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450 Clash of Groups Prelude : Taking the Mission

 "He disappears," Tommy gulped down in fear. What kind of man managed to disappear within seconds? Was that a person or a ghost?

Kanae looked towards the empty space for a few moments. "Oro, should we check the Black Market?"

"I'll check it right away."

"Wait, before that, can someone explain what that man mean about potential and the likes?" Tommy quickly interrupted.

What greeted him was the sight of three people looking towards him in exasperation. He felt offended when he saw their gaze. Come on, it was not his fault that he was born in the slightly uncultured place where he didn't have the chance to learn about them.

Shiro shook his head lightly. "It'll be better for you to not know about that at all. It's too dangerous. What you have to know is the mission is to fight against monster."

Tommy was stunned. "There's monster in this city?"

"You can say so."

"Why I have never met them?"

"Because they don't roam on the street dummy," Shiro flicked the boy's forehead.

Tommy looked towards the doctor with a glare. "Don't ruin my good look you demonic doctor! I'm not as handsome as you to the point that I can attract girls in a single glance."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't deny it, I see numerous girls confess to you in infirmary...."


"Ouch! You demonic doctor! Why are you ruining my face again?"

Jason and Kanae pretended that the two of them didn't exist as they searched in the black market about the mission. It was already the end of July, which meant that high school already started around two weeks ago. It was also this time that Tommy managed to find out that he was enrolling in the same school where Shiro worked.

"I found it," Jason clicked on the post.


We're looking for talented fighters who're not afraid of death to come to the address below on August 1. Whoever thinks that they're capable, might come and apply here.

Even if the mission is not completed, the MONEY will be given right away. However, you HAVE to participate once you come to the place~!

Address: abcdefghijkl 1234567890, Lima School.'

"Even if the mission is not complete, the money will be given," Jason smiled wryly. "This is truly a tempting and dangerous mission."

Kanae looked towards the introduction of the post carefully. If one didn't pay attention, they would surely accept the mission without thinking much. The amount it offered already went past the usual dangerous mission by several folds. One could simply become a rich person if they accept this mission.

"Wow, Captain, you should accept this mission," Tommy's eyes were glued to the screen the moment he noticed that the money would be enormous.

Kanae smiled wryly. "You might die if you accept the mission."

"There's no way you will die, Captain," Tommy grinned. "You have nine lives just like a cat."

Kanae: "..." why are you comparing me to cat?

"It's a bit too dangerous," Shiro commented. His eyes were looking at the post on Jason's laptop.

"It's too good to pass."

"Tom, I really wonder how you manage to survive in the past with your attitude."

Tommy stuck out his tongue. It was not like he did so many missions in the past. After all, he only did them occasionally to make some money for his living and then, he would spend his time to wander around on the street.

Jason closed his laptop. He looked towards the other three. "Many people bet with their life to earn more money, which I believe you all know."

The three of them nodded their head. Having to pay for the living of her sister and hers so far nearly drove her crazy because of the amount of work she had to do. Taking the risk to delve into the Black Street was the best solution she had so far.

However, she had to face the fact that there were numerous times when she was at the death door. No matter how simple one mission was, it was still something from the Black Street. If she was not careful enough, she wouldn't be able to see the light when the sun rose anymore.

Tommy basically lived in Black Street where he had to scrape just to eat every day. Fighting with other people for bread was extremely common. After all, not everyone could earn enough for their living.

"This mission will drive a lot of people like you three to come," Jason gazed towards his friends. "Do you still have the courage to come?"

Kanae nodded her head. "I don't have much time left."

Her sister would return to the city soon enough. At that time, she needed to have the power to protect her. Since she couldn't possibly build a business and made a business empire, the only option left for her would be the Black Street. As long as she could gain a lot of connection and became strong enough, she would have the necessary precaution against her uncle and protect the only family she loved so dearly.

"Why are you in a hurry, Rei?" Tommy tilted his head in confusion.

"I can't let my plan go to waste," Kanae answered simply. She was planning to get out of the Nali Family as a way to make herself and her sister became independent outside the family. When it was the time, she would take her sister out of the family too. But for that, she had to have enough money to earn for their living together.

At least, this was her current plan, which had to change a bit in the future because of some unexpected accidents.

Shiro shook his head lightly. "I can't come along if you decide to accept the mission."

The other three looked towards Shiro in confusion. Jason patted the doctor's shoulder. "What is it?"

"I can't die yet, so I can't possibly accept the mission," Shiro answered. "Close battle is never my forte and I know that I have lesser chance to survive if I decide to come. All that I can do is keep the communication with you all and watch the movement from outside."

Kanae nodded her head. "Okay, its fine you want to stay outside. Even if I have to go alone, I want to come inside."

"You're not alone," Jason smiled. "I want to get inside. I have to know what they have in store for us."

He had long wanted to know about the government movement and their real plan. So far, he had failed because of the tight security in the school. Now that the chance presented itself, he would never let it go.

Kanae smiled. "Thank you, Oro."

"Don't thank me, I have my own reason too."

Tommy smirked. "You don't think that I'll just leave you behind, right? I will come along with you, Rei."

"Are you sure, Tom? You're not one to fight a tough battle every day, right?"

"I'm sure," Tommy nodded his head firmly. "I may only come because of you, Rei, but I also want to grow stronger. In the past, our strength is more or less the same. However, it only takes you weeks to surpass me and slowly widen our gap. I want to stay by your side, so I want to grow stronger."

Looking towards each other, the two of them smiled. They have gone through a lot in the past ever since their first meeting, so they knew very well each other's strength.

Jason shook his head lightly. "If I don't know better, I'll think that you're confessing your feeling, Tom."

"WHAT? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" he did appreciate and idolize Kanae, but he never saw her romantically. It was simply impossible. For him, she would always be someone that he could never reach. All he wanted was the chance to stay by her side to fight alongside her.

"Oro, did you read romance novel again?"

"What? Of course not!"

"Hearing his denial, I'm pretty sure that he ditches his work to read novel again."

"Oro, if you truly have that much free time, you should just help us doing our work."

"I'm not!"

"Really? Tell me the title, I want to know."

"Like I say, I'm not reading a novel!"

The four of them continued going forth and back for a couple of minutes before they prepared themselves for the mission.