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447 Clash of Groups Prelude : Lima School

 Nali Family Fifth Branch Mansion

Thanks to Jason gave her a lot of money and foods, Kanae were able to recover in a mere month. Her speedy recovery gave a great relief for Jason for two things. First, he was glad that his decision didn't lead to his friend's death. Second, he can keep his wallet in safe place because he didn't have to pay for her meal anymore.

"I should be able to move around quite well by now," Kanae stretched her body in her courtyard. The wounds from Master Rudy a few weeks ago were already fully healed. She had started to do more missions again. They were just the most ordinary missions, but they were already more than enough for her.

In the backyard, there was no camera because she made sure to destroy them all. Finishing her stretching, she began exercising to warm her body up and make sure that she could move well again.


She stopped when she heard the sound of a car stopping loudly. Frowning, she moved to the side while being careful to not step into the territory of her uncle. From her position, she could see an expensive car and her uncle standing in front of the car with a sheepish smile on his face.

'Who's that?'

A man walked out from the car calmly. He had big body, which probably filled with muscle. She was not sure since he wore a suit that covered his entire body. His face was rather ordinary, but Kanae was pretty sure that she had seen his face somewhere before.

"Sir Ferdinand, thank you for visiting my humble place," Frank bowed down nervously. It was clear that he humbled himself greatly in front of this middle aged man.

Ferdinand nodded his eyes. He scanned the surrounding. "You're living in a remote place."

Frank's face changed immediately. "This is just a little something that I get from a branch family. Since it's quite nice, I take this to be mine with a little effort."

Ferdinand paid no heed to what Frank said. Only a fool would believe that earning this place only required little effort from Frank's side. He basically spent weeks just to deal with one little girl.

"Those from Servo Family are all very cunning, aren't they?"

Frank smiled wryly. Servo was the surname of his wife, so he always stayed careful whenever mentioning her. For some reason, Ferdinand seemed to have a deep hatred to his wife's family.

"They're just pretty lucky, Sir Ferdinand."

"You're doing a pretty good job," Ferdinand said plainly. "Now, shall we go in?"

"Yes," Frank beamed as he pointed to the direction of his house. He had been waiting for this man to come, so he would surely not miss this chance.

Ferdinand's gaze landed on the side of the building. From behind the lustrous tree and wall, he could see a young girl was staring back at him. Her appearance was simply pitiful because she wore a rather used up clothes and had messed up hair from moving around.

That girl simply didn't pique his interest in the slightest as he moved his attention back to the mansion. Following after Frank, he came into the building.

Drip! Drip!

Kanae was clenching her fist tightly. Her nails were embedded deeply into the flesh in her hand, making deep wound that caused blood to trickle down from one of her palms.

She did not recognize Ferdinand, but she was angry at Frank's remark about her and this place.

'One day, I'll take back what's mine.'

From the talk she had a year ago, she knew that she already lost a lot of money from the inheritance that was supposedly hers. The only one that she could have was this one mansion, the mansion that she had to sell because she wanted to give her sister a safe environment.

In this place, she couldn't protect this little sister of hers that she loved so much. The only option left was sending her to the faraway place and let her study.

"I'm still just an ant in front of your eyes, but someday, I will make sure that you won't be able to look at me with disdain anymore."

Turning her body around, Kanae started her practice again. Little did she know that the oath she made today would come true. After all, she managed to make a complete turnaround in the future.

But right now, she was still nothing.


Finishing her training, Kanae returned back to the small house where she stayed. There was barely anything inside this house because she didn't really have many things to use.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. It was the special phone that Jason provided for them because he found it hard to communicate with each other. Although the quality so far has been subpar, it was more than enough to provide them the basic use of communication with each other.

"Oro, is that you?" Kanae asked as she picked up.

On the other line, Jason smiled when he heard her question. "How do you know that it's me who call?"

"You're the one who use the phone most of the time."

"You're right."

"So, what's the problem?" Kanae sat down on her bed.

"Do you remember Lima School where we used to enroll in the past?" Jason asked.

Kanae's eyes narrowed. There was no way she would forget this school. Her father had to do a lot of things in the past because he didn't want them to stay there forever. The little her didn't fully understand things yet, but she knew that the school always seemed fishy.

She didn't understand why, but her senses were telling her to stay away from the school.

"I know that place."

Hearing the cold voice, Jason smiled wryly. He had just dropped out from the school because of a certain incident not long ago in the school. The suspiciousness he had for the school increased when he received a piece of news regarding them today.

"There's an experiment failure in the school today. It issues a high level caution and also warning that no one is allowed to stay close," Jason said calmly. "I'm sure you know what this meant."

Even though they were not facing each other, Kanae couldn't help but to nod her head. She knew very well what that meant. Right now, the school was completely inaccessible for anyone because of the incident. It was unknown how dangerous things would be, but it should be pretty dangerous considering the high warning they were.

"I'm sure you don't call me just to inform this to me, right?"

"A lot of students are still inside when the incident happens," Jason replied slowly. "Based on the list that they give, the students inside are all students with some problems. Some of them even reported missing over the past few months."

Kanae's lips quivered when she heard that. No way! Lima School was the prestigious school for the young masters and young misses. However, around a decade or more ago they started to accept students who received letter of recommendation from the government.

Heaved a deep sigh, Kanae's eyes has turned solemn. "Let's meet up in the usual place."

"Okay, Captain."