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445 Clash of Groups Prelude : First Meeting with Master Rudy 1

 Black Street, 2 years ago in June

Several people were walking on the secluded street deep at night. It was not unusual for people to roam on the street in Black Street. This place has always been known to be the place for the people who were part of the underworld to stay.

"Rei, you're doing great with the mission recently," Jason remarked as he played with his large blade.

Kanae smirked. "We have been doing this for more than one year. I have gotten used with the missions that we get each time."

"But you're still so stingy with our meal," Tommy's face scrunched. "You should treat us occasionally."

"Just ask Oro, I'm still saving up my money."

"No way, you two are big eater. I'm going to lose all of my money if I have to feed you two," Jason immediately refused. He would be the world biggest idiot if he dared to agree. These two were capable of eating more than five plates each meal. There would be a hole in his pocket if he dared to agree with their request.

"You're the richest one among us," Kanae grinned.

"Just ask Shin, he should be happy to treat you all."

"That demonic doctor will be happier to see all of us become his experiment than treating us," Tommy's face scrunched.

Kanae laughed when she heard their remark. Her movement stopped abruptly as she gazed towards the dark alley in front of her. Although they couldn't hear anything yet, her sense was telling her that it would be their death if they walked to that place.

Jason was alarmed and put a defensive position. In terms of strength, he might be higher than Kanae, but her sense was far sharper. The one who could gauge the danger the very first would be Kanae.

"What is it?"

"I don't know," Kanae answered.


The next second, they could faintly hear the sound of metal clashing. The sound was quite far but it was enough to tell them that there were people fighting not far from them.

"Let's check out," Jason moved forward quickly.

"Wait!" Kanae was startled. Beads of sweat filled her forehead. Her sense was telling her that something or someone dangerous was there. If they tried to come nearer, they could die.

Jason stopped near a larger alley. Two men were fighting in the middle with large blade. The sound of the metal grew larger as they were located close with the two people. Even with their martial skill that has been polished by the numerous battles, they couldn't follow the speed of these two people.

'They're dangerous!'

Kanae's instinct was telling her to get away as fast as possible because she wouldn't be able to defeat any of the two men.

Unfortunately, before she could utter any sound, one of the men was thrown to the back. He was flung so far that he crashed to the wall, making a large crate on the place where he stayed.

"Master, you're too violent," from inside the darkness, a man stepped forward. His step was extremely light without any sound as he approached the only standing man in the very middle of the place.

The man in the middle, Master Rudy, laughed loudly. "He's just too weak."

The one, who approached, Matt, shook his head lightly. They were only travelling to the outer part of the Black Street because this master of his was invited to the Ryukalin Clan Headquarters to teach their unofficial clan head. Of course, this master of his would take the time to deal blow for anyone he found too.

Master Rudy looked towards the three men -no two men and one girl, by the side. Looking towards their eyes filled with fear, he snorted. People from the outer layer were all too weak.


Suddenly, he felt a sense of danger impeding towards him. His body tensed up immediately as he gazed towards the source of threat that he sensed. It was faint, but he had never felt any sense of danger from anyone for years. Everyone who could do that was only someone who had extremely high potential or extremely strong.

His eyes landed on the only female of the group. Her eyes were filled with worry and caution, it was as if she could see the depth of his strength.

'Interesting,' Master Rudy thought internally.

He only stopped here because there was an idiot who dared to challenge him. Never would he think that there would be a youth that piqued his interest. The last person who managed to give him this sense of threat recently was the young man he was going to meet in this journey today.

'There should be nothing wrong in trying.'

He glared towards them, exuding high pressure that was enough to crush ordinary people. By his side, Matt truly wanted to face palm. His master truly didn't want to back down at all.

"What are you watching, youngster?"

His voice travelled to their ear, sending more pressure than before. Tommy felt his knees grew weak and in the next second, he fell to the ground. The pressure was too much. It was as if he was facing the death reaper that was ready to take his life anytime.

Jason was trying his best to stand firm in his place. He was reminded once again to the pressure his father always gave him in the past. This one was far more dangerous and all.

'Why a monster of this level is in this part of Black Street?'

Right now, despair filled his eyes because he knew the difference in strength very much. With just a palm of this man's hand, he might not be able to see the light anymore tomorrow.

Gritting her teeth, Kanae looked towards Master Rudy back full of determination. She didn't want to show the fact that she was far weaker than him. Even if she was weaker, it didn't mean that he could trample on them just like that.

Her feet were trembling, but it calmed down in the next second. All she has in her mind was how they could escape from this place. After all, she didn't want to die yet.

'They're quite interesting,' Master Rudy watched their reaction amusedly. However, he knew that their difference in strength was already like sky and land. They couldn't do anything in front of him.

"We are sorry to interrupt you. We'll go now," Jason suddenly spoke up.

He was trying his best to stay calm and ignored the pressure, but his feet gave away his real feeling. Right now, all he could think was how they could escape from this place.

Matt looked towards the three people in front of him weirdly. His master seemed to take interest towards them? After all, it was not Master Rudy style to showcase his power before he attacked like this.

"Have I given you the permission to go?"

In the next second, his large blade was already on the way towards their direction, ready to kill them all.