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443 Become a Background Figure

 Kara Company

Laura was smiling happily at the report that she got from the secretary. The decision to make the mansion to be a prestigious hotel was welcomed by the people who were rich very much. They had known about the beautiful place the mansion had, so they wanted to move very much despite the high price Laura set up.

It was far higher than normal hotel's price, but no one really complained. Aside from the fact that it has beautiful scenery, it was also a historical place because there were a lot of records of the Nali Family there. Laura placed the photos of Nali Family Head from decades ago in the hall, allowing everyone to see them very clearly.

"With this, the profit for the family is going up," Laura grinned.

Kanae rolled her eyes. "You're also doing favor for the media. They are all pestering you for news every single minute."

Under the company, they were already numerous people waiting for Laura. Many of them were journalist who wanted to hear more news about her. After all, the sudden decision of the new family head, Laura Nali, about the use of the mansion shook them. It was against all the tradition before for the mansion to be used like this.

"I'm already busy," Laura chuckled.

"I can see that," Kanae laughed. "You want to defeat Jason and Wells Family?"

"That's a good idea."

"What? Now you want to defeat me after declaring to the entire Nali Family that you want to make the family thrive?" Jason shook his head speechlessly. He was staying in the office because there was not much work left for his own office. The best place to stay right now was here as he also wanted to have some rests.

"A student will surpass her teacher one day," Laura smiled proudly.

"Little lass, you're 10 years too early if you want to defeat me," Jason chuckled. "You should just focus more on developing your Nali Family instead of competing with me."

"I'm making a new recipe again."

"After declaring that you will make the Nali Family thrive again, now you want to make your company new product?"

"It's related," Laura pouted.

"Related in which way?"

"If I say it's related then it is. Besides, I like making recipe much more than taking care of the Nali Family," Laura sulked. There were a lot of thing she had to do because she had become the family head. They were all very tiring as she was not used to do them all.

Jason laughed. "Your new recipe is going well. I hear that there's another company asking to sign a collaboration contract with you. They'll come in a few more minutes."

"What? Why don't you tell me sooner?" Laura was shocked to hear that she was going to have a meeting in a few minutes. She quickly stood up and took her makeup bag by the side. "I'll be back. If they come, tell them to wait in the meeting room. I'll join them as soon as possible."

Jason laughed as he saw Laura ran to the bathroom. He knew that she always paid great attention to her appearance when she had a meeting, but seeing how she acted when she panicked was truly hilarious.

"You're pretty close with Laura now," Kanae remarked.

Jason nearly choked on the air at Kanae's remark. "Captain, I won't do anything bad to her. I swear!"

"I'm not accusing you of anything," Kanae was speechless at Jason's reaction. She was merely remarking about that matter because she saw how they were being comfortable around each other. Beside, his action in the things regarding Laura seemed to become even weirder in her eyes.

"You're the one who make it happen."

"I'm only asking you to help her out in the beginning," Kanae rolled her eyes. "It's not like I'm the one who force you to come here so often."

Now that Kanae said that, Jason realized that he came here more than what he supposedly to. Even though he was always forced to eat a lot of sweets by Laura, which he hoped wouldn't end in him being diabetic, he still came here very often. It finally dawned to him that he already spent a long time staying in this place, much more than when he spent with his own companies.

"You're not going to be angry about that, will you?"

"Of course not," Kanae rolled her eyes. "I think it'll be better for things to be this way. If you're really comfortable with her and wish for more, I won't stop you."

"..." Why did it sound as if she was giving her approval of their relationship? He never thought of Laura that way, right?

"I want to slowly become a background figure in her life and no longer tie her up with me," Kanae added.

"Why?" Jason asked in wonder.

Kanae leaned back on her chair. "She's going to be a big figure in the future. Having a sister who participates in the underworld will not do her anything good aside from bad publicity."

Jason smiled wryly. "I don't think that she will want you to back off from your current life with her."

"I know, I won't leave her, I will search for a normal work," Kanae sighed. "Maybe, it's instead the time for me to leave the Underworld and focus more on the life that I have with her."

"If that's what you want, I'll support you. I don't think there's a lot of work we have to do in the underworld anymore, do we? Also, why are you putting your hand near the lamp?"

"Laura places a listening device here," Kanae smiled wryly. "You're staying here for weeks, you don't know that?"

"I'm not checking every place for listening device, especially a place like this one," Jason rolled his eyes. He was feeling comfortable in this place, so he never thought about that possibility.

"She's just being careful because there's one in our place," Kanae recalled that Laura was looking at her when she removed the recorder that she placed in their mansion. She already removed the listening device as she broke it along with the fight with Randy, Hunter Group leader, when he came over. However, she only removed the recorder when Laura was present later on.

That girl wanted to know what she was doing, so Kanae had to explain her little scheme against the one who listened in. Hopefully, her action would cause that man to stop spying on them. As for the recorder, she already moved them back to safe place, ready to use if it was needed again.

"So, will you completely get out from the Underworld?" Jason recalled the one he asked before. "Tommy already gets out from our group unofficially since he becomes Alice's bodyguard. If you leave too, Fiore Group is no more."

"Not completely leave yet," Kanae rolled her eyes. "I'll just enjoy the peace for now. I believe that this won't last long."

"You shouldn't say that."


"It just feels like you're making prophecy of a bleak future."

"We'll know in the future," Kanae replied back with a wry smile.

The two of them looked towards each other for a few seconds before the phone rang. Jason quickly picked it up because Laura was still in the bathroom, doing her makeup again.

"You better call Laura, they're coming."

"I'm too lazy to move. Can't you be the one to call her?"

"Are you seriously telling me to call her from the ladies bathroom? Do you want me to be tagged as a pervert again?"

"That's actually a good idea."


"I'll call her," Kanae laughed and dashed out of the room before Jason got angry because of her remark.