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444 Lima School

 Laura's Mansion

Days passed quietly as the situation in the city remained the same. There was barely any progress within the short time frame, but things have started to stabilize. For both Laura and Kanae, they just used this time to the fullest to do their work and spent their time with each other.

Looking towards her sister, Laura didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Her sister has just finished a table worth of food before she had to run to the bathroom because of stomachache. Partially laughing, she proceeded to clean up the plates on the table.

After several days, the news of her action no longer interested the media so much. Many other pieces of news started to sprout out and filled the headlines, replacing her matter. Rather than sad, Laura was feeling relieved because she didn't have to be pestered by the reporter so much.

"Sis, have you finished?" Laura asked loudly.

"Wait a minute," Kanae ran to the room again and saw that the foods were already cleaned up. "Aw, did you clean up the cake too?"

"Sis, you already ate too much," Laura rolled her eyes. "I put the cake in the refrigerator for noon snack before lunch later. You're going to stay at home for the rest of the day, right?"

Kanae nodded her head. Master Rudy asked her to rest her body a lot after months of intense training, so her training always changed every few days. Coincidentally, today she has to rest and didn't come to his place.

"How's the condition of the company so far?"

"It's pretty good. My new position as the head of Nali Family allows larger publicity for my company. It's growing bigger and bigger," Laura smiled widely. "Brother Jason asks me to find a suitable factory to expand the company wider, so I'm rather busy right now."

"I know a few good companies, but their location is a bit complicated," Kanae smiled wryly. The one she knew were those who has the location in Black Street. Normal people would think twice before going there because the condition of the streets was not always good. Rather than risking their life, they would just choose to avoid the place.

Laura frowned at the suggestion her sister gave to her. It was not like she didn't consider them, but she didn't have anyone who could possibly work there. Besides, the one who worked in a sweet factory was usually women. To ask women coming to that place was the same as searching for death.

"I'll just find some decent companies. Brother Jason says that he's going to introduce some to me," Laura replied.

Kanae nodded. "Are you going to apply for school next semester?"

Laura shook her head and sat down with ease. "Based on the certificate that I get from my school overseas, I no longer need to continue my school. I only come there because I want to stay with you, Sis."

"Geez, you don't have to do that, you know," Kanae sighed. She ruffled her sister's hair before leaning in, letting Laura's head supported a bit of her weight.

"I don't have a lot of time to spend with you during the time I'm away for the school overseas," Laura pouted. "I might search for a good university next year after the condition become more peaceful, but not now. I want to spend more time to develop my company."

"I know. You're free to do whatever you want, little brat," Kanae laughed. Towards the dream that Laura has since young, she was very clear. In addition, the talent that Laura had for lesson was far higher than her even though Laura rarely showed them. If not because of her excellent studies, she would never get the offer to attend that prestigious school.

"I'm not little!"

"You're younger than me, so you'll forever be little," Kanae smirked.

Laura glared at her sister. "It's not my wish to be born later than you."

"That's the fact, just accept it, little girl."

"You meanie," Laura crossed her arm as she thought about something. "What about you, Sis? Do you want to continue your high school next semester? Nolen School C closes down because of the attack, so there's no school for the time being, but I think that you still want to finish them."

"I'm not sure myself," Kanae answered.

"Why? With your score, you can get into almost any school in this city."

Kanae laughed. "I just don't have any interest to study in school anymore."

Laura frowned hearing her sister's reply. Her mind recalled the headline for one of the newspapers that she got this morning. She didn't really follow the news, but it was quite interesting, so it caught her interest. Compared to the other newspaper, this one always head faster than the others, so she was pretty sure that this news would fill the entire headline in the coming days.

"Sis, have you heard the new school that finish its reparation yesterday night?" Laura grinned.

"There's a new school?"

"Yes," Laura took the television remote by the side. She turned the television on. "This one, Sis."

The television was showing the video taken near a large building not far from them. Some construction trucks were still there, but the buildings could be said to be finished. The reporter was looking towards the building with an awe filled his face.

"...This school is known as the best school in this city specializes for the young masters and misses from the prestigious family. Aside from them, this school also allows special students who have the letter from the government to apply. Mind you, their number is very limited.

Last night, the school's representative, Ferdinand Mowlem, gave surprising news that this school reparation is finished. The project starts around a year ago, which shows that their worker works at incredible speed. Right now, they want to express their intention of letting their former students and more students to attend the school in the next semester..."

Laura saw that her sister's attention was fully focused on the television. She glanced at the clock. "I'm going to have a light exercise before going to work, Sis. See you later."

"Yeah... Take care, Laura," Kanae forced a smile out of her face.

Laura nodded her head before walking away and took her phone, making call for the preparation of the meeting. At the same time, she picked her training clothes as she needed to have some exercise.

Kanae returned back her attention to the television.

Lima School...

How long has it been since the last time she heard this accursed name? This was the name that would embed itself fully in her bone because of the painful memories she shared nearly two years ago. The memories of how she could get the title as the Legend of the Street along with the death of numerous people.

That school was the very first place she was forced to become a cold blooded killer.

This school was also the place of numerous deaths for many people, earning them a massive grave without name.

That incident was the one that give birth to a completely different her, forcing her to use her ability to the fullest. Everyone who survived the incident wouldn't have the second thought of going there anymore.

The reason was very simple: for them, that place was no other than hell.

Kanae closed her eyes as every fiber of her body recalled the incident very clearly. The smell of blood, the never-ending sense of danger, and the threat that lurk at every corner, they were all things that could be found easily in that place.

She was fine to see that place in ruin, but seeing the exact same copy of the place from before invoked her memories once again. The deep-seated fear that resided within her body forced her to return back to the time of two years ago, recalling everything that she thought she had buried deep inside her mind.

The experience that forged and changed the fate of numerous people. Everything started from this one school: Lima School.