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446 Clash of Groups Prelude : First Meeting with Master Rudy 2

 "Have I given you the permission to go?"

In the next second, his large blade was already on the way towards their direction, ready to kill them all.

"Watch out!"

Kanae dashed from her standing position to the place where the blade headed. Her small arm already took out the small sword that she usually used. Using the sword, she blocked the blade before it could reach her friends.


The strength behind the single swing was more than enough to send her back. Crashing to the wall, she could feel her entire body was hurt from the impact. Numerous bones should have been broken as the walls were showing a deep crave from her crash.

*cough* *cough*

Blood trickled down from her mouth as she fell to the ground. It was very painful. Right now, she didn't know which part of her body was still intact anymore. Every cell of her body was screaming the word 'pain'.

"Rei!" Jason was only able to react after she fell to the ground. Ever since the attack from Master Rudy, only several split seconds have passed. Neither one of them managed to react in time except for Kanae.

'Interesting,' Master Rudy's eyes gleamed when he saw Kanae moved to block his attack. He could see her movement and reaction speed already matched his, but her strength was pitifully low. In addition, there should be one big weakness inside her that didn't allow her to fully execute that speed continuously.

Matt's eyes widened when he saw how she managed to block Master Rudy's attack.

'Master Rudy's sense is truly accurate.'

There was indeed someone worthy of his attention among the three people. Unfortunately, this person hadn't grown up enough to make this master truly cared about her.

Seeing how Kanae was badly beaten, Jason and Tommy moved to attack Master Rudy too. Their eyes were filled with rage because they couldn't accept this end.

"Stop!" Kanae yelled, yet it was futile. The two of them no longer listened to her.

Master Rudy looked towards the two of them calmly. He turned his blade over and attacked the two of them. With a single attack, the two of them were pushed back to the alley behind them, making a long line on the ground.

"NOOOO!" Kanae yelled. Pushing her wounded body, she moved to attack Master Rudy again. Using a speed that far surpassed what she thought she would, she reached the man and swung her sword as fast as she could.

Jleb! Grab!

Using his hand, Master Rudy blocked the attack. He allowed the sword to pierce through his palm as he looked towards the desperate eyes of the girl before him.

Even though she knew very well that she was not his match, she wouldn't let him go for hurting her friends. Her eyes were filled with determination and rage that directed towards him.

Master Rudy smirked when he saw her eyes. He lifted her up before throwing her back to the ground.


*cough* *cough*

Pain shot through her entire body, making her unable to think of anything. Every movement she did caused pain to emerge and intensified further in her body. It was so painful that she couldn't move around anymore.

"You're not my match, little girl," Master Rudy said. "Your friends are still alive. If you still want to beat me, you should think about how to train your body further. With your current strength, you're just an ant in front of me."

After saying all that, Master Rudy turned around. "If you're still alive, we shall meet again in the future."

Master Rudy walked away. By his side, Matt quickly followed after Master Rudy, his eyes held complicated gaze.

"Master, is that not too harsh?"

Master Rudy smirked. "Everyone worthy of my attention should be those who can survive this small ordeal. Admitting that you're weak and learn how to improve is the first step to be a big person."

"I still think that you're really harsh, Master," Matt frowned. "You're not that cold when you first pick me up."

"That's because you're too weak, Matt. That girl is different," Master Rudy answered. The eyes that he saw confirmed to him that she was truly different. He wondered, how many years would it take for that girl to reach his level should she survive? He couldn't wait.


"Rei, are you alright?" Jason was struggling to stand up. His body was hurt, but he could feel that Master Rudy held back at the end. If not for that, he wouldn't be able to stand up right now.

Kanae shook her head as she coughed again. "Call Shin. I won't be able to stand up."

Seeing the blood that continued to flow from her mouth added with numerous scratches she had, Jason quickly called Shiro for emergency treatment. In a matter of minutes, they were taken to Shiro's clinic for treatment.

It took the poor doctor hours to finish treating them.

"Rei, it will be better if you can go to hospital. Your current condition is quite severe," Shiro said warily. He knew about this girl's economic condition, but her condition was also the most severe one.

"I'll be fine with several days of rest," Kanae put on a wry smile.

Shiro frowned. "Even if you say that, I don't recommend you to return back to your house. You should stay here with Tom."

"Are you sure you're alright with this?"

"Yes, Oro says that he will send more supplies for you since it's partially his fault that you get in this condition."

The one who decided to move the very first was Jason, so the man felt guilty because his decision led to this event. If not because of some lucks, they might be already death on the street right now.

Kanae smiled. "They're already alright?"

"Oro is quite strong because of his years of foundation and training, so he can still walk rather fine. His family will surely question him if he shows any weakness, so he already goes home. Tommy is relatively weaker than you two even though he used to be slightly better than you. His condition is not bad, but he has some broken bones and bruises.

From the way I see it, that person must be holding back when facing the two of them. If not, I'm sure they will already meet their creator by now."

Kanae was stunned. How come some broken bones and bruises be not bad?

Shiro's next words answered her questions. "As for you, almost all of your ribs are broken. Your back is filled with bruises from the impact of falling to the wall. Your left shoulder is partially crushed, needing months for full recovery."

"They're that bad?" Kanae was surprised.

"If you're lucky, you will need three months for full recovery," Shiro commented. "Based on your healing speed so far, I think it'll be quicker, but not too fast either."

"Three months?" Kanae fell into despair. She could barely earn enough money for her and her sister each month by working her body death tired. If she had to rest for three months, how could she eat?

"Oro will pay the expense, and he already sends some money for your sister," Shiro informed. "He only asks you to stay here and not in your home for the time being. Those are his sign of apology."

Kanae gritted her teeth. "If he truly wants to apology, he better treats me to a feast for three months!"

"I'll tell that to him," Shiro smiled wryly. By the end of Kanae's recovery, the one who suffered great loss would surely be Jason. His money will be drained for this little lass's food.