed when she saw how a single sentence could affect them all. It was clear that the person who shouted was not an ordinary person.

"Captain, let's go," Jason was startled to see that Kanae was still sitting. When he heard the voice, he couldn't help but standing up.

Kanae was still hidden behind them, so she quietly stood up and ran alongside them. She noticed that some people on the side were quietly taking notes of the people who still sat down after the sudden shout.

'Lore Group and Hunter Group have half of their member sitting, but the Oval Group nearly all stand up.'

It was easy to deduce that those strong people were still as calm as ever. Even when the big person shouted, they were merely casted a glance towards the man without any interest. It was clear that they were not worried because they couldn't sense any danger from the man.

"Captain, why are you still sitting before?" Jason asked quietly.

Kanae shrugged. "I'm not sure myself, but it's as if my body is telling me that there's nothing to be surprised about."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know," Kanae's eyes narrowed. "But I can guess that those who still sit down are either awakened or already pushed their potential to the limit."

Jason's eyes widened at Kanae's conjecture. If that was true, it would be clear that the one who hosted this mission was purposely testing their reaction to find out those hidden people. It was truly cunning of them.

"Did they see you?"

"I don't think so, you're still covering for me because of the meal, right?" Kanae shrugged.

By this point, they already reached the front. The barrier in front of them flickered slightly, showing that it was weakened considerably to allow them to get inside.

The big man pointed to the barrier in front of him. "Get in, you can stay as long as possible, but remember, your mission is to get the vial and sweep the place. Whoever gets the vial will be given special reward by the end of the mission."

Hearing the word 'special reward', the eyes of the people immediately light up in interest. They would try their best to get the vial! Right now, they were already looking towards people around them with competitiveness.

"Are you ready?"


"I can't hear you!"


"Are you all ladies? Louder!"


The man nodded satisfied. "Now, GET IN!"

With that single order, hundreds of people immediately ran towards the barrier. Each of them was trying to get inside faster than the others. Right now, everyone was forced to move forward along with the groups.

Kanae's eyes widened when she got nearer the barrier. She could see clearly the destruction of the building inside the barrier. From outside, nothing could be seen, but inside, everything was a mess. Buildings were torn apart, rubbles everywhere, and most importantly, numerous corpses were lying scattered around.

"STOP!" suddenly someone shouted in fear and horror.

Trying her best to stop, Kanae saw a horrible scene right in front of her eyes. Several men, or more like monster, were charging in high speed towards them. Their eyes were red and their muscle bulged out extremely big, moving like bulldozer towards them. They still looked like human, but the way they moved and their body structure has changed. It was scary.

The first line was practically screaming in horror at the sight of these monsters charging towards them.


Blood and flesh were torn apart. Even the bones couldn't stay intact as these monsters immediately ripped them apart. Nothing was left from them aside from scattering flesh and pool of blood on the ground. Their intestines dropped to the ground, becoming a stepping place for these monsters.

Those who didn't die from the first strike was covered in blood as numerous wounds covered their body. Some unlucky ones lost one or more of their limbs as they scampered on the ground, trying to get away.



Blood splattered around, painting the ground red with blood. It has turned into a pool with the number of people that died in this place. Drawing their gun or any other weapon, they tried to fight back against the monsters.


"Stop pushing!"


Desperate scream mixed with sound of clashing filled the area almost immediately. Nothing was left for these people as despair enclosed their entire body. Some of them managed to move, evading the looming death towards them. However, they were not capable to fight for a long time.

Their friends fell without them able to react. The stench of death enraptured the entire area, sending chills to their back as it came.

"Move back!"

Even when they were trying to get out, they found that the barrier didn't allow them to get out. Besides, the stream of people from outside completely blocked their way.

In short, they were trapped here, no matter whether they liked it or not.

"Rei!" Jason yelled when he saw that one of them came near Kanae.

From the corner of her eyes, Kanae saw the incoming monster. Her hand moved by itself as she shifted her body's center of balance. The small sword on her hand immediately reached the monster's neck, cutting it off perfectly.


The sense of her hand tore the large amount of flesh felt extremely strange to her. This was the first time she truly aimed for an immediate killing point. Before, everything was merely a fight, where she would only aim to wound but not killing.

As the monster fell near her feet, blood splattered to her hand, painting it red with blood. Another one appeared near her and her body moved once again. With sword ready, she pierced towards the monster's heart. Blood gushed out like a fountain as the flesh was torn apart.

"Rei!" Tommy was also stunned to see Kanae sudden move. He was about to protect her because he knew that she never truly killed someone before. However, the move she showed was clearly telling him that she could do it, but she was just not used to.

"Tom, let's go!" Jason yelled as he drew his large sword and killed the other monster. As the young master, he had learnt since young the lesson to kill. It was easy for him because there were numerous assassins he had faced in the past. But it was different with these two.

Even if she had been fighting on Black Street, she never truly killed someone before. He had to calm Kanae down before she completely broke herself.

As for Tommy, this brat was more used with them as he had seen them ever since his young age.