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442 Laura’s Growth

 Laura's Mansion

The news traveled fast as the elders came to Laura's mansion the next day. It didn't need a genius to guess that they were angry at her decision as it was painted clearly on their faces.

"You can't use the mansion that way!" one of the elders yelled. "It's the inheritance of Nali Family!"

"The tradition of the family always the main family to stay in the mansion!" the second one chirped in.

Laura was looking towards the bunch of elders in front of her speechlessly. She had just woken up a few minutes ago because they made a ruckus in front of the mansion. Even before she fully woke up, her house was already filled with elders shouting at her because of her decision yesterday.

"They're noisy," Kanae yawned as she walked to the end of the corridor where Laura stood. There was a window nearby, which was used by Laura to look at the elders outside.

Laura nodded her head. "It's because of my decision yesterday."

"Are you ready to convince them about your decision?" Kanae patted her sister's shoulder from the back.

"I am," Laura nodded her head with a wide smile plastered on her face. "It's now my turn to stand before them."

"If you ever need help, I'm behind you."


Taking a deep breath, Laura walked out of the mansion. The elders were looking towards her with heated gaze. They were angry because she decided that she would use the mansion as a hotel. No one should step in that place aside from their family member!

"Even if you're the family head, you're not allowed to use the place however you wish!"

"Don't act rashly!"

Laura looked towards the elders. "In which area am I rash? The decision to use the mansion as a hotel is done after a thorough thinking in my part. The mansions belong to the Nali Family and not someone's property. I don't have any interest in using the place to living. Rather than letting it waste, it'll be better if I use it as a place to earn more money."

The first elder looked towards Laura indignantly. "It's the holy place for Nali Family?"

"Holy place? Don't make me laugh," Laura glared at the elder sharply. "You say that it's a holy place, but how many ordinary people have come in under the perquisite of meeting the family head?"

"They're just guests. The place is only for Nali Family core member to stay."

"It's not a place that should be dirtied with those from outside the family."

"Let me ask you one thing," Laura raised her voice. "Do you all think that I'm part of the main family?"

Even though her mother has relation with Sakura's mother because they were sisters, she was never part of the main family. Her father, the one who had Nali surname, was only part of the branch family. Even if they traced her line, she was never part of the real main family. Those people were already long gone by now without any descendant.

"You're now the main family," one of the elders spoke up. "After this, your line will be the main family."

"If I'm the first one in the lineage, why can't I make a new rule for the Nali Family? Time has changes and things no longer the same with before. Having a big house is considered as an honor in the past, but it's not the same anymore. It's only the sign of being rich as there is no longer the division of the nobles and peasant anymore.

Having a large mansion to live will only make it difficult for me. The building is indeed good and ancient, but it's not suitable for one family living. I'm not doing thing rashly as I have reason backing me up. My old house is already more than enough for me living."

The elders frowned upon hearing what Laura said. It was indeed true that the rule was set up because they have to make sure that they lived up their name. In the past, having a large land was everything. Now, it was only adding more taxes and maintenance costs.

"What authority do you have to change the tradition of Nali Family?" the other elder spoke up. "We're elders chosen to make sure that you're doing things according to the rule, so you have to listen to us."

Laura rolled her eyes. "As the family head, don't I have the authority to change rule? I'm sure that it exists in the book of rules."

The elders were not walking dictionary, who in the world would memorize them all? Of course, Laura did not memorize them all too, but she asked Kanae to help her search for loopholes. Because of that, she was all prepared to answer all of their bashing to her.

"The time has changed and so are the rules for the city. If Nali Family wants to grow, we have to move on and no longer tied up by the unnecessary and burdening rules. Rather than letting things go to waste, it'll be better to use the property to earn more money for the family."

The elders wanted to rebut her again, but before they spoke out, a clapping sound was heard.


"Well said, young lady," one of the elders spoke up. He looked quite old, but his figure exuded the word 'authority'. The other elders immediately shut up the moment this man spoke up. "Can you really bring Nali Family to our glory?"

"I don't know the future, but I'll surely do my best!" Laura answered with vigor.

The elder nodded his head. He turned around to face the others. "As elders, our job is to make sure that the family head didn't do wrong in her decision. I'll support our new leader, but I hope that you will not disappoint us, young lady."

Laura nodded her head strongly.

The other elders looked towards each other and decided to not talk anymore. This one elder was the grand elder of Nali Family. If not because he refused to be the one leading, he would surely be at the very front. His achievement was something that even they looked up to.

"This is the second time he talks for a young generation, right?" one of the elders whispered.

"Really? I don't remember when he first speaks up for them. He hates the young generation because of their naivety and idiocy."

The elder nodded his head. He could faintly remember that this one grand elder spoke up for a youngster before. He didn't really remember the detail because it was only one occasion, but it was a scene that embedded deep in his mind.

"Show us that you're worthy of us letting you keep the place, and I won't force you to give it up for the family," another elder spoke up. "That's what he said to that youngster before."


"I don't know. I don't even remember that person. She's just one of the branch families who stand against Frank at that time. None of us wants to get on Frank's bad side, so no one speaks up but him at the very end," the elder shrugged.

The elder looked towards each other. From what they knew, there was barely anyone who dared to fight against Frank. However, they truly couldn't remember any of them. Most of them would have a miserable life in a matter of days of weeks after all, so they were not worth mentioning.

At this time, the grand elder reached his car and beckoned the driver to drive him back home.

The driver noticed the elder's happy expression. "Sir, is there anything that makes you very happy today?"

"Yes, I see an interesting youngster today," the grand elder answered. He only tagged along because the other elders persuaded him, but upon seeing Laura, he could faintly remember the young little girl that he encountered a few years ago. They have the same determination and aura.

"The youngster is lucky to meet you."

"Not at all," the grand elder chuckled. "I'm just giving a chance for her. Whether she can survive like her sister or not, it'll all depend on her own power."

The driver was startled. "Her sister?"

The grand elder nodded. How can he not notice their similarities when it was placed right in front of him? They were basically a mirror to each other. Their stubbornness was equally similar despite the different in the skill they had showed so far. He had helped the older sister a bit in the past and that young girl managed to survive and won.

Now, he wanted to know whether this young girl would be able to survive too and fulfill her words or not.